Learn Major Gameplay Features in this Discover University Deep Dive (Sims 4 Livestream Summary)

Learn Major Gameplay Features in this Discover University Deep Dive (Sims 4 Livestream Summary)

Hey YouTube! Today was a big news day. The 2 hour long Maxis livestream for Sims
4 Discover University gameplay just happened, so I’m here to summarize it for you. We are going to once again chop off the chit
chat. They went over a lot of the things you want
to know, and I’ve made some attempts to organize that information. The end goal as always is to help you decide
if this pack is for you or not, so share my work or leave a comment if it’s helpful. I want to establish that I’m going to move
a couple things around so this is not 100% in order, but with that in mind let’s jump
right in. We were hosted by Simgurus Stephanie, Azure,
and Rad. When we started, their Sim had already applied
for a scholarship and got an acceptance letter. Young adults up through Elder can all attend
University. Scholarships they apply for can be based on
merit, location, or needs – like if your Sim’s family is poor enough. There are also scholarships around individual
skills, so being talented in something can help. Their Sim was accepted and got to choose between
University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. As I said in my previous video, all degrees
are available at both universities but distinguished degrees in technology can only be earned at
Foxbury while the language and history types would be at Britechester. While a Sim will always be approved for a
regular degree, they can be turned down for a distinguished one. They chose the language and literature degree
and went with Britechester. They didn’t really get into student loans
here, just gave a Sim the money to go. You get to pick your Sim’s course load. Each semester lasts a week. To graduate, you need to finish 12 courses
and can take up to 4 in one semester. So it’d take you 3 semesters to finish if
you went with 4. There are elective courses – like, they’re
just for fun and learning new skills, and these count toward the max of 4 courses but
do not give you progress on the degree as far as I understood. If you get a degree and don’t like it, your
Sim can get another. So you can be a . Moving into a dorm reminds me of vacationing
in outdoor retreat. You can choose from one of 3 available dorms
but can build more if you like. To answer a question that people have, two
Sims in the same household can attend university at different schools, but only if it’s from
a residential lot. Because dorms require Sims to be in the same
school, it’s not possible to live in one and attend separate schools while keeping control. There’s a fee for each class you take along
with the price of housing, and you can choose to pay out of pocket or use student loans. The student loans were at 5% interest but
I don’t think it’s compounding based on what we saw. The fees are not very steep so student loans
shouldn’t be too scary, though I’m sure some of you want to see the repo man that is confirmed
in this pack. That doesn’t happen in this video, I’m sorry
to say. With that step completed they moved on to
the campus where they will move into a dorm. You can’t use build/buy at the dorm. It’s locked when the lot type is university
housing and an active Sim is living there. You can get around this with the bb.enablefreebuild
cheat. The total number of beds indicates how many
students a dorm can accept, with a max of 9 roommates. In the dorm, which is like one big lot, everybody
claims a bed and players have the ability to reassign beds. Door locks will be very useful in dorm situations. In the dorm there’s a common area as well
as the student’s room, based on which bed they chose. While I already said you can’t build here,
there are more live-draggable objects that can be used to decorate the room. There’s a kiosk you can visit on campus that
sells tons of objects to decorate your Sim’s room with, as well as appliances like microwaves
and mini fridges, bikes, and decorative items like rugs, posters and pennants. Course books are also bought here which is
handy in case you lose one of the books your Sim was given. They decorated the room with the stuff from
the kiosk. The mini fridge was shown and can stack a
microwave or coffee maker on top of it, or just little decorative clutter if you like. They revealed that this pack actually has
chests with an individual inventory, meaning it’s not shared with others of the same type. Thanks to SimguruAzure, who responded to my
question we know that these really are unique and you can label them and put different collections
into each chest. And of course, these are also handy for students. The mini fridge was shown in more detail next,
and it’ll work like a regular fridge but.. without a kitchen. You can make microwave quick meals and easy
dinners like pizza rolls, noodles, and things of that sort. Stoves are explicitly forbidden in dorms for
