[L’Artiste Education Series – Crumhorn] by L’Artiste Hong Kong

[L’Artiste Education Series – Crumhorn] by L’Artiste Hong Kong

The crumhorn is a double-reed instrument. The reeds are positioned inside the wind cap and will not come into direct contact with player. As a result, the player cannot adjust the tone quality, nor play any overtones, by varying the embouchure. The range of the instrument covers only one octave and two notes. The most special feature of the crumhorn is certainly the crook shape. However, it has already been proved that the tone colour of the instrument will not be much altered even if the instrument is straightened! The crumhorn was very popular in the 16th and early 17th century, widely used in dances, secular, as well as sacred music. Just as many other instruments in the Renaissance, the crumhorn also comes as an entire family and plays in a consort, including the soprano, the alto, the tenor, the bass, and even the greatbass.

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