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  1. So this is one of my first comments for you guys and I have to say that this is one of your best videos ever. I'm not criticizing your last videos but this one has so much: Creativity, high quality, fun factor.
    You combine this things so good and it makes this video super enjoyable to watch. Keep it up, this shows me atleast how far youtubers can go if they really want to do high quality videos.

  2. Bapmokja's weight loss has just made him sooooo much hotter ! Your face looks so small and you just look so much younger !!! Keep going

  3. this video is so nicely made! good job guys, it was so pleasant to watch!
    you both look so good~ and, bapmokja, your weightloss is so visible now, you look amazing. i'm so proud of your work
    and, if you could, a video about SOPA would be amazing~

  4. Excellent video! I'm really impressed by the effort you put into even the smallest camera and VFX details. It took me like 30 minutes to get through the whole thing because I kept rewinding to catch the little things 🙂

  5. Love, Love, Loved this video! You did an awesome job! Makes me want to go back to University again just to experience Solbridge! Alas, Business isn't my thing. Perhaps for your next video you can see if there are there other universities that are just as friendly to international student bases that offer degree programs in other fields of study besides just business?

  6. I love the idea of this video it gives a small perspective on Schools in Korea! I would be awesome if you could do a school in Seoul or Busan that has a larger international student base or international programs as well! I can't wait for the next one!!! Love you guys!!

  7. Those movements were SMOOTH as ice! What kind of stabilizer did you all use?

    How many takes did it take for Haeppy to make that shot. Did he get sick from eating that food that fast?

    Since you guys are using FCPX, what's the name of the transition that you used? Or was it After Effects?

    Do that one university in Suwon. The one in Yeongtong-gu! I think it's called Kyunghee!

    Great video as always!

  8. I'm currently interested in becoming an English teacher in Korea, and would like to go to uni before is start work. I would love for you guys to do a university that manly teachers around English, maths and science. Thank you love you guys. FIGHTING!!😝🤗

  9. Could you please, please, please make a video about Dongguk University located in Seoul. I'm going there in 2018 and i really want a video like this before i go 🙂 Btw. stay awesome!

  10. Omg haeppy just chowin on everything made me laugh a little haha. This was a cool video. Nice to show this information to people who are curious.

  11. Can y'all do more vids like this for more university programs that want foreign students? I really liked this video, even though business isn't my field of interest 🙂

  12. I was wondering if there are any universities in Seoul that offer a good business school (entertainment management, business), but also has classes in english! does anyone know?

    Also I'd love for you to visit ehwa university! I've been wondering about it for a while ahah

  13. Could you do Lexis in Gangnam or Kyung Hee?
    Because these are 2/3 of the schools which I'm considering to go to after I finish high school but I can't find any videos of these two schools (and I've seen many videos of the 3rd school already but I don't think that it's the best choice for me)

  14. I really appreciate this and all your videos!! This video helped me alot to open my mind to universities…i just wanted to ask about universities with Medical Majors? What university has Medical majors and are they hard to get in?

  15. I've visited solbridge multiple times during high school for the business camp and for other activities. The professors and students are really nice and friendly! It is A LOT smaller compared to other universities but it's still a great business school! Haha, I never would have expected to see you guys make a video on solbridge!

  16. hey i am arvinder from india.i want to do b.b.a in solbridge.can you tell per year fess in solbridge of b.b.a and your video make me to come solbridge.and otherwise i am planning to go kangan institute in Australia but now i am coming to solbridge international school of business

  17. Could you show us the SNU (Seoul National University) pleeeeeaaaase…that would be so amazing! Love you❤️

  18. is the residence compulsory from the Solbridge???? maybe you can explain about the rules in the residence. would appreciate that:)

  19. This video was shown at my school's edufair 😂😂 sadly I don't plan on going here even though the campus looks amazing because it doesn't have the major I want

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