Lavanyaa Shralan – A Word from Our Fellows

Lavanyaa Shralan – A Word from Our Fellows

My name is Lavanya Shralan I am a transfer
student from Malaysia and currently an undergraduate at Iowa State University.
For the summer I’ve been working alongside with YSS and also Iowa State
University to create Collegiate Recovery Community Model for Iowa State
University students. The goal is basically to create a continuum of care
for students who are currently in recovery or who have gone to recovery in
the past. We’re providing them a safe space and also support that they need.
I’m really glad that FLIA gave me an opportunity to be part of this
fellowship because I’ve always been passionate about involving myself in any
sort of leadership roles or activities that would involve in making it positive
impacting somebody’s life. If I were to describe my fellowship experience in
three words I would say it was fairly challenging, it was interesting of course,
and also it was eye-opening as well. And despite the fact that my role as a
fellow was a little challenging I was able to overcome all of those challenges
and also accomplish my role as a fellow successfully with the guidance and also
support from my supervisors Jason, Jill, Kirsten and Kayla after this fellowship
I realized that I am I am I realized also I’m confident that I am able to
take up any sort of leadership roles in future and accomplish them successfully
as well

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