Left wing media would want nothing more than Barr to resign: Rep. Steube

Left wing media would want nothing more than Barr to resign: Rep. Steube

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  1. MSM are only focusing on this matter as the DEMs are so boring and the public has no appetite to listening to lies! MSM should just cover whose fart is louder maybe people will take them seriously!

  2. As a Republican I want Barr to resign because he is more interested in DOJ image and Harry Potter glasses than prosecuting corruption. He is all about protecting criminals if it sheds a bad light on his DOJ.

  3. I would be very funking careful bringing up lying since your furhur seems to do it at every 20th word that comes out of his mouth

  4. this guy's such an idiot, defending the Injustice that's being done to poor Roger Stone, when people are serving ludicrous sentences for minor drug and other crimes. These are the people that should be having their sentences reduced. Instead of spending your time bashing Republicans are bashing Democrats, instead of defending amoral weirdos like Stone.

  5. ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME?! Of course she had bias and the proof is in her tweets!! HELLO We need "investigative" journalists to be more thorough in their investigations

  6. I'm glad he took a few moments off from skiing to sneer at us for 5 minutes. They weren't going to end the interview until he said"deep state", as contractually obligated.

  7. Most Americans want Barr to resign. No political party should have an attorney general working on behalf of the president's tweets. Barr is a crook. Even Eric Holder was better and he sucked.

  8. Actually the majority of the American people would like a return to normalcy and the impartial rule of law. What are you radical racist fascists smoking?

  9. It would be better if the person who interfered with AG job to step down, but be all know President Trump doesn't even know the word accountability.

  10. This group is a bunch of disorder makers and liars. From today on bipartisan trail must be the norms to convict anyone. Many people are suffering because of bias judges, and they don't care the damages caused by their Stupid decisions. Plastic judges.

  11. A RADIO station in PR wapa radio, together with CNN, it's saying fake news that barr was going to leave his job, cause of trumps tweet, left socialist communist CNN and wapa Radio PR they are doing the same to Wanda Vasquez governor, she has done in 5 month for PR what has not been done in 50 decades,from other governor

  12. There may well come a time when a Democrat is in the Whitehouse, and the AG interferes with a case against a Republican operative. It should be very interesting.

  13. I am running for the Senate as a motherfuking American I can no longer sit by and watch idiots f**** Liars that do not support the middle class in the poor

  14. Roger stone is a f**** criminal that committed a criminal act against the American people for political reasons he deserves to be in f**** prison

  15. A.G.Barr is a true patriotic American man who loves his/ our country.
    President Trump is a true patriotic American who loves his/ our country.
    President Trump and A.G. Barr will be shoveling the garbage out of our government for 4 more years. They will also prepare to pass the torch after that time to those who can live up to the difficult standards of draining the swamp.

  16. I would love to see Barr resign. I would love to see Trump, sons, daughter Ivanka and her husband all in jail. I would like to see every spineless Republican that chose Trump over Country and Constitution get voted out of their Senate seats. Under Donald Trump we are being led by a Dictator. Wake up America.

  17. Fox News should look into how the United States Mint has destroyed coin collecting. Nothing but corruption in the United States Mint

  18. Please just accept that you were wrong and you will be treated as true patriots. Please, not all of you are so ignorant that you choose the dismantling of our Republic over being wrong. Its ok

  19. He should never leave. There is so much Propaganda. The Dems and liberal media is so full of #$%% it is ridiculous. Much like the Democratic debate that just aired. So full of it. Not sure why they think Trump is the enemy. That is a lot of hate they have for such a group of folks that love this country. They really don’t get it. We are in such a better place than we were during the last president. The Conservatives handled it like adults. Let’s just make sure we all do the right thing and vote for Trump when it counts.

  20. They never think past the next step, I notice. "Remove Trump!"… and get your worst nightmare: Mike Pence! oh oh! I know! Let's help Don Trump fire do nothing Barr and end the deep state DOJ insurance plan! Who would the next AG be? Rudy? 😏😂 It just gets funnier..

  21. Any decent law abiding American wants Barr to resign and the fake president too. Thank you for your perspective though Fox propaganda.

