Learn HTML5 from W3C | W3Cx on edX | About Video

Learn HTML5 from W3C | W3Cx on edX | About Video

this the standard language of the web crafted by the Worldwide
Web Consortium, also known as W3C. I worked in collaboration with W3C
experts to bring you this edX course. I am Michel Buffa, professor and
researcher at the University of Nice in the south of France. And we let you know about
other new features that were introduced with HTML5 to help
create great websites and applications in a simplified but powerful way. HTML5 is now supported on mobile phones,
connected objects, game consoles, automobile dashboards, and devices
that haven’t even been considered yet. HTML5 represents these sorts of features
that entrepreneurs and organizations will be about to rely
on for years to come. Come with me to learn
about HTML5 on edX. I will meet you in the course.

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  1. Learn to build websites from the organization that created the web: W3C's free #HTML5 course starts today. Sign up: http://ow.ly/NJw9U

  2. Michel Buffa Can you please send me a PDF file about what you are saying in English? I am from Egypt. If you send me the file, you will be able to translate the file into Arabic.
    I do not say I do not understand English but I do not know it new, but I'm 17 years old

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