Kudlow: Trump admin. supports our immigration plan, not other GOP plans

Kudlow: Trump admin. supports our immigration plan, not other GOP plans

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  1. no immigration of any kind there are enough of us (Americans) here. If we need more people who can do X then we can train our people to do X.
    Save room for our children and our children only.


  3. Lou would do well by keeping his mouth shut more and his ears open more, he invites a guest to speak and he talks over them and or interrupts the. Come on Lou dial it back please.

  4. 25 year immigration pause. About 50 percent of people are on some kind of welfare. Let's get everyone working. Too many on disability. NO IMMIGRATION!

  5. The only true immigration plan stops all immigration, builds the wall, kicks out illegals and all anti-american traitors.

  6. America first, and jobs for America, not foreigners! So no amnesty and no more illegals sucking up the blood of taxpayers.

  7. The brown and black minorities would stop immigration to America if it were merit based system of immigration bc the vast majority only come to this country to leach off its wealth and are part of what is destroying it

  8. Dont put that 5g military crap near me. I will shotgun those antennas down! I DO NOT WANT MY TOOTHBRUSH "PHONING HOME" you fricken commies.

  9. The Chinese government is our enemy, but Chinese citizens are their victims. May God Bless the souls of the Chinese people.

  10. Long exposure to 5G has been shown to damage cells. No thank you I am fine with 3G and if I need to surf faster I will use a laptop

  11. Not trying to fix immigration. Illegal immigration keeps the small business sector profitable, the prison/ welfare industrial complex fully stocked,and last but not least keeps the elites well ahead of the game with overcrowding, tension, and no end of social problems to keep us bogged down.

  12. Trump and Co. keep showing the dunderhead Republicans how to gain and keep a majority in Congress, but they just keep doing the same stupid things.

  13. All the communist Democrats have left is hate and conspiracy theories. They display hate and disinformation at their debates and rallies and with their puppet media.
    They espouse the doctrines used by Moa, Stalin and Lenin to control the masses. Their candidate as it look right now will Be comrade Bernie Sanders an avowed Communist hiding in a Democrat party disguise. Don’t believe a word of comrade Sanders grandpa like persona. He will tax social security, redistribute your bank savings, and take your 401k and retirement, To redistribute you’re wealth. Vote Trump 2020 to simple save our way of life.

  14. Lou you want 5g towers they can build one next to your house just don't let your health insurance lapse because you'll need cancer treatment soon after

  15. Why is 5G being foisted on me and my family? I don’t want it invading my home but will be given no option. This is wrong in a free society.

  16. Cell phones are giving children brain cancers. 5G will be 1000 times worse. Report that, Dobbs. No one cares about anything but money, especially when it comes to health safety and especially the safety of children. In the future, you'll report it, as if it's a big surprise. You are sick to be so selfish.

  17. The six million workers he kept mentioning are the Bernie supporters, they don't want to work, they just want free crap.

  18. The country needs a bill in Congress awarding the employee, employer, self employed, government employees and military personnel with $175.000 in a lump sum after 60 months of full time work, or a combination of part time and full time equaling the same, regardless of number of employers. Foreigners here on work visas will get 1/5 this amount, $35.000. Now the citizen or perminant resident can pay off a home. Another bill proposal to Congress, after 120 months of full time work, regardless of number of employers, the citizen shall receive anywhere between $250.000 and $1million for their business start-up. The citizen must spend at least 85% of funds on their business. Also a bill in Congress for an Amendment to the Constitution outlawing homeowner property tax and the land that it's on. Municipalitys already collect business property tax, permits, and also get revenue from state and federal.

  19. Is it true:
    Due to health risks
    Despite all health risks associated with it !

  20. When is this man Lou going to retire…!

    Please don't dominate the convo with never-ending unnecessarily prolonged questions …

  21. This guy keeps on saying American workers American workers I don't care about American workers I care about US citizens somebody needs to understand this Americans can be anybody in America . United States citizens is the we the people of the United States anybody getting it yet

  22. NO more immigration period. That's it, just stop. Millions of Americans dying from drugs and despair. Let's try to save them and get them working instead of throwing them away.

  23. I am a vet. 91… Part of 5he generation scam to have us invest. During a job market hiring little to no veterans. With a volunteer mentality that refuses to be dependant…

    Little skills outside security and multi- tradesman skills with no liscences…

    With Trump only now able to say lowest unemployment for VETERANS.
    What are options for people like me. With no safety net and dependacy personality…

    What are the chances age regression therapy will be used for personell needed for new bold missions like space force. Such missions requiring a varied, code of conduct focused laborer isn't here yet. The ability to preserve these skills outside of retraining for people coping with civilian life and stemming suicide…. is not here.

