Labour /Worker Life in Dubai with English Subtitles🔥Driver Job in Dubai 🔥DIP Camp Area Tour

Labour /Worker Life in Dubai with English Subtitles🔥Driver Job in Dubai 🔥DIP Camp Area Tour

Tea in labour area is awesome.. I’m from Pakistan sir.. yes should come to Dubai.. Guys!! 5000-6000 thousands chapatis look at this.. Hello Guys, I’m your friend Anil.. Welcome to you on my channel…ScorpDxb. Today I came to DIP area in Dubai.. Which is new &… very nice labour area of Dubai.. Hello brother, how are you? You are selling tea? please give me one cup.. good. good.. Guys..Tea in labour area is awesome.. brother where you from?…. me.. I’m from Pakistan.. Here it is.. How much?.. 50 fils WoW!! only 50 Fills ! In shop it is 1 Dhs.. It’s okay, enjoy it free… No No I’ll way, thanks.. you keep the change also.. Guys look at this tea..only 50 Fills.. In shop it is 1 dhs.. it taste so good.. which is your area in Pakistan? —- Peshawar. Okay Peshawar….yes So you are selling tea only? not doing anything else…Yes – I do What? – I work as labour where? — here in one company.. So you are selling tea on Fridays.. yes it’s off.. Okay.. How much salary you get in labour job? hmmm…it’s like 1,300 Dhs 1,200-1,300 Dhs.. How much is your monthly expenses..’s like.. 200-300 Dhs.. means you save 1,000 dhs.. Like 40,000 PKR.. Who is in your family? your family in Pakistan? Family is Big…how many kids? — No kids!! no kids yet? you not married yet? —- NO How much you earn from selling tea? it’s like 10-12 Dhs only.. Oh!! only 10-12 Dhs.. In whole day? —- yes, I just came. 4:30 pm.. Like for 2 hours & it’s done. Okay only for 2 hours.. sometimes 10 dhs ..sometimes 15 dhs.. yes yes…50 fills only…I’m also labour & they are also labour.. Yes right! selling tea for 50 fills, where you get this stuff? I purchased from market. How much you buy it? It’s expensive..bought it for 115 Dhs. Okay 115 Dhs…did you earned that much already? No I just started..haha.. So how’s the life in it good? I came to this area one week ago only. where you staying before? I was in parco…okay parco. is this labour camp good? yes..Masha-Allah it’s good. Yes it’s good..even roads are good. Room are new…yes all good here. Yes everything clean here. Is it will go to Facebook? No No…How many people in one room here? 5…okay 5 staying in one room. how about cleaning and other facilities? by company? Yes…it’s fantastic. Okay brother…it’s nice to meet you. Ohh your things fell down —- it’s okay. Okay thank you very much..the tea was awesome…haha. Look at this guys.. here you can find cheap chapatis for labour.. How much is one chapati brother? ——- it’s 1 Dhs. Look this in 1 dhs & It’s called Afghani Roti this is nice and one is enough to make stomach full. It’s like 200 gm 300 gm per chapati.. 280gm…yes like 250gm per Roti.. then one chapati is enough….yes one for one men enough. Where you from? —-I’m from Afghanistan. this is Afghanistan special chapati…yes How much chapati you sell everyday? How much chapati you sell everyday? —- for one day? For one day it’s like 5,000-6,000. Oh 5,000-6,000 chapatis.. this guy is making it? one more there Oh it is fantasic.. Guys!! 5,000-6000 chapatis…look at this chapati.. they make and sell in one day.. so more sale on Friday or everyday? yes it’s like that. our day off? we don’t have any. oh you don’t have off. if we take off then how people eat!! they will eat right. so what time you come here? I’m coming at 8am.. until 11pm in night. Okay 8am-11pm. and .. one hour break time.. Okay like rest time…..for prey. yes it’s must. yes for prayer. this brother also from Afg? Pakistan. Okay he’s from Pakistan. you also from Afg? Where in Afg.? Kabul Kabul..yes I know Kabul. Mohd. Gajnavi Sahab’s area.. Ok Ok good…so from how many years you are here? I’m here for so many years.. I’ll complete 17 years here..17 YEARS!! doin same job? yes…and you? mine 4 years.. he must have brought you here..he’s relative…haha.. now he became bring manpower.. Masha-Allah…you are doing very good job.. yes hard work also and these are also big chapatis.. the food supply companies .. selling this for 50 fills.. they will deliver to rooms for 50 fills.. here it is 1 dhs.. Okay brother…nice to meet you. Okay Thank you very are doing a good job. Thanks again!! – Thanks. So guys you have seen this area & now I’m going … talk to these guys here..One is driver & .. Other one is auto will us about.. this area and their life here.. Sir my name is Harbhajan Singh.. What is your Job? —I’m Driver. How many years in Dubai? Sir, 12 Years. You doing driver job from 12 years? Yes Sir. How you get Driving License? License sir.. I came here as driver through an agent. Direct in driver Job? — Yes. I got license after coming to Dubai. So which vehicle you drive? —- It’s Mixer. Concrete mixer? Yes Concrete mixer. How much is your salary? Salary sir.. It was 4,000-4,200 Dhs before.. But now work is little down.. now still okay, it;s like 3,000 Dhs now. 3,000 Dhs & how much is your expenses? Expenses for food in company mess is … like 180-190 Dhs & it’s good. Okay! It means you save 2,500 Dhs minimum? — Yes. So how’s your routine here? How’s duty timings? Sir our duty start at 6am morning & … It finishes at 6pm in evenng.