Ken Starr: IG report another ‘blight’ on Jim Comey’s service

Ken Starr: IG report another ‘blight’ on Jim Comey’s service

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  1. The former head of the FBI, Jim Phoney, has left the building! It would be ironically funny if he was put on the FBI's most wanted list.

  2. Total BS- Comey served our Country ably for 30 years. Carter PAge is a Russian asset and traitor and shows the lengths the trump-tards will go to to smear a good man.

  3. The moral tone?! Until Trump opens his mouth and they explain it l away!!! Just hypocrites!!! This isn't reality TV.. stop feeding us BULL SHITS!!

  4. It's sad that WE have to pay Page, Papadopoulos and Flynn because of people like Comey. We will have to pay millions for their actions! I agree those 3 should sue the DOJ's butt off just wished the bad actors had to pay out of their own pocket

  5. Comey is a devil plain as day he should be shot in the back for treason he's not stupid and makes mistakes it was his will to do these things choice is what it's called not mistakes

  6. And Comey's moral tone has always been that he was just this patriotic FBI director doing "the right thing." Awe shucks, he's so honest… Especially when interviewed by Anderson Cooper or George Clintonopoulos. (What journalists, OMG!!) Too bad the facts tell a different story…. So much deceit in the swamp.

  7. Comey has always was suffering from the Big Man Complex. Always thought he was better, smarter, bigger, tougher, but in reality is an incompetent fool that thought, thinks, he is above the law. Let’s see if the Senate and the DOJ sticks it too him as he deserves, or just rounds up some insignificant agent to take the fall. It would be just like this coward to let someone else take his blame. A real D Bag Comey is and a disgrace to our flag.

  8. Bs Trump is a traitor. Meeting with the Russians who are our enemies. He’s selling out the USA and fooling all of you uneducated fools. ?

  9. Can Carter Page not sue Comey & company? Doesn't suing the FBI & other government entities really mean suing the American taxpayers? How is that justice?

  10. Carter Page was a deep state plant in the Trump campaign. That is why he wasn't charged and why he wont dare sue any part of the govt. He wouldn't want ppl looking at him very hard.

  11. I didn't hear it mentioned anywhere but Comey had to have known the FISA warrants were a joke when he was fired yet he purposely continued to push the Russia hoax. Comey knowingly started a chain reaction after he was rightfully fired to continue to investigate an innocent American citizen and that should land him in prison for the remainder of his miserable life.

  12. People need to prepare themselves for what’s coming!
    This country is split, civil unrest and eventual war is coming in the next decade. Mark my words, the Democrats have succeeded in dividing our country into political civil classes.
    The media propaganda is completely corrupt and propaganda is all they spew. The justice department is corrupted politically and the war is coming from their own political civil propaganda war.

  13. The Horowitz horror show! In the IG report Mr. Horowitz is saying there is no bias? The main fact which has been established is!
    WHAT NO BIAS? THE STEELE DOCUMENTS WAS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY HILLARY CLINTON! YOU CAN'T GET ANYMORE BIAS THAN THAT! IT'S CLEAN AND CUT! AKA know as the Steele Dossier! WTH: Is going on Mr. Horowitz is lying through is teeth! Is Mr. Horowitz a doctor of spin for the democrats or a independent Inspector General for the U.S.A.?

  14. The Dems during this Hearing tried to bury the facts, with regard to FISA and other connected malfeasance; using anti-Trump conjectures, and evasive tactics; including over-flattery of Horowitz's service to the country.

  15. Yep, and it was reported in the Horowitz report and brought up in the hearing that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the fake document aka the Steele Dossier.

  16. What is moreso disturbing is, how many times has this type of wrongdoing has been done in the past by these crooks under Comey's leadership? This is the only one we've been exposed to.

  17. These dummy dems are so ignorant they get worse everyday,, even as they read the IG report they sit and say it is wrong,, same as the phone transcript,, Im begining to wonder if their brains pick up what their eyes see,,, GET RID OF THE DEMS THE SICK TWISTED DUMMY DEMS,,,, out them

  18. spying legitimately legally for all the advantages under consideration, contrasted to a wide variety of applicable instances, was never validated with the conditions comey and the expired obama era clinton catastrophe crew wanted first to rig then exploit then lie about then demand respect for operating then deflect as routine. comeys 'service' is dr ford.

  19. Ken Starr – a shining beacon of credibility. Fixed news credibility that is. Feeding dumb voter what they want to hear – fair and balanced

  20. Satan has shown then how to lie… Demarats have for three years and now they spread like a wore does with her legs… Wake up America before she take you with her… She kills millions of babies… Takes from you for so many years and keeps you in the dark with her fake media… Just so she can keep lying to you… She said she prays for Trump in the same breath of impeachment… She needs help… Helping her out of our white house… Stop this thing before it's too late… Stop the lies … Stop the fake news…

  21. It is not just a blight on him but shows how corrupt the FBI is and how America has the most corrupt government in the world.

  22. Ken Starr was a corrupt attorney all the while he kept trying to get President Clinton. He even got fired from the university where he used to teach. He's always had a partisan bias so what he is saying is no surprise even though it is not true.


  24. Hands up who wants all these criminals punished severely for their treatment of President Trump. I could weep at the continued injustices he's faced, and I'm not even American. TRUMP 20/20.

  25. At every turn DEM'S Looked to trip up Horowitz to confess a word they could use ( against someone later ! and also.. A word they could use later to get their Buddies out of trouble….He made it through two statements ,( No this doe's not exonerate anyone.// and That he did agree with Mr Grahams statement= when a dem ask him if he did or not…!!

  26. I am very much surprized at Americans who have began to criticise Mr. Jame Chomey at this stage where almost everything related to Russian interference with the celection campnaign in 2016 has beeen shed on light. It will be very, very, very much easy for anybody to say anyhting he or her wants to say, now. (NHK is the foe of my father,!!!)

  27. Don't understand how one person can influence all these people to follow him to hell,it proves that all his followers in the cult base are devil's all along,any normal person doesn't follow the Antichrist

  28. So Starr is okay with impeaching Clinton for cheating on his wife but perfectly fine with Trump cheating on his country

  29. The blight of too much sanctimonous bright side of things of the heroic jump of Comey to brush on to makes things more wrong than do what is right! As a true legionaire hero of the mindless sell out legion!

  30. I truly feel James Comey is a severe Narrassisis. These people feel they do no wrong and everyone else is wrong. They will never say " I'm sorry" they love to lie to your face with no remorse

  31. Don’t forget to tell that the IG report states that the Russia probe was completely legit. No coup, no witch-hunt, no political bias, no spying. None of the lies that FOX has been feeding the gullible FOX viewers ???

  32. Only average Americans are subject to law and prison if broken. Comey is not considered average and is deemed above the law. Therefore all this is just TALK. No indictments needed.

  33. Page should sue and win but the American taxpayer will be paying for the lawyers and any settlements instead of the crooked politcans and Fed workers. Go after any money they have not our tax money. The taxpayers weren't at fault.

  34. James Comey is a liar, deceiver, criminal, treasonous, scoundrel with no moral compass, or oath to the US constitution, he should relinquish his citizenship and move far, far away before he is locked up.

  35. Don't forget about Lerner's abuse of the IRS and Holder being charged with contemp all under the Obama administration. No I am not a racist but those 8 years almost destroyed our democracy. Remember Obama was caught taping and listening to other foreign leaders. I am waiting to see some people in orange jumpsuits.

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