Kellyanne Conway on Senate trial: 24 hours for each side is not sufficient

Kellyanne Conway on Senate trial: 24 hours for each side is not sufficient

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  1. I want to see these Democrats in the House to publicly pay for their nebulous deeds done with malice even if under duress from their Party. The Party , collective, does not over rule the responsibility of the individual to vote as the ones who put them in Congress would want them to vote. If they weren't True to their people, they need to be made an example of for the entire World to see how America deals with those that renig on their professed way of doing things for their States interests.

  2. Why you did not advise the president not to abuse his powers. Why you did not advise the president not to obstruct Congress….Propaganda!

  3. Kellyanne Conway is a brilliant Gem just listen to her adjectives she is so…..articulate I'm so..glad she is on our team !

  4. Its not you didnt have drugs but we will charge you until you do them. It is you were caught with drugs and charged. Your innocent yes but, this is saying you are wrong and im not proving it. Good luck any American.

  5. People who think Kellyanne Conway is relevant and intelligent. 100% guarantee anyone who thinks that has never read a single bit of evidence and law. That's the statements of fox news viewers, unwilling to look at the facts and make an intelligent opinion from doing so. Instead they believe everything on fox news and and base their opinion and facts from one station. Where the majority of anchors are opinion hosts with no obligation to tell the truth.
    Then they call everyone with a different opinion a liberal anti American. When literally every person that disagrees with trump, is bashed on Twitter for being part of the deep state. Its unbelievable anyone can think that every person who disagrees with trump is part of some major underground conspiracy. That's literally how north Koreans are controlled, a single state media and anyone who says anything negative about Kim Jong um, is part of an American conspiracy.
    I realize no one who thinks Kellyanne Conway is an honest women is gonna believe what I'm saying. They are to far brainwashed, if you see logic in my words. Do the country a favor and form your own opinion based on thefacts, not a news channels interpretation of the facts.
    God bless America, I pray our democratic republic is strong enough, to make it through this crooked administration.

  6. Wallace has lost all credibility, always had respect for him even though he was a democrat he is no longer unbiased and trust worthy. Kelly Anne Conway is the best. A strong person. Wallace use to be but no longer.

  7. Oh my God! They woke up Chris Wallace to give us two cents worth of liberal BS. Seriously, the man makes me want to puke just from hearing his voice. If there was ever a square peg that didn't belong in a room full of round holes, this inimical idiot is the one. I used to think he belonged on CNN, but he really just belongs off of television.

  8. The treasonous scum rats are winning just by the fact that there has been no REAL opposition by the people year after year. Remember Trump is not their end goal, the people and this country are.


  10. I think these democrats are a bunch of skitsers. They always wait until late and have there meetings all night. I think they have them some dope and all congreat at night. Do not disturb. I think there dope heads. They sure have the actions of one

  11. Chris Wallace is the cheerleader for the Demos in Congress who think the American people enjoy this Shakesperean comedy. It's boring!

  12. This impeachment is a farce. All the talking heads love it because it makes them feel important and gives them the sense that they are talking about something really significant.

  13. Its Sad day for the clowns show.
    Its time to impeach the dems Congress it can be done ,
    Lawsuit for putting us through this he'll ,

  14. Chris Wallace is a piece of crap; he needs to go to CNN or MSNBC. Or even better, this scumbag needs to move to the Middle East.

  15. Repetitive CAN hurt if it’s not true and goes on too long. See: the Public reaction to all of these Bloomberg ads.

  16. Kellyanne is always so nice and makes sense. Great to see her tell us what is happening. Enjoyable to listen to her.








  18. They LIEING ! There was never plan to release anything or anybody, to either be vitnes of give any documents ! You know this WHY LIE TO YOUR SELF ? You know this already as you know hes lieing criminal, you know all this, Americans !

  19. Constricting Constitution contrives to construe a conservative conundrum for conniving cretins, concludes credulous Conway.

  20. They're still too many liberals on Fox News the good ones are Hannity Laura Tucker a few other ones but the majority of them suck because they are liberals

  21. if there is nothing to fear, then why not give documents and things regarding call and so on?? because there is proof that there was bribery and so on…that is why. if there is nothing to fear, and it would make trump look innocent, then they should give them documents wanted..but they don t want to…that means they are hiding proof to make trump look guilty…it is obvious.

  22. Innocent until proven guilty Senate doesn’t need to prove innocence but congress needs to prove guilt. This is not happening because President Trump is innocent.

  23. Can we just throw kellyanne the Oscar that she’s been hoping for so she can go back to the hole she crawled out from under? What else could be the merit prize at this point

  24. These ARE the same rules as the Nixon and Clinton impeachment! Hey Kellyanne, why not prove it and allow your witnesses to exonerate Trump. If he’s innocent, then why isn’t the GOP Senate jumping all over themselves to prove his innocence?