  22. Trump is soooo concerned about corruption (in Ukraine) that he is pardon a pack of corrupt pals in the US. Funny how that works.

  23. It is the same thing that they put president trump through it also. in my opinion Democrat party should have been dismantled in 1865 when we built them in beat them in the civil war that they started. The only chance we have is with president trump America and let's get out there and take the house back through him so we can do even better than he has been. Democrats, the only way we can get them out of our government now is to vote them out

  24. Actually over 2,000 Judges and Justice Department officials have demanded his resignation for corrupting the Justice Department, just this week.

  25. Barr is weak all of the people coming after Trump they have not been touched in anyway but all of the Trump people have gone to jail or been harassed lives ruined for nothing it’s hasn’t happened to any Democrat or anybody that has broken the law Barr is just weak nothing has been done

  26. Bill Barr please don’t go, Bill Barr please don’t go, Bill Barr please don’t go down to New Orleans, ya know I love you so, Bill Barr please don’t go.

  27. Deep state swamp on the move. Never ending fake crocs tears. They wished it was them serving as AG but allas not when Trump is President. Drain the swamp Mr Barr.

  28. I know MAGGOTS are allergic to facts, so here they are: less than 1% of new jobs created last year were manufacturing jobs, which by the way include beer manufacturing…

  29. Barr to stay where he is , he is much needed. Durnham must take his finger out of his bum and move quickly to protect the people from these hyaenas.

  30. Of course they do. When someone gets to close to the truth they rev like a V8 with an overhead cam and glass packs. Not that I think anyone will do any jail time unless it is some low level nobody. This game is getting old from both sides. If there is going to be no justice for the American people, as in no one is above the law, then just stop reporting on the circus. For me and for many others I know this is just pissing us off from all sides. The laws only apply if you are not part of the government, have been in the government or are on your way out. Thanks for the update though …

  31. I think Bill Barr is imperative to the future of America. Without true justice a country is not worth anything. Remember all of this true justice takes time. Patience is required.

  32. The President need to give AG Barr his space. If AG Barr leaves we'll never going to get to the bottom of SPY-GATE, RUSSIA-GATE and UKRAINE-GATE. Then all those Democrats and the DIRTY SPYGATE COPS will be the happiest INSTIGATORS on earth. Folks let your voices be heard call AG Barr and give him your support. Mr. President, please give AG Barr his space.

  33. Barr isn't going to let the dems push him around. The way I see it, they gave him a gift by signing that petition. They unexpectedly exposed theirselves so now he doesn't have to look as hard to find corruption. They gave him a list.

  34. The left Media is the messiest problem in the country. They’re siding in favor of those corrupted politicians in the House of Congress. Not reporting what’s truth, but maybe for what they’re being paid for. God help us all. We continue hoping and praying the whole truth will prevail.

  35. I want him to resign as well if he cannot be transparent. He should had released his decision in the Stone 💎 case well before the president tweeted. That's Barr's incompetence about transparency to the persons he work for – "We the People"

  36. I want to know how barr has a dump with trumps arm so far up there America is the laughing stock of the world morally and intellectually when finally your debt is greater then your income which is inevitable you will become a banana republic

  37. Yes Democrats want him to resign, he’s doing the job the American people want him to do, uncover the corruption. Keep up the good work AG Barr, Americans support your actions 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  38. Barr will not be bullied. The media better be careful where they step and who they think they can step on. If you are not corrupt you should have no issue with the Attorney General.

  39. Every traitor that was involved in the attempted coup are fantasying about running Barr out like they did with Sessions. Barr and Durham is nipping at their heels and their doom is fast approaching. Bunch of screaming lunatics going down.

  40. Let's see Comey no charges McCabe no charges Rodger Stone in jail General Flynn. Only people associated with POTUS in jail. Why do they want him gone.

  41. AG Barr is one of the best appointments in the Trump administration. AG Barr was correct about Trump's tweets and the President knows it. President Trump has no background in politics or law and reminds us of this every day. But the fact he is not a "polished" career politician is one of the reasons I voted for the man. He has exceeded my expectations and been more effective at defending the US Constitution more than I had ever hoped.

  42. Whatever the media is against, it must be good for America. It's safer to assume everything they say, the opposite is true.

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