King’s Business School | Successful Business Education

King’s Business School | Successful Business Education

The teaching at King’s College London was absolutely great. The lecturers that you have are all industry professionals, they’re thought leaders I’ve studied so many different courses, I had accounting, marketing, business strategies and comparative management. I think now working in a start-up, where you have to apply those on a daily basis, it has really helped me a lot, and put me in good stead. When I teach, I try to have a lot of real-life case studies. and I also have guest speakers. So for instance, on my course, I’ve had one of the Managing Directors from Standard and Poor’s come and talk to my students. We need to be able to stay abreast with what’s happening with rising technology, in terms of algorithmic trading. It’s very important that we learn how to programme and I think King’s Business School is allowing us to do just that. We have a trading lab on the fourth floor which allows us to look at global financial markets through Bloomberg, Reuters Eikon, that’s a brilliant incentive. The best thing about teaching here at King’s is the research that is being conducted by the lecturers. Our Economics lecturers have been researching the effect of growth and GDP in various countries. And they are able to bring that empirical evidence into our lectures and tutorials. So what we’re learning, we can really see that it’s directly applicable to the real world. When I teach classes, they want the academic rigour, Of course they want the practicalities, and we for example make big efforts to integrate our Professors of Practice into our programme. What makes King’s unique is interdisciplinarity. We have expertise from Economics, Management, Business, in Human Resources, in Economics, in Accounting and Finance, in Banking. There’s a huge variety of expertise in the business school. We’re trying to educate our students to take ownership, to really be responsible, to change things. Employers more and more are looking for people who are entrepreneurial, innovative, lean and agile. The industry is looking for people that are good at doing something specific because financial tools are more and more complicated, and specialised themselves. So this is why people within the university should be practicing those tools. Employers tell us that they are looking for students who have got really strong data analytics and digital skills, but also they’re putting a lot of emphasis on soft skills. Can people work in a team? Can they understand people from different cultures? We know that the world is changing really rapidly, so we need to give people the critical faculties the analytical skills, and the soft skills, so that they can continue to learn, and adapt. The issues that are facing us in the future are unknown. These are not issues where students can Google the answer. They need to think around the problem, critically evaluate what’s going on and find new answers to these new problems.

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