Karatbars’s New Compensation Plan 2019 and Profit Packages (Eng Sub)

Karatbars’s New Compensation Plan 2019 and Profit Packages (Eng Sub)

Hello, everyone. Welcome to this karatbars presentation. I have a Gold Director Elite VIP business partner. And I’ve been with the company for over five years. And that time Karatbars has been my sole source of income and it’s been a pleasure to be part of the karatbars family. This video can be used by all Karatbars business partners. And if you decide to join us today, you can use it too. I want to show you my getting started with Karatbars in 2019 is such an amazing opportunity and struck how easy it is to get started coming today. I will lay everything out in clear steps. But feel free to watch it a few times if you need to. If you have any questions, please get back in touch with the person who told you about this video. From 2011 until 2018, Karatbars was primarily focused on selling physical gold and gold based products. Throughout the 2018, the company has grown and incorporated cryptocurrency, blockchain and new technologies such as a crypto phone, digital payment system, and ATMs into the business. I will begin by giving you an overview of our company and explaining why owning gold is so important. I will then show you our new cryptocurrency and explain how you can use this new technology to transform your financial future. Our CEO founder and visionary of the company is Mr. Harald Seiz. We started the business back in 2011. His mission was and still is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market. Make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. His goal is that Karatbars helps millions find financial freedom from the current system of debt. Harald is also a senator of the Global Economic Network, Overseas Trade Association, BWA, a member of the Economic Council, a published author and a public speaker. Over the years, Karatbars reputation has grown and many wonderful business partnerships have developed with other leading brands. Some of these include Real Madrid FC, FedEx who complete Karatbars deliveries, Mastercard service payments to affiliates every Friday, Monaco Grand Prix, Hollywood stars, and MotoGP among others. And 2018 most people know that we’re living in a debt based society. Debt is higher now than it has ever been. People are worse off than the last generation for the first time in history. And life is getting harder. The IMF have announced in October 2015 that the world is on the brink of another financial crash. That’s without mentioning BRICS’s at trade wars and more frequent natural disasters. So what’s that got to do with you, gold, or Karatbars International? Well, let me quickly show you. Banks wouldn’t like me to tell you this but did you know that gold has increased in value against most currencies by around 10% per year for the past 16 years? Did you know that at least 60% of all the gold in the world is held by central banks? Now if the penny hasn’t dropped yet, let me put it like this. You put your money in the bank, they buy gold, they get 10% and you get 1%. That’s a great deal for the bank and it’s a bad one for you. The problem is that 99% of the population don’t have any gold and that’s exactly how the rich and banks and governments like it to be. Think about it, banks run governments, governments run our education system. So who really decides what you were taught in school? Get to university: debt. Get a good credit score: debt. Get a good job: pay more tax. Get a car: more debt. Get a mortgage: 25 years of debt. Chasing devaluing paper money that loses value every year. Do you see a pattern? Some people call that life, I call it Economic Slavery. All in gold as the answer to escaping from it Now most people don’t know anything about gold. They wouldn’t know where to buy it He think we can’t afford it and wouldn’t know how to sell it even if they had it. Would you fall into that category? Well, Karatbars through Harald Seiz have come up with the solution. That means 99 percent. That’s you and me can afford gold. So that we can escape from this debt cycle. We can easily buy gold and we can easily turn it back into cash if we need to. So let’s take a look at the gold itself. It’s 24 karat 999.9 pure bullion, the same type is she would get in a central bank. It comes with a certificate of authenticity. And affordable 0.1 to 6 gram weights. It’s from LBMA accredited refinery. It has a security hologram backlight technology, the Karatbars logo, and the gold itself, and a unique DNA marker which can be read by machine. It’s practically fraud-proof, which is really important as the gold market is flooded with fake gold For convenience, Karatbars offers free storage