Kurdish civilians angrily confront US troops leaving Syria

Kurdish civilians angrily confront US troops leaving Syria

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  1. I support Trump… but I have to say I disagree Trump's decision on this, its not like we need to station a lot troops to keep the peace in the region.

  2. Not about this video, but scrolling through the videos up next I can't help notice how tucker carlson always has the absolute dumbest look on his face. To the point where it's hard to believe someone at fox isn't doing it on purpose, which would be hilarious.

  3. throwing potatoes do they not know they have potatoes that blow up? grenades I mean🤣🤣🤣

    dont get your panties in bunch

  4. Mercy be upon them.. this horrible tragedy soon behind them..and welcoming arms greeting them in their True time of need.
    I pray they have the courage to survive this madness.

  5. America first. It is not our responsibility to fight everyone else's war. We spend billions fighting other people's battles that could be used to improve America. Are you all Americans or not.

  6. Jesus Christ, Trump is willing to guard Syrian oil but not Human allies? Disgusting does not even begin to describe this administration!

  7. The US troops are not coming home they are being placed in harms way on another front
    Trump supporters are always played for the fools that they are

  8. Americans can no longer continue loss of soldiers’ lives endlessly as we become embroiled in wars between sworn enemies that hate each other going on centuries. These sworn enemies need to first START with, then stick with genuine discussions about serious grievances and, subsequently, work one by one toward practical compromises on each and every serious grievance for verifiable solutions that will last. Lots of continuing Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance is absolutely necessary. Is there one thing they can both agree on besides they are enemies? In a way, the thing I learned most during history classes and years of research is that written alliances were ultimately the causes of local, civil, and world conflicts and wars. There should be no standing written, spoken, or implied contracts between nations. Rather, decisions to go to war should be made by an independent nation on a recent case-by-case basis.If bulling of stronger nations against weaker nations takes place, then other genuinely neutral nations should quickly step in, without excuses, diplomatically and forcefully to create and sustain a ceasefire.There should be no payoffs to these neutral nations either. By the way, coming between two warring nations should be the United Nations' first and top priority. Other matters can wait. Expediency by the U.N. would be an improvement as would having a more than ample, mandatory budget and income provided by all NATO nations to readily pay these peacekeeping expenses. Truly, truly, Individuals must care about each other and the same goes for nations. Individuals must care about other individuals and nations must care about other nations. Otherwise, why would any others come to their aid in time of crisis?

  9. Well F the turds! Any country complaining needs to send troops to protest the turds. No more American lives to fight other countries battles.

  10. They will make a movie about this, depicting how brave and courageous the American troops were when they left the Kurds and went to protect the oil.

  11. Hahaha through potatoes bet you wish u have something to eat when ur fighting Turkey with the millions or $ of military hard whare u were given and traing so stand up and fight but a little hungry

  12. If you thing the yarmulke-clad owners of America are bringing the troops home you're in for a surprise… The US troops are only being relocated to other parts of Syria and Iraq… because the American human-shields for Israel are there to do only one thing: shield Israel – with their bodies.

  13. US has helped a lot…where are the other countries who can afford to give their fair share??? Like Muslim countries that hate the US but don't wanna do anything…just waiting for the US to step up.

  14. protecting the oil fields from who , get the hell out of there or the kurds will turn on you and the rest of the middle east .go home . uncle sam destroys the middle east some more and still won't leave .

  15. They aren't Kurds. That's more US MSM propaganda. They are Syrian Arabs
    in the town Al Quimishly. Kurds are a tiny minority there who USA put in
    control and who oppressed the Syrian Arab majority, closing schools,
    forcing conscription, taking the best housing and resettling thousands.
    people have always been loyal to the Government and are only confident
    enough to throw stuff at Americans because the Syrian Army has been
    deployed in the city.

  16. They aren't Kurds. That's more US MSM propaganda. They are Syrian Arabs
    in the town Al Quimishly. Kurds are a tiny minority there who USA put in
    control and who oppressed the Syrian Arab majority, closing schools,
    forcing conscription, taking the best housing and resettling thousands.
    people have always been loyal to the Government and are only confident
    enough to throw stuff at Americans because the Syrian Army has been
    deployed in the city.

  17. The Kurds have been ethniclly cleansing the Arabs under US protection for years.
    The Kurds demolished thousands of homes, moved thousands of families and stole thousands of homes. All to try and create a Kurdish state in a country they are a small minority in.

