Leo’s Letter: October 31 | Celebrating Achievements in Employment

Leo’s Letter: October 31 | Celebrating Achievements in Employment

– We started the month on
October 7th with a post on National Disability
Employment Awareness month. I’m gonna end with this
video blog on the same topic. Here’s some things
happening in Massachusets. Gonna talk about a committee and a bill. The committee is representative
Josh Cutler’s subcommittee. Committee on Children, Families, and People With Disabilities. It’s called the Work Ability Subcommittee. They’ve been doing some
work for months now and they had a hearing on October 22nd and I just wanna continue
to encourage them on the work they’re doing
to advance employment of people with disabilities
in the commonwealth. I also wanna give you some statistics around Employment First. January 2019 at the Department
of Developmental Services, a report was released on the
progress in Employment First and the biggest progress was in the area of supported employment where
it went from 2,748 people at the end of 2014 being supported in employment jobs to 3,656 people. Remember, these can be
part, full-time jobs. That’s a swing of about 900 people, nothing to snooze at,
it’s a pretty good number, and this is in the context
of having workforce issues in terms of turnover. This is in the context of
the work we still need to do around getting more individualized support for people with disabilities. Great work and thank you
to the Gunner legislature for doing some incremental funding in the employment area. Finally, I wanna do
shout-out for House 2671, which would increase the number of people being hired by contractors who
are funded through the state. You can look that up,
again it’s House 2671. Thank you to Joe Bellil and
other committee members. Joe works at Easterseals. You guys are really shepherding this, as well as looking at the stats in terms of the administration itself, which has made a commitment to hire a certain number of
people with disabilities, a certain percentage, and similar to the national percentage. Keep up the great work on that and some of you listening
today might wanna join the advocacy for H2671.

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