Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr’s pushback of Trump

Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr’s pushback of Trump

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  1. These Wallace nut swingers yelling
    "Oh that's just someone giving both sides"

    Theres a difference between trying to give an unbiased interview and an almost non stop onslaught of pure bias and attacks designed to frame in a bad way.
    That is literally the epitome of SHILL

  2. “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.” Donald Trump, People Magazine, 1998.

  3. Kelly get some beauty sleep, you seemed overworked? Bloomberg 2020 he'll make America GREAT again! Mini brain Trump hero of the stupid and delusional.

  4. I WISH the Trump team would STOP going on Fox News Sunday…Chris Wallace HATES president Trump so therefore stop giving his show the ratings they get by appearing on that show…

  5. McCabe should be punished, and so should jerk Chris Wallace for his inability to find within himself, the patience to listen to the INTELLIGENT answers. He just wanted a quickie yes/no reply, and begged Kellyanne to give it to him.

  6. Chris wallace is a cnn operative along with martha mc callum, brett baer, and juan williams. why does anybody still watch this communist propaganda outlet anymore it's no different than fact I never watch cnn for a reason but everytime i turn on fox they are constantly showing clips of cnn's opposing view or covering the demonrat campaigns and stumping for peter eater bootygag or commie sanders. cnn has 300k viewers a week, fox has 2.5 mill so fox is trying to help the ratings for cnn. And then every time a conservative comes on they give a demonrat commie a platform to spew their lies.

  7. News Flash for the Democrats: President Trump is you, boss, whether you like it or not. So get over it and get to work on the taxpayer issues facing our country now. Also, Kellyanne Conway will never be backed into any corner trying to defend our President, so don't even try it.

  8. Kelly Ann keep up the truth .And Bloomberg is in my opion right up there with Hillary any Obama crooked as the day is long!

  9. Mr. Wallace, If KAC keeps dissembling the truth, then end the interview. You are hurting our country's chance of surviving when you let her lie like that.

  10. This makes you wonder if FOX is actually conservative or patriots. Maybe they are working for the same elite people that control everything else.

  11. If Wallace's Daddy hadn't been Mike Wallace, nobody would have ever heard of him. His style of attack journalism only goes one way. Wallace is not a journalist, he's a activist.

  12. Chris is another downfall coming to FOX. FULK FOX. FULK CHRIS. Even though I think FOX has a few good people, 1 bad Apple ruins the bunch. I'm dropping ALL OF FOX as I have the rest of the MSM. I hope they all go bankrupt.

  13. Only (or one of the few) Kelly Anne can stand so strong and so clear up against this biased intimidating BS questioning on the part of Chris. What an amazing clear minded and powerful person this lady is. A tribute to the human race.She's sooo goood!!!

  14. Love Kellyanne Conway but Chris is a radical left in hiding he never refers to Trump as President Trump he calls him Mr. Trump WE THE PEOPLE will deal with you later Chris

  15. Please answer my question…. how did it come to pass that hard hitting news programs / interviews have be completed in 2 minutes? Then as when she enumerates McCabes crimes he has the audacity to seemingly object to her being to complicated.

  16. Sack this interviewer. He is rude and unable to allow his guest to finish what they had to say. In every interview that I have seen , he is just obnoxious!

  17. She can talk through the commercials bcos of your rudeness n intent to trip her into saying something that the DEMONRATS can impeach TRUMP. You should work for CNN. They love rude n uncouth people like you! Fox News why is he on your pay roll? It’s ok to have a different point of view but not one that is constantly trying to trip up your guest n interrupting n not allowing them to finish what they have to say. A guest is invited for you to hear what they have to say, not for you to use your position to indoctrinate your viewers with your views. Your audience are not like the Trump derangement syndrome demonrats that twist truth to fix their narrative. Most have more common sense n decency that you have shown to your guests!

  18. What Trump wanted done to the innocent Central Park Five was more racist and disgraceful than anything Bloomberg did. Both are wealthy jackasses, but Trump has selective memory, as usual.

  19. Wallace is so dang argumentative…wonder what skeletons he has in his closet that he wants to stay hidden away and locked up. Cannot stomach the guy!

  20. No wonder she's the first woman to ever win a presidential campaign. She keeps a lot of facts in her head and is very fluid.

  21. It's about time this leftist goes to msnbc or cnn (Not capitalized with purpose). Fox' effort to display 'Balanced reporting', is not working with this guy who's making conservative listeners cringe.

  22. 7:10 President Trump“ praised” the policy NOT THE TACTIC WHICH WAS USED! Stopping people multiple times a day and throwing them “up against the wall” wasn’t WHAT STOP AND FRISK WAS ABOUT. Bloomberg made it that way!!

    President Trump needs a more tactical speaker that can catch these anchors off their asses!

  23. I cannot stand Chris Wallace! Every time I see him on a news clip, I want to jump through my screen and slap him! I know, I know, that isn’t the “politically correct”, nor the polite thing to do, but I can’t help it! I just want to slap him!


  25. All involved in the impeachment of the president must be aquited,,they are all innocents… wasting of time and money arguments…

  26. Bill Barr needs to change his ways (weighs). I agree with the President. "WE, the People" want to hear from OUR PRESIDENT!

  27. Your boy is perfect example of birth control. If his mom had it we would not have to deal with it? Conway, what rock did she crawl out from under?
    Oh Trump told her she was beautiful because she could keep her lips flapping even though being asked questions. Her old man deserves the same medal that Rush got.

  28. So our Chief Criminal Russian-Asset is running a Crime Syndicate out of the West Wing, and what better place to look for members than prisons!

  29. How could Hillary Clinton be wanting with Bloomberg's if she's infant reasoning I pay taxes and she gets money to pay off from Russia we pay taxes for protection

  30. Bloomberg is a diehard republican & should not be on that stage with those democrats. He was an OBVIOUS OUTSIDER with the leftist dems. His community policing policies were popular in the Reagan era 80s/90s, plus popular on sitcoms of that era that Netflix is now removing.

  31. Why can't Wallace be respectful and say President Trump instead of Mr Trump his hatred for him stands out he's so biased I think MSNBC or CNN fake news is where he should go!

  32. KelltanneKellyanne Kellyanne Conway 🤩🤩😍😍😍⛑⛑⛑🦄🍹🍹🍸🍸🐴😮😮🤔🤔🌞🌞🌝☀️🤔hotttt

  33. There was nothing wrong with stop and frisk. Like Rudy told people they were responding to complaints. What's racist are his other comments like having a black who does not speak english to watch a baby. Plenty of people don't speak English. I do find it racist that Bloomberg expects that person to be black.

  34. Careful, Cris. You might be accused of journalism if you keep letting Kelly Ann speak. yup…burns when you can't twist someone's words the way YOU want eh?

  35. chris wallace is prejudice against donald trumpas a candidate. chris wallace is like cnn new reporter but he works for fox news.

  36. i am hurting very much with chris wallace . he is bad against my president donald trump. i am offended. with chris wallace prejudice against donald trump.


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