KOMO News | Gravity Payments New Office A Shrine To Small Business Owners

New at 5 o’clock: remember the $70 thousand
dollar CEO? The Seattle business owner who got national
attention for giving all of his employees raises has a new reason to celebrate. Komo’s Kristen Drew got a tour of Gravity
Payments new digs and learned about some other changes too. When Philip Akhavan started working at Gravity
Payments four years ago he was already planning for his future, but ever since the CEO Dan
Price announced all employees were getting at least a $70,000 salary, life has changed. We were able to really push up all of our
future plans. We were able to grow our family and my daughter
was born a year ago. Philip is also a first time home buyer, he
and his wife bought a home in Lake city in April. We had help from family for like the down
payment, but I wouldn’t have been able to be qualified for a mortgage for a house of
that much if I didn’t have a salary that could back it up. We are in a seller’s market. Philip is one of at least 20 of the 174 team
members at Gravity who bought a home in the last couple of months or will in the next
few months. Might not sound like a large number, but when
you look at the actual number of people we have at our company its a significant portion,
and the fact that its all happening right now is really exciting. Also exciting for workers here is the rapid
growth they’re seeing, they now process credit cards for 18,000 small businesses, before
the minimum wage announcement, just 12,000. The company just moved into this new space
in Ballard that’s more than double the size of their previous location. Everything here has a purpose. We’ve all had input into every single detail
of this buildout. So it really does feel like it’s ours. The workspace is two floors, complete with
a downtown main-street and small business storefronts where the conference rooms are
located. We wanted to be really fun and unique so we
tried to walk that line. One thing you won’t see here, private offices. Even the CEO sits out here in the same size
desk. Working for a company that you’re happy for
and where your values are aligned that’s in my mind more important and the fact that I
can work at a place where there’s both, I really feel blessed. In Seattle, Kristin Drew, KOMO news.

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