  24. The USA better keep China's cargo ships quarantined for at least 1 month. Also, 5G is a killer, it's been proved (I've heard) that it kills mitochondria. God help you to make wise decisions.

  25. Next Term they will be able to do a lot more on shutting illegals down. We can shut it down and has been done for 30 years by a past President.

  26. Liar liar pants on fire! Everytime I go to store to buy the same things i have to pay more for it you kudlow liar creep!


  28. 52 days since Wuhan lock down. I did everything possible to informed this EXTREME situation.. So few listen.. Its just to late for Canada, and forget USA.. The Virus is here and its SAD.. This will be the greatest lesson that the hole world will ever learn..
    Use common sense. be informed. stay away from crowds, stock up yesterday. good luck and be safe.

  29. Im worried about 5G and our health. China being on top of this and their not caring about their own people gives me no comfort. Money is nice but good health is much more important to me. Problem is that the money people make the decisions and the health concerns get tabled because of the money people. This is wrong thinking when money is more important than lives and health.

  30. Lol how do you expect to get ahead of China, when they're stealing most of America's secrets. By the way you all can thank your Democrat party who is helping the Chinese get those secrets.

  31. Is there any way we can get Lou Dobbs to click that ballpoint pen a little more during the interview? We need more pen clicking.

  32. i'm not sure that 5G is actually ready to launch… have done some research that isn't encouraging at the present… i think we'll get there, but not sure it's there just yet.. if you walk into a bldg and it doesn';t work, then it's not ready

  33. GOP No Amnesty Don't Even think about trying to Write a Bill that includes Amnesty That's what the Dems are Waiting For Don't be their Suckers

  34. Dobbs stop clicking your pen, it's very irritating, some days you're hard to take, I watch all the time butt stop with the arrogance.

  35. These other GOP plans are treasonous, full stop. I have no F'ing idea what the GOP is thinking, outside of the administration.

  36. Stoned? Wired? Pilled out? Pot? Drunk?

    He reminds you a lot of Biden….. Stammering… slobbering… slurring his words…

    It is usually a mixture of uppers and downers…. Because he is an 'Alternate Personality.. he is 'Larry King'…….. A mixture of the King…. Elvis…. and he is Larry… So he is Larry King….

    How do these people get these jobs? He does not even make sense, most of the time….

    He is like food from the Dollar Store… All filler………No content…..

  37. Merit is a Good word to use. Can bring create Incentive for others wishing trying to come here. that said
    What NEEDS to be Changed is Fact – Illegals giving birth Here and it's Now U.S. 'Citizen'. What of those wait hearings?

  38. Sorry Lou, 5G ISN'T that simple. IT CAUSES BRAIN DAMAGE! It's more dangerous than the Coronavirus. Do some homework on this because this is one of the subjects that even out wonderful president is dangerously uninformed about. PLEASE investigate! PLEASE!

  39. WE DON'T NEED 5G!!! Someone please slow these people down with all this computing progress for its own sake! Even regular wifi kills and deforms DNA and living tissues in plants, animals, and yes, Us! The transhumanism agenda needs to be put to rest in favor of more spiritual growth and development. Let's fix our immigration issues and put 5G to rest and get on with it.

  40. I am german and would like to come to the USA, i want to get out of socialist, high tax, high regulated, politically correct, illegal migration germany.
    I hope i will be welcomed. I got a masters degree in Finance from a swiss university.

  41. Some of us came here legally from Africa. We had to wait for two years to get in for an interview. We came here willingly and legally. No free stuff in America. You work hard , you succeed. Opportunities for success are every where here in America. Those who are here illegally, by overstaying their visas have broken the law. They must face the full force of the law. No one is above the law in the USA, not citizens or illegal immigrants. Politicians saying otherwise are lying to get votes.

  42. Its looking like everyone over fifty better, GET IN SHAPE, cause, we're the only sane people on the planet! 😕..With a few exceptions, of course!💚😉

  43. Roger Stone is a thief and fraudster helped trump in nefareous activities. So the criminal president must be be behind bars and  roger stone must be out.

  44. This Just In…

    It has been conservatively estimated that over five million gallons
    of hair dye has been spilled over the heads of the men and women television
    journalists covering the Nevada caucuses, and a half million barrels of the red
    greasy kiddy sticky stuff made homes just on the lips of the women.

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