KLM New World Business Class Boeing 747 Upper Deck review

KLM New World Business Class Boeing 747 Upper Deck review

Hello and welcome to another Vuelogs trip report I’ve been in New York for a couple of days to visit a good friend. Unfortunately it’s time to go back home. We’re flying with KLM on the Queen of the Skies: The Boeing 747-400, from New York JFK to Amsterdam. To get to the airport, I took the AirTrain that gets you straight from Jamaica station to Terminal 4, from where I went straight to the Delta Skylounge. Nothing is worse than going on a plane sweaty. So upon entry I signed up for the waiting list to have a shower. After for about 45 minutes, my beeper went off and I got to have a quick shower. It’s very clean and towels are included. A toothbrush and shaving kit are available as well. In the Delta Skylounge you find a large bar with professional bartenders. Basic drinks such as draught beer, some wines, champagnes and spirits are complementary. Other drinks are paid. Also a buffet was available, but seemed very limited. The 747 has two business class cabins: one in the front of the aircraft and one on the upper deck. I sat upstairs, so I got to climb the magic stairs. Once upstairs, a member of the crew takes your larger hand luggage, as it doesn’t fit in the overhead luggage bins. The first impression I had when I got upstairs is that it feels very private and the seats look really good. It promises to be a really good flight. As soon as you sit down, a flight attendant offers you a drink. Time for some champagne. A water, juice or a beer is available as well. After the security video, which is made on iconic Delft blue tiles, lights go down to start the departure. Unfortunately because it’s a night flight there’s not much to see. But it’s still enjoyable to watch all the lights and passing aircraft. After take off it was time for food. For the main course, I chose the Japanese beef noodle soup. Delicious. The dessert, a coconut tartlet was amazing. KLM has done an amazing job with this one. Just before I went to sleep, I had a look at the inflight entertainment system. A variety of movies were available, some even very recent. Besides movies, apps like language training or other games are available as well. The remote can easily be stowed away in the armrest. After a couple of hours of sleep, it was time for breakfast already. I chose the warm apple pie which I got with fresh fruits, the smoked salmon and a croissant. Very good to start the day with. Alright. Let’s have a look at our seat. On the left sight you have a universal power socket. In the centre armrest you find the controls for your seat. Unlike the business class seat on the Air France Airbus A380, this seat turns into a full flat bed. Very comfortable. Also in the armrest, you can find your table. Every business class seat comes with a blanket and a pillow. Also noice cancelling headphones are included. And my favourite treat: the amenity kit. In bright orange. The national colour of KLM’s home country: The Netherlands. Let’s see what’s inside Socks An eyemask A Comb Covers for your headphones And a toothbrush with toothpaste. Before my flight, I bought myself a present. A miniature replica of the 747, to be delivered to my seat. Browsing through the magazine, I also found the wallet I’ve been wanting to buy for a long time. And so I did. A special present you receive for flying business class with KLM are the famous KLM Huisjes. Or in English: KLM Houses. They’re made of ceramic and contain Jenever or Holland Gin When I got my house, I realised that that also means we’re almost at our destination: Amsterdam Where I couldn’t stay long though, unfortunately. I had my next flight waiting for me already. I have really enjoyed this flight and it’s been a dream come true to fly on the upper deck of a Boeing 747. The Queen of the Skies is becoming a rare sight in the air, so it’s been a privilege to experience it once. Perhaps I get lucky in the future and I get to fly them again, before they go extinct. Thank you so much for watching this trip report. If you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did, please give it a thumbs up and please consider subscribing to my channel. It helps me a lot.

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  1. I didn’t see the sub count before watching, I was expecting 25k+ subs from this sort of quality keep it up!

  2. Awesome video! I will fly on the same route in August but sadly not in Business Class 😀 Maybe next time.

  3. I have flown several trips to AMS almost all have been in business Class and several 747 flights on upper deck I too love it so much.

  4. Ich verehre die niederländische Fluggesellschaft KLM!I want to say that flying with an airline does not let you see the world with each other

  5. Is alles wat je in business class krijgt als in diner, ontbijt, snacks, drinken. Allemaal gratis of moet je daar ook voor betalen?

  6. Cool video, thanks for sharing. I flew a couple times with the KLM 747, Bali and LA but I prefer their Dreamliner aircraft (had an amazing flight to Rio de Janeiro)! Greetings https://youtu.be/pyvlzdFRG4I

  7. ive taken this flight. Get 1A is you are traveling alone, no one next to you! The meal service everything is crammed on one tray because it leaves so late. Overall I thought it was mediocre

  8. Omg!!!!!!! What a combination i love KLM and the 747 so ill be watching this 123456789 times!! Keep up the AMAZING VIDEOS👍 xx

  9. Hi there, you came to Amsterdam and you did not stop to say hi 😎 . Greetings from my flight https://youtu.be/enSNpLHVW6w

  10. What seat were you occupying that gave you you (and us viewers) such a great view of the wing and engines? Seeing the slats in action combination with the thrust reversers, sweet!

    I am trying to book a 747 flight at the end of January 2020, but its a backwards routing to make it affordable. Never been on a 747; I long for it!

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