Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s impeachment trial victory

Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s impeachment trial victory

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  1. Martha Martha Martha you and Geraldo (didn't he retire yet?).
    PRESIDENT TRUMP has been taking the "high road" for over THREE LONG YEARS!
    Why give them that? What would THAT do?
    Do you give in to your terrible two yrs old child when he's throwing a temper tantrum?.
    I would think not. If so're raising a Democrat.
    These people have been SELECTING OUR PRESIDENT and most representatives and they are used to getting their own way.
    These people will stop at NOTHING to keep their secrets hidden.

  2. The interviewer is rediculous, she ask a question and does not wait for the response . Presumptuous woman , no match for Kelly Ann, should avoid talking to her.

  3. Martha. President Trump took the high road by continuing to WORK for Americans in spite of the continuous assault on him and his administration. He’s allowed to have an opinion. He’s allowed to fight back, too. Especially against TREASON. How about asking REAL Questions? Who is Q? Or, Brennan’s friendship with Soleimani. Hmmmm? Or are you just like the rest of the MSM hack “reporters” farmed in to shape narrative? I prefer Tracy Beanz, a REAL journalist!

  4. I don't like how Martha always trys to talk over her guest, she should just keep quiet until Kellyann is finished answering her questions. I've seen her do this to all of the Trump supporters that she has on and interviews……

  5. This is exactly why people have stop watching Fox News, they are becoming just as bad as CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the anti- never Trump Fake News Networks! Always interrupting President Trump spokesman when they don’t like the answer they get! But when it’s an anti-Trump spokesman they never interrupt and let them go on spreading their propaganda against our Elected President!

  6. I just realized something – why is Martha not displaying her beautiful legs in a short tight skirt like the good old days ? It added so much to her "news) façade. Please Martha, show more skin and less of your clueless mind – it really would suit us better in the long run

  7. What is it about some these News speakers, cut off & interrupt their guests. Clearly she holds her own opinion on our President. She needs to transfer to CNN.

  8. Fox I'm a follower.
    Suggestion Box: Re-examine your speakers agenda's, Common manners. Stop cutting over a guest to give answers to questions, we don't want your opinion.

  9. Kellyanne Conway I love you !!♡!! But Martha you're a b** !! And you're on Fox News !!! We need to know more about Obama and why he's hiding from endorsing people these days !!!

  10. Kelly is probably really sharp on her responses because she is on a constant defense of our President with her husband. Every day on her toes clearing up lies.
    More power to her.

  11. No one is going to change the way Trump communicates. Time to get off the purity, moral carcass wagon Martha, and a whole lot of other media anchors as well.

  12. The enemies of trump those behind the attacks from the start were anti christian anti american anti constitutional anti freedom Judaic Marxists. Its all these look at Schiff, Schumer, most are the same crap. They should be tried for treason and arrested for interfering. The Israelis are the real enemies putting us into war.

  13. Trump made the most beautiful speech unlike any US president I have ever seen. It was about Americans who he reached out to for support. No matter how much he sucks up to the marxist establishment that is primarily Jewish they will not support him. Christians must rise up and retake their country from these anti christ synagogue goers.

  14. Sad, very sad.
    She looks a bit alcoholic.
    Probably not, but I'm sure she's tired of defending Trump day after day after day.
    It's just a constant stream of bullsht from his ugly face… his hateful, nasty mouth.
    Unfortunately too, I'm sure she gets along just fine with Mitch McConnell.
    If they got together their kid would be another Trump.
    Not sorry.

  15. Its a Christian battle to save the constitution and America from the communists. Obama just endorsed Bloomberg apparently. Go to my channel and see the videos I have listed about how dangerous someone like Bernie or bloomberg could be.


  17. Fox News – BOOT OUT that phony Martha! She is a DISGRACE to listen to. I cannot stand her, and I want her KICKED TO THE CURB – where she BELONGS!

  18. Martha must be looking for a new home,CNN maybe, she acts like she can't stand anything that has to do with Trump's success.

  19. Martha, what happened to you? Why are you so confrontational? It's fine to challenge ideas but you're snarky about it. Bad attitude, you seem like you're taking it personal

  20. Thanks for talking over your guests Martha. Why even have guests? Why not just read a question then answer it yourself? Go to cnn.