— Okay. and how about your lunch? We take lunch parcels with us. Okay and you eat anywhere? — Yes. How’s life here? Life is very Good. — Okay! Where you go on day off? We are going to Gurudwara Sahab. Jebel Ali? — yes. We are spending quality time there. So overall how’s your 12 years experience in Dubai? — It’s very good. It’s just anyone should not do any mistakes here. — Okay. Then life is very good here. How’s the rules in Dubai? Rules are good for those who follow them, it’s bad for bad people. — Can you give any example? Just don’t do any mistakes here.. Give one example? — Like don’t drive over speed. Don’t overtake wrong on the roads. just do it right way then its good.– Okay. How’s DIP area? — Yes Dip area is good. Where you stay before? — I was in Jebel Ali. Okay. — it’s good there also now. Camp is good there now. How’s facility here? how many person in one room? We are 4 in one room.. Mostly 4..some rooms have 6 also. The rooms are big & small. — Okay. You want to give any message to viewers? for viewers….come here, visit Dubai and also good for work. — Okay. Next year in 2020 there will be more work. — Okay. It is better than home country. Okay. –Yes it is better here. Some people say labour life is not good in Dubai.. It’s bad condition of labour in Dubai.. Is it true? Some companies not paying salaries? Yes, Some companies are bad also. But why this happens? — Sir, like.. Some labour comes in low salary.. and their expenses will be 300-400 Dhs here.. they get 700-800 Dhs salary, what they will save !! If anyone want to come..choose good company. They should read there agreements carefully.. From India or Pakistan from anywhere.. They should choose a good reputed agent. Okay, good agent. But how to find a good agent? Sir they must read there agreements.. Some people don’t read their agreement and come here directly.. without reading, how much salary? how much basic? Whatever written, they just come.. and they find out after coming here that it’s very low. So what they will eat and what they will save!! Means the documents from agent should be checked — Yes. They should know company details and the come — Yes. and how much they should give to agent? Agents there now.. Like from our driver brothers… they ask 100K INR. and for Labour? — almost same also. I would say coming on tourist visa is better.. and search job here and do job here. Okay, you are saying don’t come with agent. — Yes. Come on tourist visa. — yes. and then search job. Yes. they will get job. It’s not like that they will not get job. Where you from ? — I’m from Kapurthala, Punjab. Okay brother, it’s nice to meet you. You have given good information, i hope it will help peoples. Thank you. Who will win play Final. First ball of the innings.. Going straight… It’s OUT!! First wicket down here. this is next ball.. it’s a brilliant shot, beats the fielder.. It’s a boundary – 4 runs at fall one wicket. Are you selling valets? is it yours? where you from? I’m from Pakistan. — Where in Pakistan? from District, Lodhra. — what do you do? hmm..i’m just selling this here. Okay Okay.— I’m doing labour work also. Labour Work, how much Salary? Salary is like… 1,200-1,300 Dhs with overtime. — Expenses? Expenses like what? Food & all. — Room rent is 210 Dhs.. & others are like.. 30-40 Dh per day.. Like bus ticket, etc all. — how much you save monthly? I’m saving like 700-800 Dhs. means like 32-35K PKR monthly.. 1 Dhs=40 PKR, right? Yes Yes. — You do labour job ? — Yes labour. How’s life here? all ok? — Yes Okay. How’s this labour camp area? Good? I’m not from here, I live in Deira.– Okay you came from Deira. Today i came here just to earn some money.. Okay it’s all right. it’s good in Dubai.. that you can earn something extra from outside. So how’s the life in Dubai — it is good. How many years in Dubai — It’s my first visit now. Okay you are new in Dubai — Yes. Nice to meet you. So guys i hope you find this video good.. and please like, share and comment on this video.. If you haven’t subscribe, please subscribe the channel now.

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