Lewandowski sounds off on Democrats for impeachment stunts

Lewandowski sounds off on Democrats for impeachment stunts

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  1. I challenge the Reps to offer up a defense of Trump without saying "witch hunt, hoax or fake news". Just give us one reason why he is innocent of the charges.

  2. Democrats need to be taken out with any means necessary! They are not even real! Fake people Fake NEWS Trump 2020

  3. "to play partisan politics", Says the guy supporting a traitor that wants ZERO witnesses and ZERO evidence in the trial, Nice that makes perfect sense.

  4. why are Republicans afraid to produce documents and have witnesses who have first hand knowledge testify? Instead they are threatening Senators who want to get at the truth and have relevant witnesses testify. I also wish they would stop using the term "American People" the majority of the American people didnt even vote for these crooks!!

  5. why is he an advisor on the current campaign? didn't he get fired from the last one? why does he have any credit to say anything?

  6. Senior advisor you will be in prison soon. This is not going to end well for Republicans . it proves to America that this is a Cover Up

  7. I know right, how dare they try and block witnesses and evidence …. How dare they try to give testimony for both parties in 2 days, which means that it would most likely be well past midnight so no one can see it…. how dare they… do i have to keep going?

  8. lewandowski and the rest of donnie's gang of azz kizzers all know very well donnie tried to force ukraine into helping donnie win the 2020 election by implying something dirty on biden. but they don't care about the law or the constitution. neither does moscow mitch.

    we're alive during the worst presidency in the history of the usofa, sick, simply sick

  9. Whoops, another Trump defender who, for some reason, forgot to actually contest the accusations leveled against the President.

  10. Corey, as an unbiased reporter, Trump is just a great guy – isn't he? He just has great policy – right, Corey? What do you think?

  11. Look at this idiot. The one who said he had no obligation to be truthful to the media since he was not under oath. Is he under oath on Fox? Ha! Doubt it. And the moron thinks he could run for public office, where he won't be under oath in front of possible supporters. Eff off into the sunset if you would please…

  12. Comments filled with loser liberals that think they got a hard on cause fake impeachment with fake articles started, and only democunts are watching. No one is watching. No high crimes.

  13. Let me see. I will try to follow this logic. It was clear from today's proceedings that the American people are fed up with the whole process and are only interested in a strong military and jobs. Yeah that's what I took away from today, also. This Trump defender appears to be the personification of a Trump tweet I predict he will be fired by tomorrow afternoon.😎😸

  14. Ok, leftists. didn't your overlords SAY they have an OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE AND CASE? So where is it? Don't worry you will get 5 more years of President Trump and longer. Just understand it's people like you that have been lobotomized by the state and your leftist propaganda that is the root cause of your TDS.

  15. This video has garnered about 30% liberal hacks who disliked this video. They got tired of fake news CNN and now they start disliking true news Fox. This is Trump country and he will win in a landslide!!!! Trump/Pence 2020!!!!!!

  16. Lizzard face Lewy. Most nervous man on earth. Why? He's a liar. Still no one denying Trump's guilt. Not one of them. Anyone else would be in jail. Rich boy Trump gets special treatment. Always has. Lifelong criminal and coward Trump should have been in prison the past 30 years.

  17. Alan Dershowitz stated on CNN Sunday that “if the House charges do not include impeachable offenses, that’s the end of the matter.” Trump has been impeached for impeachable offenses by the House. Now all you want to do is shut the trial down, sweep the floor, and sweep it under the rug. This is a blatant coverup to shield Trump, who is a psychopathic liar, traitor, and has put our military in harms way. He lied to the American public about the imminent danger to four embassies resulting in several Iranian citizens and 57 Canadian families to grieve over the loss of their loved ones. If you support this monster, then you have lost your humanity.

  18. Oh my goodness, the twisted thinking of both of you! You both must have been beaten as children. You have my sympathies. Trump is unfit for the oval office, which is clear to everyone who is normal.
    The oval office is No place for a malignant, murderous, treasonous, narcissist.

  19. so, next time I get called to Jury duty, can I just raise my hand and say that I don't want to hear any witnesses or see any documentary evidence? cool….

  20. The Republicans need to stop creating arguments, that only seem to constantly create a snowball effect of opinions, in order to seemingly deviate from the true issue, and just PROVE Trump's innocence.

    Also the only acceptable response, that we all expect is a diplomatic one, not limiting a show of integrity towards up holding their sworn oath to the Constitution of this country. This is really the only thing, left to be showcased, using this process, to prove Trump's actions as commander and chief, were properly carried out. If this is not made clearly understood anytime soon, then it has been predicted, an becomes relatively clear, that it's more of the interest to ignore proper action, in favor to protect individual intrest with privilege. Trump says he is making America great again! Now this is exactly what their being called to do. We are all watching to witness the miracle, or the fail of congress, towards "The People". This isn't about Trump, it's about CHANGE. Y'all have 24hours .. 2days … 12hours each, to decide what's important moving us forward, and remaining balanced and still make one of the greatest comebacks, the world has ever seen. Has America truly had what it's taken to remain RESPECTFULLY one of the greatest countries in our world? This is what we are watching to see, or have we lost the crown. We'll see …. To be continued.

  21. Jerry Nadler only 5’3” tall. Someone 4’10” or smaller considered a dwarf … my question in short, lol, is: “WHAT DOES NADLER AND A DWARF HAVE IN COMMON? Answer is: “VERY LITTLE”, lol – same as what is in the 2 Articles of Impeachment: VERY LITTLE!

  22. Ever notice how the Alcoholic… Junkie… democrat loonz … always crap on President Trump's Parade when he's meeting with World Leaders….? democrats have lost the Right to Govern American Citizens…..!

  23. The Dems are so corrupt that they are trying to impeach a president cause they say he was trying to get info on his opponent to cheat the 2020 election, but yet they are allowing 2 senators to be able to vote in an impeachment trial against their opponent. How about that, I think that is trying to change an election before it even happens.

  24. First Schiff was way unfair to Trump and now Senate is fair for him. Sound like a good fair deal to me. Democrats are the only one to be blamed.

  25. The dims want to get Trump so they can take credit for the economy ,the dims have a huge denial and paradigm issue the clueless always want power

  26. Corey irritates the radical democrats and socialists like no other commentator on TV today.
    After Corey’s testimony Schiff had to move the impeachment show to the basement and never call him back to testify. 😂😂😂😂🐘💨
    Trump 2020


  28. The Democrats are ROTTON and TOXIC to traditional America. We need to FLUSH them like a nasty bowel movement. Then maybe America can begin to heal.
    (sorry so graphic)

  29. Don’t you think that sending Tax Payers money to a corrupt Country justifies questioning? The Biden’s and I would say In the end a little up the chain they know of the corruption that has taken place.

  30. Pelosi and schiff are idiots…. plus part of holding onto the articles was so they could order some pens….. paid for by the tax payers

  31. It was held up until piglousy got her pens which the U.S ppl paid for , also the U.S ppl are paying for this impeachment too !!!

  32. Why would anyone believe him about anything, he said under oath that he was under no obligation to tell the truth to the US media … womp womp …

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