  21. I wrote my comment before reading the comments. Looks like we all have the same idea on her interrupting, her bias, and that she should go to cnn!

  22. Ukraine is a drop box, steal money from hard working US citizens send it to Ukraine and corrupt politicians pick it up and line their pockets. Wake up America. Goodbye Martha. You're out!

  23. These interviewers that continually interrupt their guests is not only a rude but very difficult to listen to..🤨

  24. ladies you can really help a lot if you wouldn't talk at the same time that is the biggest problem with Fox news you are number one you are great but please try to talk one at a time

  25. I understand that they have to get all their questions in and sometimes cut people short POLITELY but women are always interrupting each other. Forget about mansplaining and manterrupting, women are the one's that cant stop talking once the bottom and top sets of teeth seperate, lol. I respect Kellyanne a lot and she has gone through hell because of the Dems. This is much more evident on the other news channels. Fox News rocks!!

  26. Okay time for the Democrats to shape up or ship out I hope all you left leaning Democrats have learned your lesson how to go home brush teeth comb your hair come back to work and get busy and get something done make this country great again keep America great

  27. As far as health insurance goes….the 20% us BLUE COLLAR workers have to pay….IS FINANCIALLY DEVASTATING. WHATS THE FU*KING POINT??

  28. Why ask a QUESTION…..if your not going to let the interviewee RESPOND?
    THAT interviewer needs to go to work for CNN.

  29. It's very simple what the Democrats are doing here. It's the old game of DISTRACTION, plain and simple! They figure if they can create enough distractions to take the American publics eye off of the accomplishments of this administration (ie. economy, jobs, stock market, regulations, tax cuts, unemployment rates, food stamp reduction, etc…..), then they stand a fighters chance of not getting this President reelected. Oh how wrong they are, and my how they have overplayed their hand. The American public is wise to their antics and petty games, and they will not stand for it. Its sad enough that they have the media in their back pocket. Case in point, during the impeachment debacle, the media spent 77% of their time covering it, versus focusing on all of the accomplishments this administration. Its one sided and very biased. The hatred and overall disdain for this President is palpable from the Dems stand point, and they just don't get it!!! The more they try to stone wall this President and place obstacles in his way, the more powerful you make his base. I say, continue on with your rage and attempts to "remove" this President from office, because at the end of the day, you are only helping his reelection bid.

  30. The Trump Precedent came just in time for the 2020 elections. Now we Republicans can get help from our Russian allies, or use our authority to coerce smaller countries into giving us help on our campaigns. No longer do we have to sneak around like Trump the Trailblazer did!
    Russia, are you listening?

  31. Martha shut your swamp mouth up, we don't care about your concern. For so long the demonrats and the fake media has abuse our President. We don't blame the president to be upset. At least we can give him that much. Next time learn to not interrupt your guest.

  32. I called fox news and complained about Martha talking over her guest. I told them I am not watching her again it's not worth my time as she doesn't allow the guest to be heard.

  33. What Nancy did tearing up the speech was vindictive and vulgar. How do you think the people who were honored at the State of the Union address felt after seeing her do that? She should be ashamed of herself for such disrespectful behavior. She doesn't though. She said she felt liberated after doing that. Horrible.

  34. "I think Joe Biden would disagree that He's known more for being hunter's dad. Than Obama's vice president"

    Who gives a crap what Biden thinks.


  35. So many people don't understand gays and Democrats because they have no idea how creamy,
    hot, and sexy a man's passion poop can be!

  36. Ez drv.lic fed fix……..give every American ah fed passport ..domestic card. Incl ther state drv lic.#..boom u fixed lic fruad

  37. Slam slam slam Kelly Anne insults you have a big ….. can’t stop talking right you talk way to fast to people stop disrespecting past presidents what is wrong with you .

  38. Martha, my respect for you took a big dive downward! You handled this interview very crappy! Interrupting the greatest speaker other then President Trump!

  39. Were does this fox lady come from . He has said for numerous years now that prexisting conditions would be covered. If you don’t at minimal know that get off TV, it’s not news and you should do your job instead of sounding like a democrat

  40. Good job Martha. Keep kellyanne on the question and don't let her waffle. Kellyanne has a way of turning any question into a rant on anything but the answer

  41. omg, has everyone who watches fox news actually fallen for this indoctrination. fox news is propaganda for the republicans and Donald Trump

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