  18. USA backed Al Qaeda in Syria.
    those guys leading the Turkish invasion are all US allies. US gave them $1bn in weapons and they're all OSama loving Jihadists.
    USA just wants to commit Genocide in Syria because Netenyahu said so

  19. We FIGHT with them for 5 YEARS & they think we owe them our lives forever! But the Arabs will FIGHT for hundreds more yrs with or without us. WE don't owe them our aid of our troops lives throughout all time! They need to stop & think about what they're doing & try to SOLVE their problems not just break out FIGHTING over everything! It ticks me off that our "help" hasn't really helped at all. Because THEY haven't LEARNED anything about getting along with their neighbors, curbing their anger, or even being grateful instead of ANGRY that we expect them to grow up! Wow. Rocks & potatoes that would be guns or bombs if they had them on hand. Now THAT'S A THANK YOU!

  20. Why don't all the soldiers and ex soldiers from the USA, who want to defend the Kurds, simply go over there and fight on the side of the Kurds? You all have guns and know how to use them. The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to bear arms against tyranny. There are 300 million Americans. I am certain the democratic party could muster up 300,000 men under arms at least. Beto could beat the drums of war for you and defend the Kurdish homeland. Beto is a real man. So is Hillary.

  21. All good things gotta come to an end, like free food,medical aid, training, and free security. Now let's share that with the Communist sentiment growing in America.

  22. Kurds should have fought harder. You've had 10 years to prep and Turkey run through you like nobody was home. Yall just a waste of time, lives and money.

  23. The anger should be pointed towards the president and his policy not the soldiers, they are just doing their jobs and following orders.

  24. US: Syria is not our problem so we are going to leave the kurds and not protect them!
    People: Are you going to leave all of Syria!
    US: No, we have to protect the oil fields!

  25. Donald Trump is more of a danger threat to the country than any terrorist group, they can hit targets in the country but Donald sitting in the seat is causing damage to the whole country

  26. I like how she said, Mr president we are not your prostitutes and you is not our pimp lol..well at least for most of us he's not but for his brainwashed followers he's big pimppin them lol

  27. We will find out tomorrow if the fighting resumes, how much heavier the fighting will be. After the 5 day pause both sides will have reinforced and moved in heavier weapons.

  28. Its simple. Instead of throwing vegetables and wanting America to fight their war grow a set of nuts and fight your own war. Next time you won't allow another dictator to run your country.

  29. So Trump says he's trying to "end wars" & in the same breath & sentence, say "we may have to get into wars." LMFAO
    Just like he lied & said he's bring home the troops & did nothing but sent them to Iraq.
    He's the war loving Zealot that you dummies thought he wasn't>>>>> because he said so! 😂😂

  30. shame on the US for this. The Kurds had your back through this whole thing and you scrwed them and left them. Shame on you

  31. The Kurds did some major ethnic cleansing of Armenians and Christians, let us see how they deal with it.
    Stand with Bashar Al Assad to unify 🇸🇾

  32. There are way too many government officials that are unable to guarantee responsible behavior in their seat . It is the most separated political trash in history!

  33. We pay for these wars with taxes, lives
    These Murdering thugs steal the oil,money..criminal murdering thugs is our fvcking Government.22 soldiers killing themselves every day.

  34. How many American lives should be spent, fighting a NATO ally (where we have bases), to protect people who have no rightful claim on us?
    If Congress wants the US to be the world's policeman, let them pass legislation and allocate funding for it.

  35. 😂😂Trump gave Putin exactly what he wanted. Take US troops out of Syria to help Russia take over. America, your President is a Russian Puppet!

  36. Trump's betrayal of an Ally is even worse than his Ukranian affair ! Putin, Assad,Erdogan and the Iranians are rejoicing at America's shame ! Meanwhile after an early indignation, the GOP are falling in line to appease Trump ! Shame on them !

  37. Y'all so sleep I started laughing when she said troops are staying to protect the oil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Apparently oil is worth more than innocent civilian lives

  38. To those who think abandoning the Kurds was a good decision, have some honor at least and support the Kurdish people who lost 11 000 men and women who died fighting against Isis. Turkey is invading their lands and it's absolutely unacceptable… Thanks to the Kurds, the world is a safer place with lesser isis influence…

  39. I being an American feel really sorry about what our president has done to Kurds..
    Only thing I can say is stand tall and fight these Turkish invaders!

  40. So when will Shep and Nap and Cavuto and Wallace and all the other Trump-haters on Fox be heading out to help the Kurds?

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