Lasting Marriages | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 2 Episode 20

Lasting Marriages | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 2 Episode 20

tonight it is on lasting marriages and we are around the world retailers are promoting romantic love but in a world of people that do not know how to keep it together once they are interested in each other and so there is a way as much pain as you’ve been in or if your marriage has been something that’s been very very difficult there is a way God has a way he never intended for it to be this difficult and a lot of it we think is always someone else’s fault but there’s a lot of hope because there’s a lot of changes that you can make and that will make all the difference in the world to having a peaceful and loving marriage and we have a great lineup tonight and I and we’re going to go ahead and jump right to that we’ve got two saints that after 10 years of marriage were seeking a divorce they were ready to get out but then they God led them to the saving words in his book in his mighty Bible and he saved their marriage just learning to fill up on God just like the principles of the weight I workshop luring them Philip on God instead of the food you learn to fulfill it won against a follow up with having expectations of your wife we’re going to fill up on God and as a that brings peace have all these expectations of each other of her and then learning just learning to have the fruits of the spirit you know love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control and just that is so huge is learning living by those things and that’s not the plumb line I look at how to had a are those things in my life those fruits of the spirit and that brings great peace they have self-control it’s amazing to learn that we didn’t know that before

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