some reason, probably related to Sims dying or the flow of the game, so they made it so
that you can only cook certain things. Another new feature, laptops now have the
ability to be locked to other Sims… I think this pack has a couple of LittleMsSam’s
good ideas thrown in. They now traveled to UBrite commons and a
cafe where students can get better food. You will meet teachers during office hours
or walking around on campus, so they exist even if their classrooms are rabbit holes. They showed us the campus some, and we now
know that Britechester does have its own weather with Seasons installed. It’s based on weather in the UK, so probably
a lot of cloudy days. Their Sim ran into the university mascot. The mascots got into a fight over some juvenile
rivalry that goes on here. Now here is a problem where I don’t envy the
Simgurus streaming this. Showing classes and studying and the like,
when those things are rabbit holes. So we saw where you can sit in on skill classes,
which is a feature that I love, but going to class in this just means the Sim disappearing. So they didn’t show much of it. Riding bikes is possible everywhere, and I’m
happy to be able to answer that one as a lot of people have asked. Unfortunately only teen and up can ride bikes,
so no training wheels for the kids. Biking seems to raise the fitness skill, just
as you’d expect. The Gurus then showed us one of the information
kiosks that are around the campus, and can teach you how class grades, scholarships,
and enrollment work but they didn’t click any of them. Organizations exist at each university and
Sims can sign up for them, but it seems like you might need to meet some members first. There’s Britechester Spirit Corps which seems
focused on sports, an art society, and debate guild while Foxbury has its own spirit group,
robotics and science clubs. There’s an organizations panel that tracks
your participation in these groups but they didn’t show us that in action. They did show the results of a prank from
Foxbury, where the statue had been vandalized. The Sim cleaned it up. You can yarn bomb, toilet paper, or deface
a statue. Evidently the statues at university are never
not vandalized. I say that as they got it clean, and later
in the stream it had already been TP’d again. They showed us toilet stalls and wall showers
and had a Sim prank a toilet. When using the public shower, evidently Sims
still get embarrassed if others walk through. I am not sure that’s super realistic but maybe
it’s only occasional. The Sim that used the toilet next got soaked
and the stall was left a mess. Someone asked in stream if your Sim would
have to repair the toilet. Their answer was that you can, a roommate
might do it as they are programmed to do things like that (when it’s a good roommate) and
you can also call university maintenance to fix it at no cost. Evidently a maid will also visit once a week
to clean the place up. They’ll clean many things but not do things
like put away books. If you want Roommates at home away from University,
you can do that by putting out an ad. A few Sims will visit and you can select from
among them who will be your roommate. Or if you prefer, you can ask individual Sims
if they’d like to move in with you. Those with kids or a spouse may decline. Once you have a roommate, they’ll pay a portion
of the household’s bills. And of course, you can kick them out if you
don’t like the arrangement. And as I said, so much for the clean statue
– Foxbury TP’d it already. The next day, a Sim showed up to pose for
figure painting, and they had their girl participate. This is one of the art society activities. We finally got a good look at the map of Britechester. Foxbury and the University of Britechester
appear to sit opposite one another with a few residential lots in the town in the middle
along with a library and bar. There are a few each of 30×20 and 20×15 lots. There are two new lot traits in this pack. Study Spot will alter Sim behaviors a bit
getting them to study more and give them less exhaustion from studying, and will also boost
skill gains a bit. The University hangout lot trait makes food
and drink cost less on the lot and makes it more likely students will visit. They changed to a residential lot, with the
point of showing us a Sim who is attending off-campus. Sims can go to university from anywhere, so
living at one of the two campuses isn’t necessary but may be fun, especially with the roommate
experience. The three Sims in this household are all pursuing
distinguished science degrees at Foxbury Institute. There was a bot contest going on in town there,
with robots being shown off by the students who built them. There are servos and quadcopters, party bots,
and fixer bots. You can enter your bot into a contest if you
like. We don’t know about the rewards. Now we got to actually learn about robotics. Servo is the top reward for the robotics skill. As you use the robotics table you’ll gain
