LexisNexis Business News Search

LexisNexis Business News Search

This video will demonstrate a search for
business and industry news using Lexis Nexis
database. Use this to search several business news sources at once and in order to piece
together information on products, market strategy, or market demand. In the
Lexis Nexis database, select search by content type and
choose all news in order to create a more targeted
search use the advanced options. Select business and industry
news. I want to search for smart watches, but
there is more than one way to say this. In order to create a more targeted
search, I can use the link “lookup index terms” to find the
standardized term that this database uses. In the pop-up box that opens, I will
enter SmartWatch and click Find. I think that both of
these terms apply to what I’m looking for So I will select them both, and “add to
search” at the bottom. Click “Apply” then enter the word watch in order to
search specifically for wearable technology in the form of a watch. I’ll add an
exclamation point at the end in order to search for alternate endings,
watch as a singular or plural word. Even with the advanced
search features applied, this returns a very large number of
results. I’d like to revise my search to look specifically for smart watches in combination with fitness applications.
Click on the Edit search link near the top of the search results page add “and fitness” in the search box This database searches all words entered
into the search box as a phrase. So, if your search terms are
distinct items, separate each word with “AND” this
returns results for articles in which the words show up individually
not as an exact phrase. Let’s limit the dates as well, by
choosing previous year in the “date” drop down menu. Select “Apply,” then the search button. Use the limiters
to the left to revise your search. Sources in the
category industry trade press give a great overview of the market or
top products. You can also zero in on articles about
products from specific companies. Use the icons to the upper right, to save, print or email the article. Click on “results list” to get back to your search
results. Thanks for viewing this tutorial for
contact information and more research help please view the
Hamline Bush Library research guides for business.

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