for as long as you wish. FedEx delivery to over 120 countries and a huge choice of payments including credit/debit card, bank wire, and Bitcoin. So, buying the highest quality gold and small amounts is now easy. But let’s look at how flexible it is once you’ve purchased it. Of course, you can have it delivered. And once you get your first delivery, You will want many more. Five years have taught me that saving is just as effective as spending once you start. Free storage, keeping it digitally as an option if you have nowhere secure at all. If you want to transfer your digital to someone else or pay someone else using your gold, It’s quick and easy using the free KaratPay app. Some businesses are already accepting KaratPay in the same way they would ApplePay or GooglePay. And the number of acceptance points will grow in the year ahead. So let’s take a look at the price of Karatbars cashgold so you can see how Karatbars has made owning gold affordable to all. The fantastic 0.1 gram paper note starts at approximately 4 euros. That’s 3.55 pounds or 4.61 dollars And 0.2 gram note in euros and so on up to 0.6 grams Buy as many as you wish, whenever you wish. There is a, uh– 85 cents production fee, if you wish to have the note physically made up delivered. There are no fees if you keep your note digitally Next we have the 1 gram, 3 gram, and 6 gram cards. These are credit card sized plastic cards. And the pricing is the same as the 0.1 gram. So 40 euros for 1 gram. 120 euros for 3 grams, 240 euros for 6 grams. There are no production fees on the cards. Now when someone gets paid each week, they can take out their phone and buy some cashgold and pay themselves first. Easy access to gold is a reality for everyone. So now you know what cashgold is. Let’s take a look at how it’s made and let’s introduce you to Harald. First. So now you know how to get your hands on some physical gold. Let’s move on to the new part of the business, which is blockchain and cryptocurrency. I will briefly cover it here. But I highly recommend you type blockchain experience into YouTube and check out some of the excellent explainer videos there. So let’s take a look at some of the problems blockchain can fix that you will be aware of. Have you ever sent money and had to pay large fees for the privilege? Have you ever waited days for the funds to clear? In 2019, do you think that’s right? Have you ever worried about your online funds or documents being used or stolen by third parties? Well, that’s where blockchain comes in. Let’s take a look at what it does in simple terms. Instead of sending money or information through a bank or third party, you send it directly and safely to the intended person. It is done safely because the data is not verified by one person or institution but by many computers Instantaneously and the information is preserved on a public ledger and block. The trust factor is shared by many and the information is public, so fraud and interference become almost impossible. So, what can blockchain be used for? Well, the obvious application is for currency and one we all know is Bitcoin. Blockchain can also be used in the automation industry, to regulate voting, to keep health care records, or to ensure no one can steal someone else’s land or property by changing records. Everyday terms, blockchain could have a bigger impact on our lives than smartphones or even the Internet. There are now over 2000 cryptocurrencies and these are bought and sold every day on over 100 exchanges. As you can see from the chart, these exchanges trade hundreds of millions of dollars per day. And transactions making the owners of these exchanges huge profits. The issue remains, however, that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a problem shared with the dollar, euros, or pounds, or fiat currency and that they are not backed by any physical asset. Everyone knows about how the price of one Bitcoin has risen to thousands of dollars per coin when it’s backed by nothing. I imagine if there was a cryptocurrency that was backed by something, like gold. Well, enters stage Harald Seiz, Karatbars and the new Karatbars cryptocurrencies. There are two coins: KBC and KCB. The first was KaratGold coin – KBC which was created in early 2018 and completely sold out by April. 12 billion coins were allocated raising over 100 million dollars. KBC is already trading on five crypto exchanges. KBC is the asset coin backed by physical gold. The first 135 kilos of which I personally witnessed in the safe in Hong Kong in September. Following this huge success and the acquisition of a bank, a second coin called KCB was created. 