Karl Rove: NYT’s ‘radical’ vs ‘realist’ models favor Klobuchar

Karl Rove: NYT’s ‘radical’ vs ‘realist’ models favor Klobuchar

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  1. “The problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power.”

    – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  2. Everyone need to know that for candidates that are of where they haven't respectfully for each other best friends in the past the present and respectfully in the future but however what I'm going to tell you it is that it for everyone you need to know that it is like to have respectfully responsibility to promise to trust and to keep America on the passenger I mean the positive way did to keep moving forward always to keep moving forward sorry everyone that is the truth

  3. I’m an Independent I go to Independent conferences, meetings etc… I’m very involved in groups that look at statistics and other data. I have no problem standing up for freedom if it went too far to the right. The consensus now in Independent circles is that the country has gone way too far left. Unless the Democrats become more middle minded they will have a hard time getting elected. The Democrats really need to kick out the activist in their party if they wish to save it. As an independent we look at both sides of the story and right now I’d rather have money hungry corporations shaping the country rather than a power hungry political party. One wants people to make money and the other wants to control people and population control via abortion, It’s a no brainer choice.

  4. Bernie is leading in the national polls, Iowa polls, Vermont polls, winning over Trump in Florida by 6 points…

    Who the NYT wishes could win doesn't matter. That's not reality. They are worse to Bernie than Fox is.

  5. We already know that the Dems will ensure that Joe is the candidate. All this is theater. Joe has gotten quite senile.

  6. What I question is why would very smart, very powerful people back , what looks like, they're power junior.
    What are serigate power papas
    gonna teach miss junior s and just who is gonna pay for those power broker investments

  7. It's funny that the center-left MSM has split its own endorsement. It's an open admission that the left is completely fractured right now. Why shouldn't they be? The civil liberals on the left feel sold out by their party as much as the cultural right felt sold out by the GOP.

  8. The people who think politicians are rotten are voting for the woman who can't stop lying about who she is and what she's done?

  9. It’s comical how much clear evidence (TRUMP & HIS HENCHMEN) these
    idiots left behind showing their corruption. And even more comical to
    see them try to explain it away with cringe inducing lies. They are
    literally like children busted with hand in cookie jar. Never seen so
    much corruption in any administration, ever.

  10. It’s comical how much clear evidence (TRUMP & HIS HENCHMEN) these
    idiots left behind showing their corruption. And even more comical to
    see them try to explain it away with cringe inducing lies. They are
    literally like children busted with hand in cookie jar. Never seen so
    much corruption in any administration, ever.

  11. I would like to think any Democrat who would acquit Trump realize this is a witch hunt from 3 plus years ago that needs to end now ! It would bring back some credibility to the Democrat party !

  12. What the Democrats offer is like Choosing Ghonorhea and the Republicans offer America HIV with Trump, America can live with both, but one has a cure and the other doesn't. Either way the next election America will have to choose which disease it wants to live with for 4 more years.

  13. Amy is involved in the climate scare and will enforce all sorts of green deal laws. You Minnesotans take the violent and disease spreading bus and trains and ditch your private cars so your women and children can be unprotected and stand waiting in 25 F below. With her running mate Keith.

  14. If Democrats were smart they would figure out whoever the left wing media says they support, is probably the worst of the candidates

  15. It doesn't matter which Demonrats it is for in true reality the one voted would be President in name only for the upper Demonrats always the one who is in office, the Demonrats never allow the person to be the head of office…the upper Demonrats always does business and by old can't stand on her own two feet Clinton wasn't voted in, and obastard didn't get the job done for the upper tier of Demonrats and Hillery lost they are desperate to get a Demonrat in so they can finish taking over America and anyone who would be stupid enough to vote for any Demonrats deserve what they get…they will lie and tell you what you want to hear and if wins they will stab you in the back…

  16. She's not even coming close to trying to bring them together stop being biased against Andrew Yang he's the best bet. And you media really stupid

  17. Why talk about reading newspapers, the cult of Don the Con cant read or think for themselves, deluted hatefilled traitors to be sure.

  18. We boycott them, the MSM we shut them down and same with all liberal news and everything liberal entities…get smart people and boycott all liberal entities…do it now and come election all liberal entities will be just holding on and old George Soros don't have enough money to keep supporting the liberals without our money supporting these commie bastard's, boycott now…

  19. Well the NYT showed how biased they are. Why is fox not covering Virginia????? …oh that's right..Paul Ryan is on the Fox News BOD board now.

  20. They chose their nomination based on victimhood hierarchy not the actual policies of the candidates. Nyt is such a joke.

  21. Neither of these women is anything approaching moderate. Both are lunatic, raging leftists. Both are radical. Neither is a realist.

  22. If the NYTimes is so into 'realism' they must really hate AOC. I look forward to their endorsement of whoever runs against her this fall. Preferably the GOP candidate.

  23. the democrats are doing what they accused the russians of doing in 2016. so where is the legal remedy for this. this is worse than what russia did because there embezaling our tax dollars to do it

  24. I can guarantee Bernie is leading for the left. I lean right I used to like Bernie but now he is an open border pandering goof ball.

  25. OMG LMMFAO ROLLIN ! It just doesn't get any better than this ! Elizabeth Dances With Whiskey Warren + I don't know who she is for president ! Lmmfao !

  26. NYT's endorsing one fraud Indian Warren and a confused-looking teacher's aide you can figure out which way to step first Klobuchar. And then you have mini Mike it seems his money will get him whatever he wants that's pathetic.

  27. Elizabeth Warren is a psychiatric problem she'll probably nuke the planet if she wom the election who the hell would think she'd even win. Who would vote for her they would have to be a nut too. Someone calls her a liar and then she nukes the planet what a psycho she needs a straight jacket.

  28. are you kidding me / your both lost . you both clrarly miss understand how we feel about the DNC now after the last three years . Do you watch the news ?

  29. Klobuchar looks like a trembling tit mouse, or a tiny dog that shakes and pisses itself when she speaks (hair shaking on her head). Too timid for most people's tastes, and not very Presidential.

  30. The New York Times has been "radical" for years. They've been running interference for mass murderers and torturers like Iran and Cuba for DECADES. Read Michael Cutler and Humberto Fontova.

  31. Well looks like I have it . In the 2020 presidential election, two choices exist, Democracy on one hand and Marxism on the other, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea are pulling for bernie. China is pulling for Lizzy.

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