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  1. Get all gun owners who can protect themselves and others, if need be, to be incentivised to move to a single (sanctuary) location where they are easier maintained and located if they need to be delt with in whatever way the gov/military deems.

  2. every person should be thinking "what will I do if a criminal with a gun decides to rob my house?", will your baseball bat be enough? what about your wife and kids? what if you're a single mother? the criminal will have a gun or at least a knife, there will probably be more than one of them, and I'm sure you're not going to want to get into a knife fight with him/them, and women walking around defenseless are fools, no offense, but a guy can do what ever he wants to you, real life isn't a marvel movie, at least try to even the odds

  3. I wonder what other two counties in Florida are thinking to do the same? The reporter said 2 others are considering it.

  4. Glad Beto is history lol there is no compromise with the second amendment we should vote out every last politician that’s for it

  5. they know nothing about guns. since when was a AK47 legal for everyone to buy? they are called cop killers because they can go through bulletproof vest. all fully auto weapons are banned in fact.

  6. The fact that the right has to defend gun possession and the left defends giving illegal aliens free health care is why conservatism is losing, it's all controlled opposition.

  7. All the militias in the forests, small towns, armed vets, millions of citizens, police that won't follow the orders to go take family and friends guns by force or any other means. Not everyone is on board with removing our ability to fight off tyranny and if you think the government has such good tech and better weapons than citizens you would probably be right but there are millions of us. Also, while the government fights it's own citizens in another civil war N. Korea and Iran along with Russia get free reign over the rest of the world and shortly the U.S. Killary's dream come true! None of that is going to happen but that is probably a likely scenario.

  8. The democrips want your guns they are responsible for the mass shootings at schools and Wal-Mart's. It's just to obvious now…. If you think otherwise than your too dumb to figure it out.
    This "sanctuary" thing?? Sounds like future camps to me… Isolate and detain. WATCH OUT


  10. The 2A should be all we need….now 🔫 owners need "sanctuary status" for additional protection?
    Constitution be damned….I guess!

  11. These Lib's are high on crack. Guns have been around hundreds of years yet mass shootings only became a problem in the last two decades. Something else is the cause. They don't see that? They are THAT friggin stupid?

  12. Too bad they included the clip of the guy with his finger on the frickin trigger when he was checking out that gun. Tryin to make gun owners look bad?

  13. To me it seems like people are anti-gun can't get there priorities straight what I mean is AOC is talking about the new green deal and how where going to die in 12 years if we don't do something hypothetically if there's a small chance of that being a real then gun control should be the least of our concern

  14. 0:23
    Finger OFF of the trigger idiot.
    Uh, it's not about our government trusting us, it's because we can't trust our government.

  15. There are no 2nd amendment sanctuary counties. The entire country fall under the constitution. Any public servant violating the constitution can and must be openly executed in public.

  16. The reason we have a Second Amendment right is to keep the government from doing exactly what the government is doing look at this Trump hoax you better keep your guns people do you really trust your government

  17. Yes people!
    America is a very special place in this world because we have what no other country has " America Ammendment rights, A constitution. "
    We the people stung by PATRIOTISM won't let it happen.
    Those Fools………..

  18. What do the Pulse nightclub and MSD have in common? The government had prior knowledge and warnings about the killers, yet they failed to act on both of those cowardly murderers. This was 100% preventable but, of course, they don't want to talk about that.

  19. Defend your rights people

    Criminals do not follow the laws. If you put laws in place to stop them. They'll ignore them and do it aways. That's what makes them criminals you idiots

  20. Nice to see counties standing up for the constitutional rights of their citizens. This is a powerful statement of defiance to the narrative of the Democratic Party and the shill main stream media

  21. It’s obvious the shootings we keep seeing are funded by the Kabbalist elite and staged with crisis actors like David hogg
    They want to psychologically make Americans view guns as “bad” for this new world order

    Martial law will be hard to implement if the citizens can defend them selves

  22. Let's PRAY that the thousands of people who move there each day from left leaning states, TAKE NOTICE. If you're anti-gun, don't move to Florida. 🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸

  23. Right next door orange county is doing everything they can to restrict our 2nd amendment rights. That's why theres a 2 year wait to get a table at the lakeland gun show and the orlando show is a joke now

  24. I must be living under a rock! I did not know 2A sanctuaries were being established. It is a heartbreaking shame our era has come to this point. The U. S. as a whole is supposed to be a 2A sanctuary. But, the times are evil and anti-American sympathies are afoot. I will see what is being done about this issue in my county.

  25. Why and how isn't this already implemented in every state, in every town and in every home? I thought this was already something everyone (except California) had.

  26. I am proud to live in lake county. As i live in a wooded area, it might take some time for the cops to arrive, i will take matters into my own hands.

  27. The mass shootings happen in democrat controlled states, like colorado and california…we need guns to protect our selves from democrats, of course the democrats aren't gonna like that.

  28. This is EXACTLY what needs to happen! States, counties and any local municipalities that understand the illegality and illegitimacy of laws that violate the second amendment and law abiding citizen's rights should stand up for those citizens by repealing and disavowing those illegal laws. It's time people on all levels start fighting back against tyranny, not with violence of course, but with legislation, unity and by not recognizing any laws which themselves ARE illegal.

  29. Really it's ok!!!! guns are regulated just like prescription drugs!!!! oops wait!!!!! there is a lot of drugs on the streets lol in California it's legal to shoot dope but not guns lmao

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