  25. There she is the best mouthpiece for Potus Trump elect. She has crisp, clear answers to almost any question. God bless America in God we trust.

  26. Also, I am the watcher – most of my friends and family say they may as well have been talking a foreign language and they stopped watching.

  27. The Democrats have 99% of the television media , the Republicans have FOX so why do they put up with Chris Wallace and other POTUS hating marxist's .

  28. The real enemy of freedom, the liberal far left media and extreme far left, and hijacked liberal democratic party. Can you imagine, a democrat president JFK, acting and standing on this platform they have today.

  29. Vote the Dems out of office, vote Red, save America. Can you imagine what great things could happen if the Republicans have the house, senete and white house. Wow, KAG.

  30. Sadly the whole entire Democratic intent is to repeat, repeat, repeat, the lies in the hope that if repeated enough it will be believed by some; sway the voters with lies. The democrats are taking the time to do just that and the Republicans are not doing so with the truth; that is the point I think Wallace was trying to make. The one who speaks the most and uses the most time, especially if repeated constantly, is often the one given credibility even when none exists. Americans have a short attentions span so every time they do view the hearing the democrats are on spewing lies, that is the message they are going to hear! It is a mistake to give all the time to the democratic narrative and limit your own. The more time spent hearing the democrats relinquishes the controlling narrative to them.

  31. Remember Kelly Anne is a lawyer by profession and a wise and an intellectual one too….these three stooges trying to outwit her are outwitted themselves 💥 🤯 boom

  32. Kellyanne has been stellar champion from the start! You are amazing, as have all of the female trump team and should be an example for all girls! Not irrational women who scream racism, racism, racism and nazis when they have nothing left to offer! You are more beautiful every time I hear you, but I feel sorry for you and your children, that you goof husband is such a liberal loser!

  33. Call hunter and his daddy. Obummer and clinton, pelosi and her son and nephew. To start with. They are involved with Ukraine

  34. I supported Trump in 2016 and will vote for him in 2020. He has surpassed everything I thought a President could do and I am so happy with his performance!!!!

  35. Martha is such an idiot, I'm sorry. Her questions are late in the conversation and the others had already moved past. You can obviously she has got an earpiece and is being directed from her producers, so possibly "idiot" was premature, maybe she is told to ask redundant questions. You can really see the shift in lean at Fox news from right to left, which is ironic. Rupert Murdoch is a leftist that started Fox, and even though his views were 180 degrees from the stance of the editorial, he realized that it was making him sickeningly rich. So now his sons are at the helm and they are going to lean it left, and they are going to run the ship aground.

  36. Remember true Democrats and independents that lean to the left, the Democratic party has been taken over by totalitarian that have no respect for the Constitution or people's freedoms or even truth. All they care about is winning and being in power. They could be working to help make life better for the common American but instead they are playing games just so they can win the next election. Regardless of your ideologies if you find it acceptable for corrupt people in power the play games simply because they lost then you deserve to be ruled by tyrants. I mean it's bad enough China owns most of the democratic party now we have to worry about Ukraine also. Who's next Malawi? Bhutan? Andorra? Vote in fresh new people but not like AOC or Omar. Try picking people with some brains that aren't trying to divide everybody and aren't full of hatred. Are there not any level minded Democrats out there that don't hate people? Then they ironically call everybody else the hater. FYI if you're looking for a racist behind every corner and calling everyone else a racist you are probably the racist. What is it of a person that has to slander absolutely everybody that disagrees with them? And create false investigations and false accusations. That is not leadership, and that is not maturity, and that is a not a healthy mind.

  37. I realize Chris is where he is because of his daddy but he’s embarrassing himself now. He’s insinuating that Trump has to prove his innocence, is he really that ignorant or is he just trying to create a sound bite. Either way he’s a hack.

  38. Let's remember what got us here, a whistleblower and a transcript that more than satisfied the conversation that occured, case closed and lets see the real criminals in court.

  39. I absolutely HATE when they call it a hoax. This is no joke?!? This is a coup. First thing you need to fix a problem? Identify the problem , a coup.

  40. track 2 all the way to the top. Jay Selulow takes money from old catholic ladies and gives it to his family, in the name of jesus.

  41. Doesn't anyone remember Schumer at the Clinton impeachment hearings telling the court that if they are going to impeach Clinton that there was going to be paybacks as to when there was a Republican president ? Well bingo here it is .These life term pompous bureaucrat's think they can say things that people wont remember or look up . If anyone would believe that this stunt is not purely political they should get a job at the worst news room in town CNN , due to all the firings lately they have extra room . As too life term we need to put limits up so this can not happen again .

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