Lee Zeldin on impeachment: Americans are ready to move forward

Lee Zeldin on impeachment: Americans are ready to move forward

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  1. The public want to hear from witnesses we are not ready to move forward yet. if the Republicans don't accept any witnesses. the American citizens we'll really see for what they are.

  2. OMG after I posted I read the postings. Abraham Lincoln was right, Great minds think alike.
    Or else everybody is stoned.

  3. The Dems keep telling the same horrible story but I've not heard anything that proves their accusations just assumptions that they desperately want.

  4. Personally I think the GOP are dreaming of a re-write concerning what this country means and are contemplating ways to radically change our constitution/system of governance. I don't think that's easily done and likely impossible but Trump has many of them enthralled on a level that sees logic and responsibility replaced by something the history books are full of and warn against.
    Many, if not most in this administration, seem to believe they are approaching a position where they can change our politics and perhaps possess something akin to unchallenged power. The implication cannot be mistaken. What the hell else can they be thinking after repeat and blatant refusals to abide by established laws and procedures? I don't consider myself even an amateur political analyst but that scenario seems to be rather an obvious takeaway from the last three+ years.

  5. There's zero evidence that the President's investigation into Obama's, Biden's, Clinton's, and the DNC's involvement in Ukrainian money laundering in 2015/`16 was motivated by concerns about the 2020 election.

  6. Everyones eyes have been opened and we all see what a sham government is. These people in Congress are nothing but liars and crooks. What an embarrassment for our country. Such a shame. I look forward to God coming and real judgement.

  7. Democrates are toast in 2020 !!!

    Bring in the Witnesses.

    I'd love to hear from Adam Schiff, Alexandra chalupa, Gina lentine and Alexandria Shopko.

  8. If the Senate permits this ridiculous impeachment charade to succeed future elected presidents will become puppets of the opposition.

  9. Democrats have had 3 years & 3 months trying to impeach this President we dont need any more BS from Democrats! No President has ever been investigated even 10 % as my president!!

  10. It's about time America had only one political party (The Republican Party), one news source (Fox News) and one branch of government (the executive under President Donald J Trump). That's the only way we can save American democracy.

  11. Just like one doesn't have a Corn Puffs only diet and just assume they are healthy now, you shouldn't get your news from one source only and call yourself informed. So, to anyone who assumes there is nothing to this trial, or that Trump is alrady guilty before we get more details, look at one of the other sources, the ones analyse the validity of the evidence on both sides, not just your favourite one. Maybe conisider international sources. They are more impartial.

  12. Lets not forget democrats are never ready to move forward!!! They are stuck at Trumps Election Day and havent moved a step forward since that day!!!

  13. After having forced myself to watch and listen to several hours of The Schiff Show part 2 I have come too a troubling conclusion. Adam Schiff truly believes what he is saying is factual.

  14. OMG ! Can they just all stop with all of this nonsense. Even Fox news keeps asking the same quesrions. I feel like vomiting. Enough already.

  15. How the hell do you know?? Your corrupt dont speak for the American peoples America want to here the truth and you and fakeass fox is not telling it we depend on the real news networks, and thats not you

  16. Ive been watching the entire impeachment trial, and Im not ready to move forward. Other people Ive talked to are also watching the trial. They dont want to move forward either. What we want is to see all the relevant documents and witness testimony. The evidence of Trumps corruption and crimes are overwhelming. He needs to be removed from office.

  17. this white supremacist balding moron is loyal to the orange turd, not the US constitution. a sock puppet has more integrity

  18. Where does she get off saying the majority wants witnesses? Where and when they poll? She is such a biased reporter.

  19. Polls agree that 70% of the American people want the firsthand witnesses and all their documents presented at the Impeachment Trial. Why does Mitch McConnel want to hide these? What's he trying to cover up? Get them in, lets see what we learn, thenlet's move on.

  20. Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Abominable lawless perverted administration and staff.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  21. You are all right, impeachment is not the issue here…We have a mentally ill president. We need to come to grips with this.

  22. Why does the media keeps pretending this is a real trial. This is a cover up of all of Trump's crimes vs The US constitution. The Republicans and Fox News are his accomplices. Yes I just told you the truth. The Democrats spent years twisting themselves into a pretzel avoiding impeaching Trump. Trump was so emboldened by this he decided what's one more crime?

