Let’s employ a lot of people | Joseph Bunga | Fuckup Nights Harare

Let’s employ a lot of people | Joseph Bunga | Fuckup Nights Harare

you know I remember I bumped into taka
for the first time in first you know a fantastic job getting back up going I
think anyone who puts an effort into putting up going really amazing job
please keep going incredible thing you guys are doing so
anyway I bumped into at an event and she said to me you know Joe I’m thinking of
canceling it hey please don’t I’ve been looking forward
to this because Stuart’s had sent me the invitation and I wanted somewhere on a
stage to be able to say fuck and not be be judged for it so please don’t judge
me I’ve got rights tonight right now the sake of reason why I didn’t want to
cancel it is I have so much material for fuck up nights you know six months I
could run the show by myself so many fuck-ups but anyway for tonight
I have to pick a few I’m on a clock and I thought I’d share a couple of things
with you first of all I’m 18 years old right right what I mean to say is I’m
still the same eighteen year old guy who fell in love with my high school
sweetheart and this year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and that’s one
thing I did not fuck up it’s one of the things I did not fuck up I’m also the
father of four incredible children my eldest who’s 15 is now taller than me
and he says to everyone that he meets you know my dad needs to take a
paternity test smart guy I’m a serial entrepreneur Stewart was kind enough to
say I’ve tried many things I’ve failed at many things and as much as you read
about it it is really true that you learn when you fail but bloody
how it is a hard lesson so I’m not encourage you to go and seek for failure
but when it happens keep your eyes open and my first job was at the Miko’s hotel
recently married first job resident manager I get to work in this amazing
place I couldn’t have given my own wife a better start to life and then it was
downhill after that four years there and I move I leave I start my first business
which was not this one it was creative elegance and it was an event management
company now the crazy thing about me saying that it was my first company was
I didn’t employ anybody but you know what it is when you start you think that
registering a company is what it takes to build a company and it’s the biggest
lot of well I can say bullshit here right because I can say anything
so anyway quickly realized that wasn’t gonna work out
moved on moved on didn’t know I thought man let me do let me go into production
so I started this company called box it another nutcase idea I can say that now
now the reason I started this business was I hated
even Christmas presents in weird-looking shaped presents I wanted my presence in
nice boxes you know and these people would send me weird shaped stuff so I
figured hey let me start this box at business right this dumb thing that I
thought about I thought I didn’t think about in this was not everybody wants
presents in neat boxes that’s the first mistake I made but the second mistake I
made in this business was I ordered so much stock to get the unit price down
that I had no money left for cash flow no money left for marketing no money
left for salaries or anything for myself dumb mistake so again guys you know it’s
so attractive you go to a printer and they say to you you know what if you
order a thousand more will give you a better price and I ordered ten thousand
all right big fuck up don’t do that so that’s that’s about box it let’s move on
fast forward a couple of years now tonight is about fuck up night so I’m
not gonna share with you the things I’ve got right but I managed to get a couple
of things right managed to buy a house managed to buy my favorite car Mike was
looking okay and then again you know remember how it was Michaels and then
dog it was a little bit of that and then we’re back so I started like like
Stewart told you I started a magazine called hello Harare amongst many other
businesses now I can tell you that neither Stewart nor Dunn are the people
I’m talking about so let’s be than just because they said they may be I met them
may remember when with creative elegance I thought not employing anyone was a
mistake I figured you know what the opposite must be the solution
let’s employ a whole lot of people so I went and I got a whole lot of people I
even had an HR manager so I figured well you got an HR manager sure your HR is
going to be fine right don’t do that spend time on recruitment get people
one-on-one if you’re in a start-up you know I read about these successful
entrepreneurs now who the first 100 hires they interviewing personally wow I
wish I knew that then I really wish I knew that them big fuck up no no need to
say remember that favorite car that I told you I got one of the things I had
to sell amongst other things I had to sell those lick my wounds and
and move on now the lesson learned day is recruiting right is absolutely
critical I don’t know how many of you know battle of the shifts anyone here
watched about other chefs just okay thanks that’s good to know you know you
when you when you have stuff on zbc you think you might be the only one watching
unless it’s the COO or something so thank you you just like oh it’s been
a couple of people watching it feels feels good but I want to share with you
a really tough tough aspect of season one battle of the ships I’ve been
working on it I wrote the plan in 2010 that I was going to produce a reality
television show in 2015 from between 2010 to 2014 I was pitching it to every
corporate that would allow me to 15 minutes with them not a single person
said yes at the end of 2014 I convinced that amazing woman who am married to
look let’s convert a double lock up garage into a into a studio we converted
it into our studio my children at that stage were all in private school we
converted into a studio I convinced a whole lot of amazing people to come on
board and help me to shoot the show by the end of 2014 we had finished the
season production of season 1 I was $45,000 in debt I had to take my kids
out of private school the most difficult meeting I’ve ever had in my life was
sitting with the headmaster off for school and explaining to them that look
I have to take my kids out because next year I don’t have the money to pay for
this most difficult thing to sit with my wife crying so big fuck up
yeah but not funny finish season 1 and I figured the calls are going to come
people are going to watch this they’re going to love it they are going to phone
I’m going to get sponsors nobody called not a single person spend a whole year
pitching corporate city yet again still no interest and then on the 4th of
December after six weeks of trying to get hold of the managing director of TMP
campaign I got an appointment so I walked in with a 55 inch screen put it
on his desk I had a banner I roll a banner you know
we all love roll abanazar roll a banner would say TMP camp a barrel of the chefs
I played the final episode five minutes he watched it he said to me Joe
I love how much and he said come on Monday
let’s sign the contracts I tell you we left that office sat in the car and you
can see it in my eyes now we just cried just whipped but that was the beginning
of the turnaround for us this couldn’t have been done by having the most
amazing team absolutely so as much as I told you
don’t go employ everyone get the right people you know one of the guys here
tonight behind the cameras is Clifford and he’s one of my amazing editors I
don’t know are they he’s there you know and he’s just one of the people that
comes and makes things happen so find those incredible people and then you can
make anything happen thank you so much

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