Larry Kudlow breaks down the implications of the US-China trade deal

Larry Kudlow breaks down the implications of the US-China trade deal

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  1. Obama and Michael was in office for 8yrs and all they did was putting the first man in the lady's bathroom 🤣🤣🤣Now sit back and watch how a REAL President help the American people

  2. Step Aside Democrat Morons, the President is doing his Job…… Stop wasting Trump's Valuable time, along with Tax Payers Money!!!!!!

  3. WTF was O-bum-a doing during his 8 yrs? 15M people out of the workforce because they gave up looking for work, thus artificially lowering unemployment rates because they don't get counted.

    Driving up the salaries of universities and tuition for students by signing the 2010 student loan debt forgiveness act, which drove the debt total from est $450b to almost $1.5T. $1T increase under O-bum-a .

    Driving the lower middle class into the poor with O-bum-acare, because those that didn't qualify for subsidies saw their living expenses went up 25%+ just from insurance premiums alone.

  4. Phase One is forcing China to adhere to basic World Trade rules and Regulations, and is forcing China to buy more American products than what they need….thus paying the US (balancing trade deficits). China received, a promise of no more tariffs and removal of a currency manipulator designation. What a one sided deal, what a trade deal on US Terms and Conditions!!!! HUAWIE was not even part of the phase one deal… OMG!!! Every country will do what the US tells them to do…..including China. Trump 2020!!!!!

  5. Dow 30k is a real possibility, that's nuts. Only 2 economists said we would hit that about 5 years ago, well egg on my head. How could I not vote for Trump again?!
    Trump campaign slogan should be "Prosperity and Peace."

  6. They won't ever honor any kind of agreement. But, we'll see. I would rather the tarriffs be made permanent, Chinese companies delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, and Chinese students banned from American Universities, many of whom steal all kinds of research and technology. That, according to the F.B.I.

  7. I just don't get people who hate trump i can understand disliking his personality or his tweets or his smug attitude but if you can't celebrate his skills on the economy jobs and trade in my eyes you are engaged in destroying this country

  8. I am panicking-I am making money off my investments please president trump slow down-i love winning but I am to nervous making money

  9. phase 1 deal is all promises, nothing more. china doesnt do what they promised so we will be back at page 1 very soon. like north korea, its going to go nowhere.

  10. Looks like a green screen behind them…Hopefully this agreement is as good as it's being promoted…remember how they pitched NAFTA and other sellouts…agreements…the proof is in the puddin…

  11. That's a good idea to sell the Chinese coal and CNG…Keep our minors working. Hell, the Dems would probably fight that…they think wind and solar will solve the energy needs of the world…they are crazy…you can't haul 80,000 lbs. up and down mountains with an electric truck and across the country…it's crazy. They don't live in the real world…

  12. Reporter: "In the next interview you can tell me how we're going to pay for all this."

    Kudlow: "With growth and prosperity."

  13. President Trump didn't do anything that any other Politician didn't do, except that he probably cares alot more about U.S. than politician's of the past did, and I really don't think America is that bad right now. I think America is healing, and politician's are now showing all of U.S. the truth about what they are really about. Best wishes to the team that forgives, President Trump, P.S. Frederik's Son, your not that bad of a kid, I love you. ☮️ Pops

  14. We already have a great amount of foreign intelligence agencies operating in the United States and Building Technology to give back

  15. Is it true that this phase deal is not enforceable it's written in Mandarin so American people can't read it the Chinese have been long time manipulators it's going to be very hard for them to fly straight they're also enemies of Freedom everywhere so what makes you think they're going to play right

  16. Kudlow needs to go to Boston University and redo the Economic classes that A O C took. Undoubtedly she was there in body only. Economic 101 was way over her head.

  17. just think how well we would doing if the crooked lying democrats were not trying to get President Trump out of office at every turn. Democrats have become a threat to the country and its voters

  18. And Trump didn’t need a magic wand.

    Obama, did you hear that?

    And the hoax impeachment crew wants to distract America from Trump’s continuing winning.

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  19. 40 million more illegals invaded America at the end of Benedict Donald's first-term America! He ran his mouth by design to have our borders overrun! This isn't a deal..this is the same ole same ole swamp scheme. Wow! He might aswell ruin against himself. The cabal has made certain he has nobody to run against with half a chance! but thats normal to Americans?2nd term 80 million more invaders will be in America..but since its Chump it doesn't matter to so called conservatives anymore now? Really?

  20. peter navarro is awful quiet ! leighthauser is awfully light on these deals steve just cares about wall street bank wilbur ross thinks americans are just to fat and took his cash out love larry just trying to get somethine done but nancy a total disgrace to amercia nothing at all no wall no jobs no usa at all but she has 190 million dollars in her bank and walls around her property she would not be able to create a single job for her constituency 80 thousand living on the streets is that what the democratic party is about then we lose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Platinum and Rhodium are not relevant to any real precious metals discussion (platinum is in a sideways way, but not really). Platinum has too high a melting point to make its conversion convenient enough for metals use, and many coin dealers find platinum difficult to trade as liquidly as gold and silver, since demand is limited. There are coins, but at a price less than gold (currently a gold 1 oz. coin is about $1,595, a 1 oz. Platinum coin is about $1,089). The US Mint even produces a 1 oz. palladium proof coin that sells (as of 15 Jan 2020) for $2,537.50, but there is no market at all for palladium.

  22. Is President Trump Colluding With China and North Korea …No..Neither was he with Ukraine or Russia…He Colluded with Iran in Iraq with the Terrorist from Iran with a missal …Now that is A collision….I'm out…

  23. TRUMP MAKE the BEST TRADE DEAL with CHINA after 40 years of BAD DEALS with China.
    DEMOCRATS DEALS are a FAILURES! so they IMPEACH a great President TRUMP.
    💜💜💜 BEST to have a NON POLITICIAN PRESIDENT, a BUSINESSMAN with great Foreign Policies too💜💜💜

  24. Fair to who? The workers or once again to the rich? Keep your politics. Will it mean better pay for workers? Less time breaking their bodies? NOPE….

  25. Skip to 4:00 – 8:00 to hear about the trade deal. Which has some real solid points. Before that is hyperbole after that he talks about GDP which unless your in the top 5% of wealth, doesnt and never will concern us.

  26. This guy is very good friends with Kissinger. Wasn't it Kissinger that called us all useless eaters> Kissinger is part of the bigger swamp. The world wide one.

  27. Where is the Huawei deal on this? Can anyone fill me in on the status of the data gathering megalith? I understand they want to keep it as a cybersecurity risk but will they? The reality of AI and deep learning which relies on massive data which can only be achieved through corporate entities as large as Huawei. That will be the true endgame. No trade deal will compare with the absolute monster we will face with true AI. The country with that power will conquer earth with astonishing power and ease.

  28. "set your phaser to phase one"- We stunned China's entire economy with the first shot. Forced to buy American over the next two years. Forced transfer of new intellectual property is now solved and Americans now own their own business in China going forward. This is huge for extremely innovative high security American business in China.

  29. I think it is clear to see that alongside other wise economical initiatives tax cats can be like a nuclear reaction, for example, if the consumer has more to spend then productivity goes up and then job creation rises and more get back into work and more spending occurs if the economy grows as it should then wages rise as the workforce seeks better-paid positions and they pay a little more in tax as they earn more and so the ride goes on. Overtaxing kills growth and fair taxing across the board will nearly always aid in the increase of GDP and confidence this, in turn, will bring yet more jobs as companies either grow or start a new manufacturing expansion with a move back to the country of previously farmed out goods. Fair tax is a win-win for all.

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