KLM WORLD BUSINESS CLASS with Complete Crown Lounge Tour ⭐AMS✈BKK⭐ Trip report.

KLM WORLD BUSINESS CLASS with Complete Crown Lounge Tour ⭐AMS✈BKK⭐ Trip report.

In this video, I will show you my
complete KLM business class experience. Let’s explore it together! Hello and Welcome. Today we are going to do a trip report of KLM business class going from
Amsterdam to Bangkok, but first we’re gonna go into the lounge. As business
class passengers, we had an invitation to go into the lounge.
This is Kuma! We’re happy to be bringing this to you today. This is my second try
on KLM. I’m excited to go ahead and give it a shot. Let’s go check it out! As you can see, the entrance of the
lounge is rather interesting. It’s lined with these charming Dutch miniature
houses. I really feel that this is one of the
best business class lounges in Europe. And now I will show you why. While the lounge looks very busy as you
can see here, they did a very good job managing it. There’s plenty of seating
almost anywhere. I like how they split up the lounge into
the themed sections as you can see here. It’s very interesting; it makes me want
to check out the entire lounge. Now we’ll show you one of the food
stations that are available in this lounge. Another fantastic feature of this
lounge is that the food stations are spread out into multiple sections, so
that people are not crowded into one. This helps create an open feeling
overall. Excellent job! and also there are a ton of food options.
Kuma likes the fruits and greens. And also there are plenty of tasty
looking hot food options. Looks delicious. And now we want to explore the second
floor of this lounge. We chose to walk up from here. Visually, it looks amazing. Let’s walk on up! You can also hang out here if you wish.
There’s plenty of seating everywhere. These KLM tiles are a nice touch! And now on the second floor there’s also
plenty of seating up here. And you can see that there is actually booth seating
available. There’s also this full bar and another food
station. Since the terrace is open, we’re gonna go
out and have a look. So here you can sit, relax and watch all
the planes that you would like. The choice is yours. We also have additional information
about this lounge. During our visit, the showers were under
construction. KLM employees told us that they would be opening 17 brand-new
showers toward the end of October 2019. I’m sure that this will be a real plus
once they’re open. And across the way is KLM’s new Blue restaurant which opened
in spring of 2019. Note that this is a la carte restaurant and everything is available at an additional charge. We will show our experience as a bonus
feature at the end of the video so please stay tuned if you want to see it. Now it’s time for us to head down to the
gate, but we really feel that KLM provides an excellent on-the-ground
experience and this lounge is a must visit lounge. Today’s flight to Bangkok looks like
it’s on time. The flight will also be ten and a half
hours. We experienced no boarding issues. We were on board relatively quickly. As you
can see here the boarding is going very smoothly. And I’m on the plane right now.
You can get a quick look at the business class cabin. Here is my seat.
It is 3A at the window. Let’s take a good look at the seat. These seats are 20
inches wide, 63 inches of pitch and when in lie-flat mode, 78 inches long. The
cabin is laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration. By the way today’s plane
is a Boeing 777 – 300 and it is three years old. The IFE screen is good-sized at 16 inches. I am happy to see that there is
no shortage of legroom in this seat. And as Kuma always does, I got myself a
glass of champagne for my welcome drink. For the snack we got a bite-sized piece
of quiche and a macaroon. I couldn’t believe how good the quiche
was and it’s real nice to see the macaroon. And now looking at the tray
table I felt that it was adequately large. And note that it slides back and
forth and also folds in half for your convenience. On the center console are
mine and my neighbors seat controls. On the side of the center console is the
storage for the IFE handset plus the magazines. Now we have KLM’s interesting
air sickness bag, safety card and a couple of magazines. Now we have a good, soft, large pillow. And the blanket was warm and comfortable Next are the power outlets and the USB
port. Now I really feel that these were extremely difficult to reach as they
were way off to the side and very far back in the seat. If you are enjoying
our video so far and would like to support Kuma, please subscribe! I’m so happy that the meal service is
beginning. as we peruse the menu, feel free to stop the video if you need more time
to look. The meal service actually started
pretty quickly after we were in the air. Here’s my refreshing hot towel.
