Kyle Taraska, Business Management, Berkeley College alumni testimonial

Kyle Taraska, Business Management, Berkeley College alumni testimonial

My name is Kyle Taraska, I attend Berkeley College and I’m a business management major. I heard about Berkeley actually on a billboard. Walking around the mall at my full-time employer. At that point in time of my life, I was at a crossroads And recently attended a County College, jumped around from school to school and I took some time off and then it just really came down To the point in my life where I was ever gonna go back I was gonna do it now while I was young and I don’t know if you call it fate or anything you’d like to but that sign was there and then two phone calls later and A couple of meetings and here we are today. Racing has always been a very deep passion of mine growing up going to racetracks like Wall Stadium or going to attend NASCAR races with my dad and Unfortunately with racing, there’s a lot of high barriers to entry to get into the industry and actually drive the car and thankfully, you know, Berkeley College believed in my ability, you know, just my success on the track and in the classroom and, you know we’ve put together a very creative way to market the Berkeley brand but also to support one of their students and just to show you know that hey dreams can come true and Berkeley had a big thing to do with that. Berkeley makes me feel like a person doesn’t make me feel like a number That’s something from the first meeting with my advisor Lee all the way until you know Graduation that’s coming up in a couple of weeks from now It’s just been constant one-on-one conversations. first-name basis, anything that you need they’re there to support you So to be working in the concrete jungle and get that corporate experience Regardless of how it would work out in the long run just to have that experience on a resume was huge. The team of Berkeley College has been great. Aside from the the personnel, the people that we work with, both from a client perspective but more important the interns every single person that we’ve encountered has just been Amazing and I can say they come with a great work ethic so I don’t know if they just finding people that just have an incredibly great work ethic or It’s part of the culture within Berkeley College that teaches that time as well. Working with Berkeley College has been wonderful in that they are Very open with students that they send us. They’re very committed and very Enthusiastic about the ones that they do recommend The other thing I love about Berkeley College is yes, they give them the tools but they also emphasize Perseverance and ambition, so it’s not always about a skill set It’s about that personality type the working here with Jessica Zacny, she’s my direct boss, and she’s really taken me under her wing so to speak anywhere from assisting in PTO tracking to Employee surveys to just to help improve the already awesome culture at this office and just the daily tasks as well it’s really exposed me to a different world. Working with Kyle has been wonderful and Unique and in that though the rest of the interns have gone through or the digital media rotation Kyle did do that but decided that he felt the most comfortable learning more about the HR and management side what I love most about working with Kyle is that he has Enthusiasm and happiness to be here that actually permeates throughout the staff and the rest of the team. Nobody wants to see you fail You know everyone here like if someone’s gonna hire you to work in their office or their firm for an internship This is your opportunity to prove yourself This is to say hey I’m so-and-so and this is my resume and I’m gonna help build that and These are my skills and I’m gonna use these to the best of my ability. You never know where the opportunity’s gonna lead you

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  1. Great Job Kyle! Also, Big Thanks to Berkeley College. I had a wonderful time and learned lots at Berkeley College. Iā€™m very proud of being Berkeley College Alumni.

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