Kudlow: Wealth increase among bottom 50% is a ‘booster rocket’ for economy

Kudlow: Wealth increase among bottom 50% is a ‘booster rocket’ for economy

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  1. Consumer confidence is integral to consumer spending. “ disposable income “ has increased thus stimulating the base rise in spending. But I would say be prudent and save some of that increased income,that rainy day will come. 😎👍🏻🇺🇸

    Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins WATCH!!!
    ALERT: Vote all RINOs OUT!!!

  3. I will never get tired of watching Democrats on election night. In just a few months, I'll get to watch it all over again. God i pray it's Hillary again.

  4. Note: This economy has nothing to do with this "clown"!!! Before President Obama left office he stated exactly what's happening know. This was his constructive plan while he was in office. Yes It took some time to gain momentum but it happen just the way he said. Don't forget who plan this was., and yes like always this 4th grader wants credit for it. What amazes me about america to this day is sickening. A lot of you will not except the fact President Obama was an great President. Smart, intelligence, wisdom, honor, class, and not one time has he shamed this country the way this 4th grade administration has done. Wear the american pendant on your suits but yet continuing to defend all that was exposed. Looking for that great hope!

  5. Here is Kudlow again, lying about the economy. Debt funded growth is like an athlete taking steroids. Its cheating and you end up sick.

  6. Now watch the Leftists make every effort to twist these words and data into something which it isn't, just because they cannot accept so much success in just three years !!!
    Trump 2020 and beyond !!!

  7. Kudrow has his finger on the pulse. In December 2007, he wrote: "The recession debate is over. It's not gonna happen. Time to move on. At a bare minimum, we are looking at Goldilocks 2.0. (And that's a minimum). The Bush boom is alive and well. It's finishing up its sixth splendid year with many more years to come". TRUMP2020

  8. This growth is well behind the clinton jfk johnson reagan years it is still the worst recovery ever with obama and trump

  9. The bottom isn't growing faster than the 1 percent 95 percent of the tax cuts went to the rich not the middle class or the poor

  10. Trump never cut any spending he pass a 2 trillion dollar tax cuts and military increases he added 4.7 trillion of new debt and double the deficit i dont want to hear anything about obama debt when the gop is spending like crazy

  11. A lesson the Dems won't learn. Don't tax so much & deregulate where appropriate. Get some business sense. Adjust to improve the lower 50% of households & it helps everyone. I still get a kick out off Trumps visit to France when the French reporter ask why France is in recession & America wasn't. Trump responded "…because we have a better President". Amen to that!!

  12. The income gap between highest and lowest earners has never been wider in US history.
    trump promissed to eliminate the the national debt but it is well over 120 TRILLION dollars, the highest in history, and most of that is owed to China, who is going to pay that off ?

  13. Why listen to Kudlow when he got the bush great recession wrong now he is saying this is the greatest economy ever in the trump years don't listen to him

  14. We need to impeach this president immediately. At this rate, he will save this country, and unify the voters, and that goes against everything the left stands for.

  15. Trump lied about ending the national debt in 8 years and that the tax cuts would pay for themselves but the deficit has double instead gop lies all day

  16. Larry Kudlow is easily one of the most brilliant financial minds anywhere. That was just another great decision by our Incredible President. Thanks again !! President Trump .


  18. But but but Orange man bad only care about wealthy 1 percent. Only Democrats care about the filthy rich because they want to steal their money.

  19. Another nail in the Demoncrooks coffin. HAHAHAHAHA the economy is getting better and better, poor demoncrooks. I have my leftist tears mug and it is full and overflowing.

  20. President Trump is busy doing the work for the people. The demonic socialist Democrats have done nothing but waste time and tax payers money on a circus. They are a embarrassment and a disgrace to this country.

  21. 50% that a joke right the lower class is still working two to three jobs just to get by if they can find them homeless rate is at record highs across the country the country debt just add 3.5trillion too it

  22. Wealth increased among bottom 50%. They are very lucky. Lucky is that correct term? How about opportunities! Han😡

  23. Ludlow you idiot.
    Wealth increase for the bottom 50%???????
    The bottom 50% live in poverty.
    You should try it sometime.
    You are as moronic as Trump.

  24. The naysayers claim the President is boastful. But, when the so called "Mainstream" media consistently fails to report the President's unprecedented success at recovering and improving the US economy from the disasters of previous administrations, what alternatives does he have but to repeatedly review is accomplishments? The "mainstream" media and their sponsors are committing suicide. The "mainstream" media and their sponsors will be long gone by 2024.

  25. Oh no…. without welfare cases the Democrats have no reason to exist it's a democratic plan is to keep everybody poor independent on their garbage fire them slave owners Trump 20/20 baby

  26. Trump 2020… thanks for cleaning out the swamp and taking care of the evening working blue collar America citizen

  27. man wish I was rich so I could buy stocks and have them go up in value like that, but alas I just make ends meet in this economy, still with the economy booming I still have to work 2 jobs, no paid holidays, no 401k


  29. That 50% increase was $5000 per household over three years, say $1667 increase per household per year. But the federal budget deficit for the year ended Sept 30 2019 was $984 billion, almost $3000 per capita. The increase in national debt far exceeded the increase in wealth Kudlow bragged about. Net worth declined for the bottom 50% once we include the federal budget deficit.

  30. real Booster for the Economy would be If the lowest incomes are able saving Money for retirement health and get rid of any Credit debth

  31. American manufacturing activity contracted last month more than it had in a decade, data released Friday showed, a sign that economic damage from President Trump’s trade war could linger even after the United States and China sign an initial trade deal.

    An index published by the Institute for Supply Management dropped to 47.2 in December, the lowest reading since June 2009 and the fifth straight month of contraction. A reading below 50 indicates the manufacturing sector is contracting.

  32. Sometime I wonder how this economy is even possible. Wage growth 4000 dollars per person since 2016, yet the largest gainers are the lower income people!! Spending is up and savings are up!! How is that possible? Trumponomics.

  33. Soo many people I know are pissed and also laughing at the Demrats. Good Patriots can see it. Stevie wonder can see it. There a bunch of fools. Laughing stock of the country. Only the stupid brainwashed fools cant see what's goin on. Its clear as day!!!!! Demrats keep losing. There all running scared. Trump is on there tails!!!!! There all gonna be exposed for what they been doing for decades. Lyin and stealing our money. GAMES OVER DEMRATS!!!!!

    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary

    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

    The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time


  35. Dear Millenials: have you ever heard the saying "Easy come, easy go"? Vote Dem and you'll see the economy disappear quicker than a toupee in a wind storm.

  36. I love how all the sudden the economy is "booming". NO the stock market is booming NOT the real economy. GDP averages and job growth are exactly the same as under Obama. Wages adjusted to inflation and cost of living are totally flat. The only reason the stock market is doing good is from the tax cuts and the corporate buy backs of stock from the tax cuts. But that is hardly a success since we put the tax cuts on a credit card and doubled the deficit. But bafoons will eat it up. I can care less either way fuk politics

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