Lexington Workers’ Comp Lawyer | 1-800 332-1250 | Worker’s Compensation Attorney Lexington, KY

Lexington Workers’ Comp Lawyer | 1-800 332-1250 | Worker’s Compensation Attorney Lexington, KY

if you get her on the job you go to your
doctor to get treated but I always recommend that you see an
attorney experienced in workers comp claims call Claycomb Law Office. They can help you
get the money and benefits you’re entitled and you can work on getting better.
If you have been injured on the job call Claycomb Law Office right now!
We’ll make things right 1-800-332-1250 Call right now! The Claycomb Law Office 1-800-332 1250

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  1. Great information that you mentioned in this video. Many people could mess up and go to another type of lawyer that doesn't handle worker's comp

  2. Chartis(AIG) are only criminals.They have paid off hired gun company Doctor's.Lawyer's take pay off's from them
    DME = Defense Medical Exam  – yes you're right
    .States Governer's,Insurance Fraud unit's will not enforce the law to make them follow workman's compensation laws.They deny Medical treatment,there hired gun doctor's that have sold there soul's to the Insurance Company Chartis will alway's make you a lyer.You can have broken bones,Tramatic Brain Injury,Cervical Injuries,Broken back major major Medical problem's.Torn shoulder ligement's,knee's,hand's to ruptered disk but there hired gun Doctor's will tell you to return to work limited duty so the company can fire you and there GOD/Idol chartis will never have to pay you one nickel much less provide medical.You will be fired unable to work hire a Lawyer that will take a payoff but never go against Chartis in Court.If you commit workman's compensation fraud you are fined and jailed.Chartis commit's Workman's Compensation Fraud and show's a profit quartly.They leave you to become homeless,crippled hoping you will die or commit suicide.They leave you to the welfare system and Social Security.Chartis put's injured worker's to be a burden to the state and Government.No help just high dollar lawyer's to fight you and hired 2nd opinion IME's to dispute any injury's you have.One ask me?Do you see Ghost's?My reply was no sir but I see Satan sitting beside you.The lying company Doctor's called Company Panel of Doctor's.I call them company Doctor's and do not lie yourself they do and write what they must for Chartis/AIG.It is a conflict of interest to see a paid off Doctor isn't it?They do not want you to see a truthful honest Doctor nor Surgeon.That would fuck them up for Doctor's to tell the truth wouldn't it.Don't give up fight the Bastard's.How much was there Federal Money bail out's?$83.3 billion..Write everyone in Government asking why Chartis/AIG is even allowed to insure anyone.The Truth Company's commit 85% of all Workmans Compensation Fraud…May Chartis/AIG know GOD say's there is a place in hell for the rich!

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