LE SIÈGE D’AVION QUI COÛTE 7 000€ (Business Class A380) | HugoPOSAY

LE SIÈGE D’AVION QUI COÛTE 7 000€ (Business Class A380) | HugoPOSAY

All right… something happened. You might be wondering how did I get to travel in business class ? Well let me explain you… Get ready because that’s crazy ! Right now I’m in New Zealand There is a 12-hour time difference between France and NZ Right now it is 4:45 PM in NZ Whereas in France it is 4:45 AM ! So I went in NZ… And I plan on making a regular Vlog about my holidays here in New-Zealand ! In order to share with you my experience here, however… My SD card broke and I lost all my recordings ! I basically got unlucky… I was pissed. As it wasn’t enough… Well let me show you first… Right here ! This is where you check in, where you basically give all your checked luggages… The girl at the counter told me : “We’re sorry but there’s no seat available on this flight anymore” This is how I reacted *Give this man an Oscar* But then she said… “Since there were no more seat available in economy/coach, we were obligate to…” “We were obligate to upgrade you to business class !” I was like “Oh alright, that’ll do !” This day which started badly turned into one of my luckiest day ever ! Because I’ve never travelled in Business Class ! So the girl from Emirates… Because my flight is on Emirates. HOWEVER… However this video is NOT sponsored or whatever… I’m just a guy who got lucky enough to get upgraded to Business Class… that’s it. Oh and you know what’s best about all that ? I don’t have one flight… nor two… but THREE FLIGHTS ! ‘Cause there are 3 flights to get from NZ to France ! I know a lot of other YouTubers such as Casey Neistat have done the same but I’ve already lost my footage so this is a golden opportunity ! So WE are going to experience this together… let’s go ! So as I told you we have 3 flights and it’s going to escalate quickly Basically the first flight to Perth (Australia) is a small flight compared to the two other ones that will get us to Dubai then Paris ! …where we’re flighing on an A380 (huge double-deck plane) You get it : this is going to be absolutely CRAZY ! Watch the video entirely because this is going to escalate quickly ! All right… LET’S GO I was just checking out how much would it cost to buy a business class ticket right for my flight… Look at the price ! $7,600 ! So that means my plane ticket to go from Auckland to Paris, is worth $7,600… We’re lucky ! All right… where is our seat ? Just look at that ! I’ve never been in something that luxurious ! They gave us a really nice “welcome” juice ! The plane is about to take off ! They have just asked me what do I want to eat on the gigantic menu ! Now that we’re nicely seated wearing socks… I know I’m wearing socks on a plane… now what ?! Let’s do a full review of the seat because there are plenty of things to discover ! First we have this huge TV screen Where you have movies and TV shows to watch This is your extra-legroom Here we have… oh wow ! Look at that fancy water ! Here you have a power socket to charge whatever you want I have to charge my camera batteries ! This port is to listen to what is playing on your TV Here you have room to store stuff The table is HUGE In other words… you have a LOT of room But that’s not all ! Get ready for the best thing… I’m going to push the button *Happy Hugo* The plane took off an hour ago, and we’re about to eat lunch ! The meal looks really fancy according to the people in front of me First time in my entire life eating an hamburger with a knife and a fork… that’ll do ! Nice burger ! Dude this is so good Yeah I know… I was starving We’re in the toilets… Let me explain you how this trip is going to be… First we were in New Zealand… don’t pay attention to my beautiful drawings ! This is Australia ! Normally NZ and Australia are further away… NZ to Australia (Perth) is 7-hour long Then we have… the distances are going to be weird on my drawing ! Perth to Dubai is going to be 12-hour long Then we have a last flight to Paris And it will be 8-hour long So yeah : we have a 27-hour long flight ! After 7 hours… Landed in Perth ! We finally landed in Perth but we have to hurry up because our next flight is boarding in 20 minutes ! Our flight to Dubai is at gate 51… Let’s go ! The plane I’m about to go in is an A380 and it has two decks ! Let’s see where’s our seat ! Check THAT out ! I’m speechless Look how fancy this is ! He scared me ! These are the lovely flight attenders ! We’re getting served dinner ! The meal was really good : I ATE TWICE ! I’ve been told you can call the air attender so that she or he can do your bed… Well this is what we’re gonna do ! You’re turning into a five-year-old kid ! I’m in bed now… And it is even more comfortable than the one I have in my bedroom ! Two hours later I’ve been told there was a freaking BAR on this plane… Listen… we’re going to check if this is true… I’m pumped ! How is that even possible ? This is my second drink… and it’s really good ! I have to tell you something : there is Wi-Fi on this flight ! So we’re going to try to make a FaceTime call ! -How are you doing ? -Good and you ? Here in France it’s midnight ! Look how nice my friend is… he stayed awake to talk to me ! I’ll give