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  1. Apparently a lot of people only appreciate Lady Gaga like you would with fine wine.

    God, I was I kid when she hit charts. I thought her vids were… Different but they were mesmerizing. Not counting for the music yet which are absolute bangers.

  2. Me like in 2015 WOAH this song is so good! I love it its now mah new fav song!!!
    Me in 2019 Now I realize dat this is real dirty ;-; STILL MAH FAV SONG THO (jk)

  3. Please dislike all ‘who’s better’ or anything that wants likes comments thank you I know you can’t see dislikes just do it please thank you

  4. She was epic here and she’s better than ever at the moment, Shallow is a beautiful song, so iconic😍😍😍

  5. F A N T A S T I C S O N G Who Listen TO This AMAZING SONG in 2019💙💙❤❤😊😊LADY GAGA IS A GOOD SINGER💙💙❤😊❤

  6. I love Lady Gaga, not just because of her phenomenal talent, but also because she is such a good, kind person. Her parent's did an excellent job raising her.

  7. GUYS…. This song is 10 years old and I remember when this came out lol…. When the hell did I become this old? I'm only 23?! lol

  8. At 2:49 , I wouldn't mind those two guys that were sitting on the left of the guy Gaga was humping/twerking on. Just saying and don't judge me!

  9. Britney spears & lady gaga time(how to get fame) : unbelievable musics!

    Pop nowadays(how do they get fame) : wear trending stuff, overspend on mv, be spoiled, stupid makeups

  10. Didn’t realise that they were auctioning her in the first sequence of the video…. then she sets the highest bidder on fire…… hahahahaha

  11. ,😊😊eu só me lembro das minhas primas quando era pequenas eu escutado asa música 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😘

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