50 billion KCB are for sale until September 2019 and any unsold coins will be burned. KCB is the bank coin which is therefore backed by the bank and all the associated future businesses. During 2018, Karatbars opened offices in new countries, restructured the business, and the vision became much bigger. The bank in Miami was required with 100 million dollar share capital. A mine with 900 million dollars of precious metal was purchased in Madagascar. Another mine was acquired in Guinea with 200 tons of gold and blockchain and exchange started to be developed. In November 2018, the Karatbars exchange went life which allows everyone the opportunity to change fiat currencies and to gold or cryptocurrencies and back again. Now, let me explain why all this was necessary. What do you think is the best way to one ensure you can’t be closed down in any jurisdiction? Well, be present and many. How do you ensure the supply of all the gold that you need? Own the gold mine. How do you ensure that your customers can exchange coins and to gold and to fiat currencies? Own the exchange. How do you ensure that banks do not block your customer transactions? Own a bank and the ATMs. How do you ensure you have the correct amount of gold and type of cryptocurrency? You create the coins. And 6, how do you ensure that you have a blockchain that suits your needs? Well, simply you create the blockchain. By controlling the entire supply chain, Karatbars can remain truly free and independent ensuring the safety and continuity of assets for our customers, unrestricted by third party interference. So let’s take a look at the whole story so far. Gold has been through Wars. Imperial collapses and natural disasters. Nevertheless, it has always been and will continue to be the universal equivalent. The next step into a golden success story gets started. November 2018, the official Karatbit exchange is established. December 2018, the official Gold Standard Holding and the biggest mine in the world with 700 tons Deposit of gold and guinea to be opened. March 2019, the Gold Standard Bank in Guinea will be based. April 2019, Karatbars Digital Stock Exchange where shares of businesses will be cryptonized for trading and blockchain smartphone working on the voice-over blockchain protocol. July 4th 2019, the gold Independence Day. The visionary mission of Karatbars is to return gold to people. Starting from July 4th 2019, everyone will be able to exchange pure gold to KBC at the rate of 100 KBC – one gram of gold. September 2019, Karatbars International will be starting operation on its own blockchain: MAINNET will be released. October 2019, Hard Fork Day, the creation of a single coin covered by gold. Both coins: KBC and KCB will be transferred to their own blockchain with their market value protected. A single coin will be created backed by gold and freely exchangeable for gold. Our previous plans were perfectly completed. KaratGold Coin ICO has successfully done. KaratCoin Bank, the license bank and the world’s first cryptocurrency bank has been established in Miami with 100 million U.S. Dollars share capital. Mobile app to manage the gold covered payment system was created. Gold mine and Madagascar was providing gold reserves of 900 million euros has bought. The first deposit of 135 kilograms of pure gold was laid down. KCBank Hong Kong, which trades gold bars already has been trading with volume of 1,200 kilograms per day. All of that confirms the fact that nothing is reliable and prosperity guaranteed as gold. For the first time in the history of mankind, banks, exchanges, and gold mining companies will unite with one goal: to create the gold independence world which will bring stability and prosperity for everyone. The next five years will transform our world. This is what Gold Standard guarantees. Gold Standard and Karatbars create the biggest future together. So as you can see, it’s amazing what’s happened in a few short months. So to summarise Karatbars and KaratGold so far, we have the return of an asset-based currency with cashgold and KaratPay. It’s not currency backed by gold, it’s currency which is gold. The first cryptocurrency backed by physical gold and a vault. The world’s first cryptocurrency bank with customer coins and ATMs. An exchange for gold, fiat currency, and all cryptocurrency can be traded. And coming soon, the smartphone, digital exchange, and new technologies. Well, this is all wonderful for Karatbars, but let’s look at what all this can mean for you. You may have missed out on Amazon, Facebook, or Google shares. You may even have missed out on buying Bitcoin in 2010, but you’re not going to miss out this time. You were lucky, blessed, or just fortunate enough to be asked to watch this video today. I know because someone asked me to watch the characters video