LEGO Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring FULL MOVIE

LEGO Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring FULL MOVIE

much that ones was is lost. Four none now live, who remember it. it began with the fourteen of the great rings three was giving to the elves. it’s imo weiss fantastic great minds cropped mountain and nine nine rings was gifted to the rise of man local women’s desire within these rings has found the
strength and win com trace but the more it’s been for another mustard in a land of Mordor, in the fiers of Mount Doom The dark lord Sauron forts in secret a master ring to control others…
one ring to rule them all… but there was some who resisted. Hold positions! Fire the arrows! But the power of the ring could not be undone… It was in this moment Isildur, son of the king took up his fathers sword Sauron the enemy of the three peoples of middle earth was defeated the ring past to Isildur, who have these one chance to destroy evil for ever Isildur hurry, follow me cast it into the fire! Destroy it!
Isildur!! about the hearts of men gone he said he’d harassed and power has served with sleeper train pc until and something needs and should not have been cotton ones for truman taha follows indians complain heart-stopping form container came to the creature com deep into the top a five hundred years ago and his mind on something making deep enough as we speak by the most are likely to preach
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on all the arrangements are made automobiles he will keep an eye out for it to was soften the second step leaving everything to him what about this rear just staying too tonight having discussions reduced to two pocket can’t group uh… road didn’t mention it Bilbo! Gandalf? he’s gone, hasn’t he? He’s going to stay with the elves. One ring.., to rule them all. One ring to find them,,, One ring in the war… And in the darkness this is the one ring… forced itself star of the june history woman’s osa
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  1. just saw the real movie, cried so hard when gandalf died,,, and when the blonde dude died, and when frodo rescued sam from drowning, god damn the feels!

  2. @mrminexraft26 the prince of dongpr or something, the one who try's to take the ring from bilbo in the Forrest.

  3. You rock, thank you so much for uploading this. Watching it I couldn't help wondering what Tolkien would think if he saw this – as the first adaptation of his works that he'd ever seen. 

  4. My idea is to shorten LOTR down to about a five minute Youtube video.  In scene one, Gandalf gives Frodo the ring and a map and tells him to take it to Mordor and destroy it.  In scene two, Frodo returns and he's as mad as the dickings and tells Gandalf how he was attacked by giant spiders and Ringwraithes.  Long story short, huh?

  5. 18:40 Anyone else notice Agent Smith from the Matrix in the background? XD
    Both Smith and Elrond of course being played by Hugo Weaving. 😀

  6. dude, do you not understand English??? ur subtitles should be word for word and not screwed up like an Asian learning how to drive!

  7. I love this video because its shorter, and a lot funnier than the real movie! And watch with subtitles!!! At the beginning when Gardahhcnofadhgadnjznxvbuzsdnijk says "But another ring was made," it says "for another mustard" XDDDD. And one more thing: Gandalf says Mordor is left, but according to the maps, its really right :l

  8. lol cant stop laughing at the CC
    25:08 instead of saying "here lies Balin" it says "denies bargain"
    and then "someone's lol"

  9. Му gf reаllyу lovеs this film. We fоund full mоvie heere =>

  10. Тhis is the niceist movie i evеr seeе!!! I advise еeeveryybodуyyу to wаtccсh it 🙂

  11. This is clickbait. I came to this thinking it was an animated movie made of legos… If you had said cutscenes in the title Sammb, it would have been better. No hate

  12. Thanks for the return and he is going to get the return of product I get some of product and I have been talking for the rings and a sub for the next few days and then I get a fidget cube and the other is a sub and the other is

  13. Thanks for letting me where you live and I have been trying the new job is the best way I can you in the rings and he was going to call you all are well and I will be there for sure I will I will have to get a room at the rings and I have been trying to get a hold of the rings and a half hours to get to get a fidget cube and I have been trying to get a hold of the rings and a half hours to get a fidget spinner the other one and the same for the rings the

  14. "Ah that's nice! Ash on mai tomatoes!"

    Dunno why, but that is about the most hilarious thing before the scariest moment in a movie I know of!

  15. I don’t know how I stumbled on this but I’m so glad I did because now my four year old can watch lord of the rings ♥️

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