Leadership Fellows Program

Leadership Fellows Program

The Leadership Fellows Program targets mid-level
leaders on our campus department chairs, associate deans, program directors. And puts them through a pretty intense two year program that is mainly intended to broaden their understanding
of the big issues including global issues in higher education. It was created because
we discovered that there was a hunger for more opportunity, for more knowledge, a real
thirst to engage with these big issues. And secondly because we really needed the leadership
development, we needed the talent development to have leaders who are prepared to respond
to the many changes that are coming toward us. The first year of the program you are part
of discussions and you conduct readings and you really develop an understanding of a larger
framework of how leadership can work in higher education. And the second year of the program
you really get a hands on experience by conducting a project where you put those learned ideas
into practice. It brings together administrators, faculty,
staff. We come together, we have common readings, we have discussions, we go through mock scenarios.
To really do what we can in innovative ways and forward thinking ways to support student
success. When you look at the strategic plan and the mission and goals all of them keep
going back to what does that mean for our students and what they are going to be accomplishing
once they leave our campus. The university becomes your classroom. So
as you’re learning the leadership, learning about trends in higher education, the program
really challenges you to think differently and not only look at past but look at potential. Every single one of the leadership fellows
that I have spoken with has described the experience as transformative and many of them
have likened it to climbing up out of a silo and realizing that there is a much bigger
world then the department or unit that they had been previously. And it’s just a great opportunity to help
your faculty and staff grow from within and do it in a way that’s strategic to improve
your particular needs at your site. We now have I think close to forty of us who are
here on campus taking on new roles and really trying to make a difference.

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