back in 2013 and my life has been transformed since. So let me show you how you can take advantage of this massive opportunity and so you don’t miss out. Well firstly, you can earn by promoting cashgold and Karatbars products as affiliates. I have been doing since 2011. You can earn by promoting our two cryptocurrency coins. There are stealthy months enough to do that and the coming months and years. You can earn by promoting the bank, the new exchange, blockchain phone, Digital Stock Exchange, and other technologies that are being developed. How you do all that is by simply sharing this video with as many people as you can. Many people around the world are desperate for financial freedom. And free gold and our coins, we can offer them as much as anyone could wish for. Imagine earning every time one of your customers buys some cashgold, some crypto coins or a business package up to 15% direct commission. Imagine earning every time one of your friends uses the bank, ATM, or Phone. That’s what you’ll be able to do. Imagine you could earn from the transactions on a crypto exchange. You may recall that. You have crypto currency exchanges turnover millions of dollars per day. And imagine how popular the Karatbars exchange will be. Paper currency to cashgold to crypto and back again effortlessly. Imagine being able to share in the profits of a bank, a mine, and a technology company. It’s now possible for Karatbars affiliates. So taking that into account. How many of your friends and family or even strangers do you think you could show this video to them today? If you’re watching this, you literally have been given the keys to the vault. All you need to do is open it. So let’s look at the price of owning a Karatbars business. It’s worth pointing out that you can register and earn for free. But to open up all the commissions, you need to own a marketing package. Package as a one-off cost for life. And once paid, you have no further commitments, facing subscriptions to worry about. You don’t buy or hold any products. You work when you like, where you like. Customers buy directly from the website and you get paid every Friday. This is not like a typical MLM or franchise where you have ongoing costs. I bought my package in 2013 and get the price back in a few weeks and I’ve been in profit ever since. You really do get to keep 100% of what you earn which was a huge factor for me when I decided to join the company. When you affiliates often asked me what package do you think I should go for? In my experience, people know right away which one they can afford. So that’s the one to go for. The benefits and value simply increase the higher you go. The only mistake you can make is taking too long to decide. There is a package from every budget from 150 euros up to 1 million euros. So let’s take a look at those now. We’ll go through these quickly but do check the product description on the website for more information. So Package 1, as with all these packages, they are delivered digitally. So they’re not delivered out in the post. You will get everything in your back office. So, Package 1 – 150 euros. Inside here, we have 0.2 grams of cashgold. 150 euros worth of KCB plus a 10% bonus, so that’ll be 15 euros of KCB extra. You also get 1 promotional code which you can use yourself or give to someone else. You could give it to a potential customer or affiliate. One code will be for 100 KCB as a gift. You also get 3% gold which means you get 3% off all your gold purchases for 12 months. Classic gold cards and you can also use it as a 100 euro discount for any of the VIP packages. Package 2 – 350 euros, 0.8 grams cashgold, 350 euros worth of KCB plus 25% bonus this time. And inside here, you get 3 promotional codes. We also get the status in this package as a Bronze. I will come to this a little while about the different statuses. Package 3 – 750 euros, 2.1 grams of cashgold. 750 euros worth of KCB this time plus 40% bonus. You get 8 of the 100 KCB codes which again you can use yourself or give to… potential customers or affiliates. But on Package 3, you can now get status as Silver. Package 4 – 1,250 euros, 2.6 grams of cashgold, 1,250 euros worth of KCB plus a 45% bonus this time. You get 8 codes again here and the status again on this one is Silver. Package 5 – 1700 euros, 4.3 grams of cashgold this time. 1700 euros worth of KCB plus a 50% bonus. 20 codes in this one, but in this package you now move up to the status of Gold. Package 6 – 2,300, 5.4 grams of cashgold, 2,300 worth of KCB plus a 50% bonus this time. And again you get the status of Gold. Package 7 is 3000 euros 8.7 grams of cashgold, 3000 euros worth of KCB plus 55% bonus on that. You get 20 of the codes in this one. And this is really important – Package 7. Because you know You get the status of VIP. Okay, VIP is the top status that you can get in the compensation plan. Package 8 – 4000, 13 grams of cashgold. 