Lesley Fellows – Neuro XXceptional

Lesley Fellows – Neuro XXceptional

[Music] My work here at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital bridges clinical world. I work with people who’ve had injuries to the frontal lobes and I’m trying to think of ways to improve the clinical care of these people and people with other conditions that might share similar features. I consider myself very lucky, I have a great job, I have the chance to be very creative, to think about potentially totally new ways of understanding the brain and that’s a real privilege. I have the chance to work with young people from all over the world and then I have the possibility of of at least trying to really help people who are struggling with neurological or mental health difficulty and that’s really necessary. When people have had a brain injury they may have biological reason for depression or unusual behaviours or changes in personality and then it comes across as though there’s something quite wrong and it’s often attributed to, you know, inappropriately to them being difficult. Just as we can carry a person who can’t walk over the threshold so they can come to a party, we can definitely find ways to help people who have barriers related to trouble with their thinking. There’s still a lot to be done for people for quality of life and function and ability to engage in the world. While we wait for the breakthroughs that I hope will come, we need, in the meantime, to be able to work with people now and offer them useful rehabilitation and I think that’s well within reach. That’s not a science fiction, it’s happening now. [Music]

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