more skill xp and eventually learn to make materials to make different bots, cybernetics
or tech wearables. Servos can be programmed with a gender. In general, they’re a lot like Sims and are
even able to attend University. They activated their servo and he clumsily
came out of the pod. When Servo’s activated, he is added to the
household, and you can click him to change his appearance. It’s possible to woohoo servo but he can’t
procreate. Servos can have their traits reprogrammed. You’re able to choose from 1 of 6 different
color schemes for your servo, but you can’t put clothes on them. Be warned though, you shouldn’t let your Servo
swim, get out in the rain, or get in a shower. This will wreck your robot. The Exomech suit is the reward from the mechanical
engineering branch of engineer. Your Sim can wear it and even hover but we
don’t know a lot about the benefits of it. Either track, you’re going to be able to use
robotics. and you’ll be able to craft things at the robotics table. Fixer and cleaner bots can live in your Sim’s
home, and don’t take up one of the slots. Things get kind of scattered here so I’m going
to go out of sync with them. They’re talking about the new careers while
showing robotics. University isn’t required to be in engineering
nor any of the other careers with this pack. You can climb your way up as usual if you
want. The new careers are all the rabbit hole or
work from home style, so you don’t ALWAYS go in if you don’t want to. If you take engineering and choose mechanical,
you’ll need to level up programming, robotics, and handiness. If you choose computer engineer, you’d do
programming and robotics. Evidently computer engineers can get some
sweet computer glasses. The law career will let you choose between
judge and private attorney branches, while educators can choose between professor and
administrative. We don’t really know anything about their
rewards. Now, they said at another time that it’s possible
to be attending University and have a job at the same time. So if you can plan it out, you could do both
but you are going to be expected to be at classes on time anyway. Part time jobs and picking good shifts, as
well as the freelance career might be a good option for paying your way through school. They showed the engineer’s exo-suit, and its
nice iron man hover style. When you order food from a party bot, food
appears on its head when its done cooking. They now showed Servo’s commodities. He has fun, social, durability, and charge. Servos need to recharge themselves after so
often, but durability needs someone else to make tune ups. So a Sim with robotics skill is pretty needed
if you have a servo. It may be possible to use a repair bot to
maintain a servo, but I’m not sure if they can fix each other yet. There’s an enhancement system for the bots. It can be put back on the workstation where
you can then upgrade the bot. Utility bots and servos can be enhanced to
have improved durability and charge. They said that you can sell bots for profit,
and even sell them in retail if you like. I’m looking forward to some of the possibilities
here and wonder if it’ll hold up against other big money makers. All that said, robots can die. Servo is immortal in terms of aging but they
rust in water, and if durability gets too low they can go into a critical state and
be broken down on the spot. You have time to fix them, but if you don’t
get to it fast enough the servo will turn into a junk pile and effectively die. Now they went to a bar, where Foxbury students
were doing a cheer. Their Sim is still in the exo-suit. School cheers… Yeah this isn’t for me, but hey the town is
very lovely and there’s a pond you can swim in – that’s right, not a pool. Finally a pack has Island Living style swimming. There was a gathering of the secret society
that night. Their Sim asked about the gathering and they
told her it was a midnight gardening club meet and walked off. You need to learn more about this society
before you can get in with them. You can research them on computer evidently. At times I’m feeling a bit frustrated because
we are not being shown some of the things we want to see. But I understand it’s difficult. When sim enrolls in school, you get a homework
notebook. You can do homework for every class to keep
your grades up using this thing. The career panel shows info about classes
and how they’re doing. The requirements for each class are listed
out for you, so you can try to manage your Sim’s time. You do have some responsibilities. See if you make a paper, it’ll tell you when
you mouse over if it’s poor quality or something. So you can redo it. Some classes require presentations. You’ll have a presentation board in sim inventory
they can work on, and practice the presentation before actually doing it. You have to do the presentation manually with
an option found on the item. I think this might too be a rabbit hole. School takes place on weekdays, so you kind
