Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Winners – SFF 18

Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Winners – SFF 18

I’m on the jury for the Sydney Film
Festival Lexus Fellowship. We are giving $50,000 to four emerging filmmakers
tonight, and I’m so excited, and I’m as proud as, like they’re my kids. Lexus is extremely proud to be involved with Sydney Film Festival and the Fellows
particularly supporting grassroots talent and it’s great to see the
calibre of work being produced. Almost collectively I think each of the four
projects were films we really wanted to see. It often comes down to that. To know that I’ll get to make it and that it will premiere here at the Sydney Film
Festival in 2019 is just so exciting. I just wish my co-director Curtis Taylor
could be here, but we’re both very proud to be the Lexus Fellows this year. To find out that I’d received it was amazing, just incredibly exciting. I feel really
privileged to be part of the program. The Lexus Fellowship is a great
recognition of my work thus far as a filmmaker. Gives me a lot of freedom and
support to make my next short film.

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