4000 worth of KCB plus a 60% bonus. You can see the bonuses are increasing. 50 codes inside this one and again status of VIP. Package 9 is 10,000 euros, 43.5 grams of cashgold, 10,000 euros worth of KCB plus 70% bonus. And the promotional codes: 120 of those this time and, again, status is VIP. Package 10 – 15,000 euros, 65.2 grams of cashgold, 15,000 euros worth of KCB plus a 75% bonus. 120 codes this time. And again, your status is VIP. Package 11 – 25,000 euros, 160 grams of cashgold. That’s 180% KCB. 15 grams annual profit. This is slightly different now because we’re end to– An annual profit on the amount of gold that you actually have. So the idea is that you can keep your cashgold and store it with Karatbars which Karatbars can trade it for you. If you decide to keep your cashgold in storage, then you will get 15 grams of gold as an annual profit on the 160 grams of cashgold that you have on storage. If you take you about 160 grams of cashgold out of storage, if you decide to get it delivered, then you don’t get the 15 grams and your profit. Okay, easy enough to understand. 300 codes this time in this one of The 3% codes and 100 euro discount because of VIP packages. And again your status is VIP. Package 12 is 50,000 euros, 350 grams of cashgold inside here. And remember, a gram of cashgold is around a bit 42 euros today. 200% KCB, so you get a 200% bonus. So that would mean 100,000 euros of KCB and 50,000 euro package you get 650 codes. And then inside here, we have 35 grams of gold annual profit if you choose to keep your 350 grams of cash gold and storage. Packets 13 is 150,000 euros, 1140 grams of cash go this time. You have 250% KCB bonus and 114 grams and your profit again if you decide to keep your 1140 grams of cash gold and storage. If you hand that over to the traders, the Hong Kong gold traders and they trade it, you can get 114 grams and your profit. You get 2,000 promotional codes inside this package. Packets 14 – 500,000 euros, you get 4,000 grams of cash gold this time. 275% bonus on the KCB, 440 grams annual profit should you choose to keep your cash gold and storage and 5,500 codes. Again, you status is VIP. Now in 1 million Package, Inside the 1 million euro Package, 8700 grams was 8.7 kilos of cashgold. Okay 300% KCB. So anyone who buys the 1 million euro Package gets three million euros of KCB coins in this package as well. You also get 1,000 grams annual profit. So if we take one kilo of cashgold at the minute is around about 40 to 42 thousand euros. That would mean an annual profit of 40 to 42 thousand euros at the current price of gold in that package. But again, you have to keep your cash gold and storage to get that annual profit. Promotional codes this time 12,000 codes from 100 KCB as a gift. Then you can give those to yourself or give them to someone else. 3% gold discount for 12 months on classical products. And we have 100 euro discount of VIP Packages. And again, your status is VIP. A fantastic range of packages there. They’re fantastic and centers on all those packages at the moment. And but please do be aware on the annual profit packages, the number of these packages which can be sold is completely limited to the amount of gold that Karatbars can trade every day. So once these packages are sold, they are gone. It can be taken offline at any time. So if you’re interested in one of the annual profit packages, please make that purchase and sooner rather than later. So now you can see what excellent value the packages are. Let’s look now at how much you can earn and that’s fantastic but really acceptable compensation plan. But first thing, you get direct commission on three levels. So 10% on your first level, 3% on your second, and 3% on your third. So that’s easy enough to understand. Someone you refer buys a 10k package through you earn 1,000 euros. We also get to pick these people left or right in two teams. Every sale that happens to infinity gives you units. And when you get 25 in one side and 50 and the other, you’re paid out of between 40 and 80 euros depending on your status. The higher the package you’re on, the more you earn for exactly the same work. So the sooner you can get to the highest or VIP the better. Unlike typical MLMs, these units never wash a flush away. You get them to infinity. There are no monthly purchases or sales targets to meet and you can earn up to 180,000 of these payouts per week. Just get your right and left in growing and watch those 40-80 euro payouts to come in. So let’s look at an example to give you an idea