you cookies They have just given us an interesting bag… We have a perfume… A second perfume… A third one… after all why not ? They gave us a deodorant… I’ll keep it ! Here we have a tablet that looks like an iPad ! And it is not a TV screen… it’s simply a remote to control the huge TV screen in front of me ! Here we have extra-legroom Here is where you can store your blanket and your shoes You even have your own mini-bar ! Another little drink… Here we have a light… oh ! That’s too much for one person ! But we’re not here to complain ! Landed in Dubai ! We have just passed security and we have another two hours before our next flight… I’ve been told in Business Class you have access to a lounge… Basically a nice place where you can wait for your flight ! So we’re gonna go there and discover the place ! I’ve been given a “welcome” juice, I’ll take it for sure ! And after I ate a humongous breakfast… You know what ? You can shower ! You can shower at the airport ! I’m not kidding… look at that ! So we’re gonna shower ! This is so good Oh what ? This… I know Hi… you wanna shower with me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ? So that we can body-body ? As you know one of the worst things on Earth, after walking on a Lego, is to get your socks wet. It pisses you off. So… I hope they’ll dry off ! Let’s pray for it I know how handsome I am when I brush my teeth ! Wow this shower was definitely the right decision ! It’s time to go on our next flight ! So we meet again ! An hour later… I’ve just met the person who takes care of me during this flight… ‘Cause yeah… each passenger has a flight attender who takes care of them ! Hello my name is Gilbert and I’m brazilian-american ! Gilbert speaks a bit of french and he’s really nice… And he offered me to show us some things on the plane ! And you’re coming along with us ! And this is just so nice ! We’re chilling at the bar ! Voila ! Welcome in my bar ! Do you want a drink ? Champagne ? Do you want… hi ! Alright so Gilbert is taking us downstairs Since there are two decks on this plane This is where I was supposed to be ! Ok so now we’re walking up the First Class side ! Look at this fancy bar ! Fancy everywhere ! He should be a photographer ! And it is printed directly… so cool ! So you have to know that there are showers in First Class… You can shower in First Class, yeah ! Get ready Dude this is a real bathroom ! Here is the shower Look at that ! The floor is heated Dude this is not even a joke ! All beauty YouTubers wish they had that ! What is it ? I shouldn’t touch this ! I think we’re gonna get back to Gilbert because… He locked me in ! Damn he locked me in ! Wow that was awesome : thank you Gilbert ! Now I’m going to… well… to the toilets Just kidding Alright Gilbert just told me : “Turn on your camera, we have a surprise for you !” I mean… I don’t know what to expect ! THAT’S AWESOME ! Let me applaud all of you ! This is so nice ! You guys are really smart about marketing ! I swear this is not a sponsored video guys ! Don’t leave with my camera ! Wow that was awesome ! And now we’re about to land… Landed in Paris As if this wasn’t enough, we’re gonna conclude this flight with… I’m like a kid playing a video game ! Ok… I’ve been kindly offered to sit ! Look at that ! Alright so this is like driving a car ! Instead of having the road in front of you… you have an airport ! Now I’m going up… And now I’m going down… This is like Star Wars ! This looks good on me ! What do you think ? “You look good !” That sounded honest ! Wow that was astonishing ! Finally home ! After this awesome and crazy trip at the same time… It is time to get back to the real world Because real life is not bars, heated floors, showers in an airplane… But this was a truely amazing experience that we couldn’t decline ! And I loved sharing with you my live reaction to all this ! About all those fancy stuff we’re not used to So if you enjoyed this video go ahead and leave it a like, it would mean a lot to me ! Hit this “like” button if you want me to make other videos like this one ! So that I’ll know if you really enjoyed the video Share this video with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or whatever ! Subscribe today to my channel if you’re new so that you won’t miss a video ! If you’re still here, that means you’re a real one… a real supporter ! I have something to tell you… I’m going to make a new show on my channel ! Basically this video was kind of like the 1st episode of my new show that will be released on my channel soon ! Each video will consist in travelling, meeting new people, discovering new places together ! The goal of this series is to share and discover new things together ! So 2017 is starting with this new series soon ! I hope you enjoyed this video… because I did ! Thank you for sticking with me during this little adventure and… BYE BYE !

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  1. Personne normal en parlant avec une hôtesse : 《bonjour monsieur , je suis désolé mais il n'y a plus de place dans l'avion donc vous devrez attendre le prochain 》
    Et il y'a Hugo 《oui bonjour y'avais plus de place dans l'avion donc on vous a surclassé》?????

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