Latest News – CyberTrucks and Inflated Nuts causing outrage + more

[inaudible]. All right. Welcome back from
the long Thanksgiving weekend. I hope everybody had a fantastic
holiday over the weekend. President Trump trolled the media
by saying he was going golfing, but instead hopped on a plane and traveled
over Afghanistan to feed Thanksgiving dinner to the soldiers and troops
we have over there. It’s not funny. It’s just pretty awesome.
Real headlines though. Teen accused of using a remote control
car to smuggle more than $106,000 worth of meth across the border. I want to know what motor this RC car
had on it to smuggle 55 pounds of meth across the border. I’m pretty
sure if it was a Tesla, somebody needs to check with Elon Musk
cause I saw that video of that electric truck pulling that Ford
around the parking lot. Uh, South Africa, a distillery is making a gin
infused with elephant crap. That’s right. No, not actual turds. What they’re doing is they’re going out
and they’re harvesting all this dung and then they’re putting it through a
filtering process to get it first. Remove the sand and dirt particles.
Don’t worry about the shit. Then they take the poop particles off
of there and they’re left with just the berries and the leaves and twigs
and stuff because of the elephants, apparently complex digestive
system. But here we are. The botanicals are then sterilized and
dried again and placed in an airing cupboard or a as the distillers say, think of it just as a
spice cupboard. Um, no, I’m going to think of it as a cupboard
that you’re just storing poop remnants in. Thank you very much. Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving
day parade, New York city, a giant Nutcracker balloon knocks over
a marcher. Check it out right here. [inaudible] now I don’t know about you. This is a
clear cut case of Nutcracker supremacy. No. Nope. Balloon nationalism. It is. All right. Reports are coming out of the big brands
are trolling Elon Musk on Twitter and social media with their own
versions of the cyber truck. Uh, now simmer down there, CNBC, all Denny’s did was slap their white
trash logo on the same damn truck. This is pretty much the same
as your waitress, Karol, with a K putting your cigarette out and
your Denver omelet and telling you it’s a birthday candle. Let’s hold onto our excitement for when
Cracker barrel take some break from making this all wholesome, nutritious breakfast and designs the
truck of the future complete with jump the peg game. [inaudible] MIT once again on the forefront. Technological breakthroughs by setting
a world record in a hot dog throwing contest, 120 feet. This winter was flung across the quad, received between the awaiting buns. That’s not the biggest accomplishment. The handlers of this hot
dog was an all female team, thus beating the summer’s all
male team of hot dog husbandry. Nope handling hot dog handling. If you were entertained by
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