Lakshmi Mittal Business Empire (World’s biggest steelmaker) | How big is ArcelorMittal?

Lakshmi Mittal Business Empire (World’s biggest steelmaker) | How big is ArcelorMittal?

Hello and welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time we are in London, and its a rainy
day. So let’s take out our umbrella and visit
a grand house. This luxurious 12 bedrooms mansion was once
called the most expensive house in the world. and is now home to the world’s biggest steel
maker. Lakshmi Mittal
Born in a small villa ge of Rajasthan, India, At the age of 26, Lakshmi Mittal moved to
Indonesia, to set up a mini steel plant for his father, Mohanlal Mittal. Later, he started acquiring loss making steel
mills across the world & made them profitable, using the strategy of ‘Turnaround’ to build
his empire. Now 43 years later, he owns the world’s
largest steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal. His company produces more steel than the whole
of US and UK, combined. And earns more revenue than major companies
like Facebook, Unilever and FedEx. So let’s take a ride, to witness the remarkable
Business Empire of Lakshmi Mittal and his company ArcelorMittal. We will start our world tour from the coldest
continent, Antarctica. Here, ArcelorMittal steel has been used in
construction of world’s first zero emission polar research station, Princess Elisabeth
Antarctica. Moreover, the group has also manufactured
steel for an under construction 156m-long Antarctic Supply Research Vessel. From Antarctica let’s travel to North America
and reach Canada. We are right now in the port city of Hamilton. Here the group owns, one of Canada’s largest
steel plant. Moreover, the group also operates 6 more production
facilities, iron ore mining plant at Mont-Wright, runs a 420-kilometer long railway line and
also operates Canada’s largest private port, Port-Cartier. Moving to US
The group owns North America’s largest integrated steel plant in Chicago and the world’s most
productive steel mill in Cleveland, which was even visited by the former US president. Overall in US, ArcelorMittal operates over
20 manufacturing facilities, Iron Ore and Coal Mines in Virginia and employs over 18,000
people, around two times more than how many people Yahoo employs. Moreover, ArcelorMittal is a major steel supplier
for General Motors & Ford. Not only that, a whopping 20% of all global
car production is made from ArcelorMittal steel. Their steel has also been used in major US
landmarks like One World Trade Centre, Rockefeller Center, the New New York Bridge and even in
high-tech submarine like USS Indiana, Navy ships, the largest US built containership
DKI and also aircraft carriers. Not only that, New York’s iconic Empire State
Building was also made from structural steel supplied by ArcelorMittal’s predecessor company,
Bethlehem Steel. From New York we will move to Mexico
Here the group operates six steel manufacturing units, iron ore & coal mines and is also the
largest employer in the port city of Lazaro. From North America, let’s take a ride on
the world’s second largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas. The gigantic ship has 2,700 staterooms, 20
restaurants, 23 swimming pools, And yes this whole cruise is also made from ArcelorMittal
Steel. Taking about ships, the group also operates
a shipping company and owns fleet of large panama bulk carriers. Moving to South America, we will reach a country
where world’s first animated feature film was made, Argentina. Here, ArcelorMittal operates five long steel
manufacturing plants and holds a whopping 60% market share In nearby Brazil, the group is involved in
Iron ore mining and also operates 27 steel production facilities. In Brazil, ArcelorMittal steel has been used
in an Olympic Stadium, a football stadium and a Bridge in Rio de Janeiro. From Brazil lets travel to Africa and land
in South Africa. Here 60% of the steel used in South Africa,
manufactured by ArcelorMittal. Going further, ArcelorMittal is the largest
long steel producer in Morocco and also operates Iron ore mines in Liberia. From Africa let’s move to Europe and land
in Germany Here let’s watch a fashion show. This fashion show is for the German luxury
clothing brand, Escada. Escada is owned by Lakshmi Mittal’s daughter
in law. Moreover, in Germany ArcelorMittal operates
four large steel plants. Their steel has been used in construction
of the new German parliament and Europe’s largest rail station, Berlin Central. Moving to France, here the group operates
40 production sites has around 18000 employees, which is 70% of all the jobs in the steel
industry in France. After France we are back in London. This time, let’s take time out and ride, world’s
longest tunnel slide. This is ArcelorMittal Orbit, Britain’s largest
piece of public art, which is majorly funded by Lakshmi Mittal. Moreover, Lakshmi Mittal also has a stake
in the English football club, Queens Park Rangers
, While ArcelorMittal operates manufacturing units in Sheffield & Birmingham. In nearby Italy, the group has recently acquired
the largest steel plant in Europe and also operates 7 more facilities across the country. Moreover in Europe, ArcelorMittal is the largest
foreign investor in Ukraine and Bosnia & is also the largest steel producer in Spain,
Czech Republic, Poland, Romania. And the group is Luxembourg’s largest private
employer. From Europe we will quickly travel to Australia. Here the group manufactures steel blanks for
automotive industry and is also the Sole supplier of steel rails for the Sydney Metro project,
Australia’s largest public transport project. Finally we have reached Asia. Here, ArcelorMittal steel has been used in
major landmarks like Imperium Tower in Manila, Osmangazi Bridge in Turkey; Burj Khalifa in
Dubai and Shanghai World & Grand National Theatre in China. As we have reached China, let’s travel to
Hunan province. Here the group jointly operates an $800 million
automotive steel facility and is also the largest foreign investor in the Chinese steel
industry. Moreover, ArcelorMittal is the largest mining
& Steel manufacturer in Kazakhstan, and also operates a tube mill in Saudi Arabia. After our World tour, finally we will reach
India. Decades after leaving India, Lakshmi Mittal
is on the verge of acquiring one of India’s leading flat steel manufacturers, Essar Steel,
for $5.9 billion. Lakshmi Mittal has not only created a massive
business conglomerate, but has also established an IT institute, a Management institute, funded
Institute of Technology in Mumbai and has also established a community centre in the
village where he was born. Not only that, his company also operates charity
foundations in Brazil, Argentina, Liberia and has even contributed for flood relief
in Bosnia. Lakshmi Mittal has certainly created an incredible
conglomerate, and has travelled a long way from a small village in Rajasthan. All I can say is, this is Lakshmi Mittal’s
massive Business Empire.

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  4. Laskhmi mittal supplied steel for rockefeller centre is a lie. Rockefeller centre was built in the 1930s. Lakshmi mittal wasn’t even born then.

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  14. Lakshmi Mittal is from Bihar or Bengal… born and brought up…and not from Rajasthani … his ethnicity is from Rajasthan though.. but he didn’t travel from there .

  15. I worked for him in Indonesia as an engineer 1980 1984. Now I am a us citizen. Initially he used to hire his staff from India on contract basis from renown steel makers, but after contract he send them back without any benefits. Those people worked 24 hours, seven days. For him. At that time it was only Ispat indonesia. Local labor was under paid, there were lot of accidents, and no active labor laws. Though he made lot of money, but local employees did not get any benigfits.

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  17. Govt of India could have taken his help to develop steel manufacturing in India. SAIL (Steel Authority of India) should be handed over to the group via divestment route and it is likely that he would have turned it into a company of global repute.

  18. I am proud to say I work for this company. I am an underground coal miner in southern West Virginia. I am an equipment operator at ArcelorMittal XMV 39 coal mine.

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