Kay Heath – Fellowship Recipient

Kay Heath – Fellowship Recipient

The whole idea for this project actually was at the Ransom Center. I was here last summer for one day, because I was in Texas visiting relatives. So I came to the Ransom Center and I was looking for images for the front of my first book. I was looking through the Victorian photography and I came upon the description of the Robert Lee Wolff Collection. I read the introduction to his bibliography that is in the Reading Room, and he mentioned Isabella Varley Banks as a woman who was neglected. I did a little searching around about her and found out that Anthony Trollope had also said that her work was important, but neglected. And from that came the idea for the book on women who began writing in midlife. When I read her biography that part really appealed to me. And so from that one trip to the Reading Room, I got the idea and then put in the proposal to come here and do the more intensive work on her. The Reading Room is really, it is so posh, we are all really enjoying it. It is so comfortable. The people are so friendly and it is a wonderful space to work in. Having that amount of time where you are supported to just do research is like a dream. I think we are all feeling kind of like we are in heaven.

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