  23. Ukraine is not part of the U.S., and we should terminate our aid. Ukraine was part of the Russian/Soviet empire from 1936 to 1990. I don't see how my home is threatened if Ukraine once again comes under Russian control.

  24. Umm , how is it possible that these House impeachment managers , Schiff , Nadler , Jeffries , etc. (and Schumer) can commit non-stop perjury "in a trial" and not face legal/criminal consequences for doing so ??? … I think my question is directed to the American public at large generally but more specifically to our SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts presiding …

  25. That's 100% correct Mr. Zeldin , by defense cross examination grill the hell out of Schiff , Nadler , the Whistleblower , and where's Hunter as a minimum … it was the Republican's cross examination of the Democrat witnesses in the House impeachment hearings (Intell. and Judiciary committees) that completely exposed and sunk this fraudulent hoax silent coup upon the United States … just imagine if they were allowed to get away with it !!!

  26. The Gold Pen Signed the Impeachment/they dont care if they lose/Pelosi said so herself – He is Impeached – Period,!!!

  27. 72% of Americans want to see evidence and hear from witnesses. Republicans are going to the pay the price in November.

  28. Why do these Republicans tell bare faced lies? Have they no morals? The evidence of Trump corruption not just with the Ukraine is overwhelming despite Trump trying to conceal it. The GOP deserve to be wiped out at the next election due to their disgusting behavior.

  29. If the senate is not going to allow even republican witnesses then the trial is a rigged sham for which the GOP will pay dearly in 2020. The American people are not so stupid as to put up with this. The fact that no witnesses are allowed is just another indication of Trump's extreme guilt.

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  31. If Adam shift was put in a deep dark cell for his crimes against America. She hasn't had a friend since he was a child he would just be forgotten.

  32. According to Jay Sekulo and he knows exactly what he is doing he thinks the two articles don't add up to a crime and is not impeachable. So he wants to end this thing now with an acquittal of the President without blemish on his record. Sekulo is ten times the lawyer of any of these flower boy Democrats as they are going to learn one way or another in the near future here. Jay is confident the President will prevail and I know Jay is a first rate constitutional attorney, these bone head DEMS are too dumb for their own good.

  33. I find it very strange that the Dems foundTrump guilty in the first round without the documents. Now before the Senate they need these documents, that on it's own proves they are a law unto themselves they no they have no case and didn't expect to go to the Senate.

  34. Trump's fingers have been meddling around his farty botty again, and it seems quite clear Lee Zeldin has been smelling those fingers.

  35. We're in an interesting ''Y'' in history right now where either justice and the Constitution are served with Trump held accountable without obstruction or where he becomes America's 1st dictator.

  36. The Republican Partyand the President have shitty counsel in regards to defense…then again the facts are hard to argue at all but the GOPDeludes themselves, inthat,if they talk loud enough andare indignant enough ,thatsome how amounts to an actual gooddefensein proving Trump innocent. The GOP will only look like the true weak greedy asses they are when they find Trump innocent of all wrongdoing as I know they will, as my faith eroded with them a long time ago to do the right thing.

  37. What's to debate, led zeplin (or whatever your name is…)
    The GOP can literally do this on their own by votes. If it doesn't happen, it's because of you. FEAR is why they won't.

  38. Congressman Lee Zeldin is a very competent representative for the State of NY who is in the core of speakers against those creeps. And he does a great job.

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  40. Get rid of everyone! Congress and Trump. Let's hit the reset button and have an election of a total new government, no incumbents allowed!

  41. Watch the TRIAL! You'll see your beloved impeached President being proven as guilty! BUT don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to keep following him as the entire Republic continue to crumble all around you. NO WITNESSES & NO DOCUMENTS equals a COVER UP… but don't believe me, watch the trial. Your President (mine too) has made a travesty of our democracy and rule of law.
    Go ahead…. start typing MAGA… holy goodness people.
    America won't be great again NOT NOW!

  42. Well, democrats have all witnesses since they are presenting the case.
    The case that they are arguing about is a phone call between Trump and Zelenskiy. Do they want Zelenskiy to testify? They can subpoena Ukrainian president if they want, then Bidens, Kerrys son and Pelosis son have to testify. They all involved in Ukraine.

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