Now we ordered ourselves some drinks. Since KLM is celebrating 100 years.
We were able to order the anniversary cocktail. My companion got the
non-alcoholic version. We also got some cheese and nuts to go
along with it. Now my starter has arrived. I found it to
be quite tasty. it’s interesting how they got cute with the salt and pepper shakers which are actually those little shoes. They even had some interesting detail on
their silverware. For my entree, I got the selection of
oriental dishes. Visually, the presentation was pretty good this is actually more Indonesian style entree. and I found the red curry cod to be
especially fresh and delicious The entree was a creative combination
of dishes even shrimp crackers were fresh and airy.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. My companion had the veal teriyaki was interesting
Japanese Cantonese fusion. My companion was surprised how good the dish was To end the dinner service we had our
delectables, which was an apple tartlet and forest fruit. and also we had some hot tea
and a piece of white chocolate which was in the shape of one of the Dutch
miniature houses. On this flight, KLM was on another culinary level. They did an awesome job. I will investigate the IFE system. The
selection of content was okay. The system was responsive and worked
well during this flight. and next we have this a limited-edition
amenity kit which was exclusively designed by Jantaminau, a Dutch fashion
designer. This amenity kit contains socks, earplugs a dental kit, an eye mask, a pen, lip balm and face moisturizer. The face moisturizer is interesting because they use Dutch tulip and Japanese citrus as a combination. Now we’ll take a better look about the cabin. A drawback to this configuration there’s a lack of privacy. You may not feel comfortable if you don’t know your neighbor. Looking at the lavatory, we can see they’ve also decorated it with the Dutch miniature houses. I like this! The lavatory is also very clean. The lavatory features limited-edition
Jantaminau amenities. Now I’m back at the seat. I’m gonna lie
it flat and make the bed. Now I’m ready to get in it looks really
comfortable. I also grabbed a couple of additional
snacks before heading to sleep. Good night everyone! Good morning! We’ve just passed India and
have a couple hours left in the flight. I got about four hours of sleep. The bed was super comfortable. Now it’s time to have a full breakfast. Visually, this looks quite appetizing. It’s
what I really look forward to for breakfast in the morning. Breakfast was extremely delicious
especially the light and fluffy egg souffle. This contained wide variety of items the
fruit was extremely fresh! My companion had the mini pancakes. He
felt that they were very interesting. We really feel that KLM is absolutely
nailing the food service on this flight. KLM offers these mini dutch houses as a
goodbye gift. There were multiple different varieties of these houses
always their own individual size and shape. Here’s some interesting facts. Did
you know that each house has its own edition number and it’s also filled with
Dutch liquor. The latest edition is number 100 which we selected! Now we’re on approach to Bangkok. I’d love it if the flight was a little bit longer. Overall I felt that this flight was
rather enjoyable. The food was the highlight of this flight and I was happy
with what I had. The service was efficient and fast although some of the flight
attendants seemed a little indifferent. Maybe because the flight was long this
is minor and I still enjoyed the flight. While the seat is comfortable,
unfortunately the configuration doesn’t allow for much privacy. So would I fly this again? Yes, absolutely! I was pleased with the flight. Separately from the flight, KLM is doing
an excellent job in their lounge and with the on ground experience the lounge is a
must-visit lounge in my opinion And now as promised we’ll bring you our
bonus video KLM’s Blue restaurant in Amsterdam’s lounge. It’s important to
note that in this restaurant things are not included as they are in
the rest of the lounge you must pay for your meals and drinks here. and now we’ll take a look at the menu. I went for the two course chef’s
surprise menu. I thought that the chef’s choice was
flavorful and inventive. In my opinion this is an excellent
option if you want to splurge and treat yourself. Otherwise you’ll be fine
sticking with the options that are already included with your lounge
admission as those are already very good. How do you feel about our full KLM
experience? We’d love to hear your comments. If you liked our video please
hit the like button and to see more of our future content, please subscribe.
This is Kuma. Thanks for watching. See you next time. Bye for now!

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