of get an easier semester if you start on a Wednesday as you’d be off for the weekend
and have more time to work on presentations and term papers. If you started on a Sunday you’d have to go
straight through the whole week. If you wanted to graduate quickly, you’d take
4 classes and be done in 3 semesters. It looks like this would set you back around
$3,000 Simoleons. Not as much as I thought. But that depends if it gets more expensive
for each semester, like higher level classes costing more. They then showed some of the activities, like
juice pong. You can play against rivals in drinking games
to get special moodlets. They had a Sim apply for a scholarship to
show us that menu. They had options for Sims with handiness and
rocket science, e-sports, culinary skills, and the great outdoors as well as one simply
for being a resident of Britechester. When events are happening you’ll get a pop
up. You can also explore the campus and see what’s
going on. There aren’t fraternities or sororities, but
there are the organizations that exist on campus. They went into manage worlds to show us a
little about this. There’s a special UI for university housing
lots. You can do gender specific dorms to kind of
make your own sorority, and maybe select one of the organizations on campus like robotics
or debate club and require all dorm residents be in that club. University housing lots that are penthouses
require an elevator and trash chute. You’ll require beds to accommodate the correct
number of people. You can pick which university owns the dorm. Everyone who stays there will be in the same
school. Next up they showed us shower woohoo. And facts are kind of random here. Shower woohoo is a thing, but you can’t woohoo
with professors and have to wait until you graduate. You can suck up to professors and also cheat
on tests or plagiarize papers. Getting too low in performance may get you
kicked out of school, and there may be punishments for being caught doing something unethical. We now head into build mode to see the new
2-story columns that players had spotted. Turns out they’re pretty cool. On certain columns, you can move the column
height like you might a foundation. You can pull a column all the way up to the
top of a 4th story house. Now they went into CAS and showed off a bunch
of the new outfits for females, then males. including the piercings new hair styles, some
looking pretty wild. We spotted the new aspiration in the knowledge
category, but don’t know a lot about it. Answering a question on stream, they confirmed
there’s a new death but said they will let us discover it. There’s a new keg party type that can be thrown,
where your main goal is to finish an entire juice keg. I guess it’s obligatory to make someone do
a keg stand in a livestream, as that’s what happened after Servo tapped it. We saw most of the major gameplay features
in this stream, but they left a lot to the imagination in terms of things like the new
death, going to class and studying. I guess it’s hard to show those because it’s
paced like a career and all, and they’re rabbit holes. So what it feels like to play this is not
known to us yet. There are things like esports gamer and soccer
club I admit we don’t understand. They are listed as careers but tied to being
in University. I’ll work to clarify this stuff as soon as
it’s possible. We also heard there is a research and debate
skill just dropped casually. I think I wouldn’t feel like I do about the
stream if it weren’t called a deep dive but look at this, 20 minutes script so there’s
just too much to cover when I think about it? So we learned a lot but this one wasn’t as
detailed as Realm of Magic and I just did my best. I guess we are waiting on the Sims Camp embargo
to be up to learn more. They said that on tuesday the 12th we’ll learn
about some more features, so I’ll be sure to cover that in case it turns out to be bigger. Hopefully there are some features for base
game players coming in the next big patch. If you feel this was a good summary and helpful
to you, please leave a like and share it with others you think might like it. We have a Patreon if you want to go the extra
mile. Special thanks to my friend Playalot for her
help with this once again. It was a lot of info to organize, even though
it’s not super tight like I’d prefer. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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  42. 100% not going to buy
    I was so happy when sims 4 announced of university pack but omg, this is more like a game pack than an expansion pack

  43. I'm really curious about rotational play, as I like to create stories with multiple households and don't like the idea of losing Uni progress when playing other households. You mentioned something about rotational play on your site from the Q&A but I didn't fully understand. Could you, or someone here in the comments, elaborate?

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