of how this could work. it’s not a projection as everyone’s results do vary. To keep it realistic, have a basis on a 3k package purchased as they’re based as the popular as a starter package and give the VIP status. So imagine you do an okay job of sharing this video with a few people and five of them decide to go for the 3K Package like you, you will earn 1500 euros direct commission and get 500 units. Every 75 gives you 80 euros as long as 25 on one side and 50 on the other. So your five people do the same, you know, I have 25 people who bought a 3K package on your second level, 2250 euros and get 2500 units. In turn, they share this video to get the same result and the third level you have 125 people on a 3K package here and 7500 and get 12,500 units. So in total, you’ve earned over 11,000 euros in commission. 15,000 units which are worth up to 16,500 euros and all you did was buy a 3K Profit Package and ask five people to watch this video. Now let’s be honest and say that some people will watch it and do nothing but someone asked me to watch it in 2013. And I’ve personally registered over 2000 affiliates. 5 as an example as a very low number in Karatbars and your growth is only limited by your impression and the number of people in 125 open countries. According to Credit Suisse’s new Global Wealth Report, There are now 36 million millionaires in the world. Now if only one of those was to buy him 1 million euro Profit Package from you, you could earn 100,000 euros in one go. And there are fantastic data, so why not? Now, it gets better as your team grows. those people below you will start earning cycles and you can have a share in that too. You can earn a matching bonus up to 7 levels deep in your business. So imagine earning 5% of all those affiliates bonus commissions. Plus, you can earn up to 6% on all the classic gold sales in your entire organization and take part in wonderful incentives during the year. All this is built into this amazing compensation plan and it’s ready for you to take advantage of. To summarize and give you some simple steps on how to get started. The good news is karatbars have made it ultra easy by laying out the steps on the dashboard Just click the picture to complete each step Now before that you’ll need to click the link below this video to register for free. If there’s no button or link. Get back to the person who told you about this video. Once registered, the first step is to buy any of the Profit Packages. Step 2, upload you KYC documents which simply means a clear picture of your ID for proof of identity and age. Plus a recent utility or bank book. The instructions are there. Step 3, order your MasterCard so you can get your commissions every Friday starting from next Friday. Number four, start saving and KCB coins Number five, share this video or your referral links and help other people complete their steps. Now remember we don’t sell anything we share this video. Imagine you saw a good movie at the weekend, you liked it, so you tell people. This is the same you’re now watching the movie. You didn’t get paid for sharing the Hollywood movie, but you will get paid for sharing this one. Now if you wish to open your KaratPay account, buy cashgold, business cards, or gold gift products, switch to the karatbars.com website at the top of the page where you see the red arrow. Use the same login and details for both websites and you only need to register once. Now getting started is really not easy. But if you do have a question, we have an excellent business structure which means you’ll always get support. You will hear a lot of people talk about the Karatbars online and that’s definitely what we are. Your first to call is the person who sent you this video to watch. Now if he or she cannot help for any reason, just send your username and contact details to [email protected] and ask them to contact your upline director. And trust me, they will definitely be in touch. Karatbars also have a fantastic multilingual support team, spread over our many global offices. So feel free to give them a call. Full telephone and support details are on the website. So you have the information. You have the opportunity with the right company and you know what to do. The only thing you’re running out of this time to get registered. Order your package and share this once-in-a-lifetime chance fire and white If you don’t share it with the people you know, someone else definitely will. You have a wonderful chance to help yourself become financially free. By simply sharing this opportunity with others and a year from now, I promise you you will be glad you started today. Thanks very much for watching.

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