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  1. He's been giving back a lot. He even hosted a free concert in Jamaica that actually ending up having a positive impact on the island's economy. He's been hosting free Sunday Service concerts all over and he's been paying for them all out of his own pocket. Maybe you should try to give back too…

  2. Kanye is amazing. By covering one story about him, these reporters inadvertently brought light to Christian teachings, prison reform, mental health awareness and philanthropy.

  3. Kanye needs a better accounting firm. That's a ridiculous amount of an overpayment in taxes.
    Nobody's not even Hannity's support of Trump is genuine. Most just hated Hillary and now they can't get of their own ego and admit Trumps a terrible man and president.

  4. It is his money, and he works hard for it. Thanks president Trump for Letting us keep more of our own money. Wether you’re rich or not. We worked hard for it. The only people who don’t think we deserve it. It is the Democratic Party. Maybe because they don’t know what is hard work.

  5. Oh and one more thing .. Kanye doesn't let the IRS take all of his money either… because he knows about the IRS I betcha… what do you know about the IRS….hmm…1913… hint hint hint… look it up…we have been taken and played by the crooks ruling the world

  6. Kanye is God's man, his own Man. He can support who He wants just like everyone else.I for one am Thankful for his conversion and spreading the Gosple

  7. Not what he said, he praised his faith in Jesus for the change of lifestyle. He distanced himself from the people who were ripping him off and caused his debt!

  8. Give me a huge f'n break! West is no smarter than most people, including myself. He just has the platform that only the very elite get to utilize. Give me 5 minutes on national television and I'll drop some knowledge on ya son!!!

  9. Why these liberals think it is so strange to thank God for a $68 million windfall is beyond me. If I got a $68 million dollar tax break I would thank God too (over and over again). I'm grateful I made it through another day.

  10. Kanye west gets his currencies numbers into his account. So likewise the all other patriarchs gets their numbers into their accounts for accountability.

    So these immoral patriarch's around the world paying the lawsuit amount to EL ÈLYON in USA $ Dollars and England £ pounds.

  11. Actually Kanye has given both he and his wife have donated to various charities, they are both good hearted and i will be honest i never really thought much of his wife but then with the whole prison reform bill , i realized her heart is good , she cares about others just like Kanye always has.I see them as good, kind people and God will watch over the good.

  12. Why are so many, accepting this as a true Godly moment?
    "The great deception" (counterfeit christians)! 2nd Timothy 3:1-5 = Romans 1:18-32.). Hypocrisy to the Max!

  13. Matthew 19:24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

    Matthew 6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    King James Version.

  14. A tax refund is no big deal. It just means that a corrupt thieving government has given (some of) your own money back to you

  15. Clearly, Kanye West is a challenge for Cavuto because he thinks for himself. Someone who thinks for himself a clearly beyond the conception of most people in the television "news" media these days. It appears brains are low on the priority of things you need to be on television these days. The "depth" of Fox analysis seems to be targeted to a very shallow audience.

  16. Should College be Free in America?

    Does paying for school create a appreciation and/or a sense of value on your education?

    Would free college for students create more jobs? or would it create more supply (workers) than demand (jobs)?

    Can school supplies (medical, technical, agricultural, etc..) be covered under federal taxes? Would that even be fair to taxpayers?

    My topic is something that I feel doesn't get enough attention in the media. I feel as if the people who are searching to help strengthen this country through their hunger for education, knowledge and innovation are not being guided as responsibly as they could be. Almost to the point of being preyed on by banks and loan providers because of their lack of knowledge of fine print and legal terminology due to not having experience in that field yet. My topic is more for the young people coming out of high school and heading directly to college, where for their parents this might be their first son or daughter going to school and they themselves have yet to retain the knowledge or information on how to manage student loans.

    Imagine freeing up all the dreamers and thinkers of their financial slavery and allowing them the time and energy to think, create, and innovate without having to work day to day shift jobs just to pay for their schooling. Knowledge should always be free, it's breath with purpose.

  17. Just when you thought Kanye was on to a different start an then the NEWS speaks on him an now we see the devil in his scheme

  18. Kanye you should’ve kept your finances to your self, next they’ll be trying to sue you for your money that’s one of satans methods of destroying people by taking their money totally destroying your finances use your head in this satanic spirit new world order.

  19. What a dumb comment: “if I got that I would give some to the poor”. What you have now give to the poor if you truly believe that statement.

  20. Matthew 19?? Wicked blinded heathen of a Jezebel

    Most importantly feed the poor in SPIRIT
    Man does not live by bread alone, but by the word of God. He can use his stage now to glorify Jesus Christ, while planting and watering seeds with living water.
    Put on the Full armor of God Kanye.
    This wicked world wants to see Christians fail, but they don’t know we already won.

  21. "Kanye West thanks God for $68 million tax refund"…(he should thank Trump instead since his tax cuts only benefitted millionaires and corporations.)

  22. Why is he getting 68 million back…
    Let's take that money build more Walls he doesn't need all that

  23. I am a 65 yr old Gran in the UK and I LOVE Kanye's new album. My son recommended it because I'm a Christian. He was right – it's great. Give him a chance to grow, change, improve, and discover his own relationship with God. Isn't that supposed to be American?

  24. wow… poor lady.. she speaks as if she has even given half the about him and his family has given out annnnd supported. smh poor tink tink she sounds ignorant even the way she laughed after saying it! lmao bye hater!

  25. I know a lot of veterans who still owe money for college tuition.  Veterans and their families who need medical help.  Families that have sick children.  Why doesn't this guy help them instead of living a lavish lifestyle.  He and his wife are only out for themselves.

  26. this is all about this is all about promoting his album until I see something different that's exactly what it's about

  27. Kanye recently received a 68million dollar refund check you telling me that ain’t Jesus. See what happens when you give God praise your blessing come down raining on you because you put God above yourself. All I see Kanye west giving God praise. “O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods.”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭95:1-3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  28. Kayne knows churches are given huge tax exemptions… much like Amazon.. churches are businesses in the USA… churches have nothing to do with jesus or Christianity in USA

  29. Give the man the benefit of the doubt for a change maybe there's a possibility God might be working on his heart ever thought of that? He may not have all his ducks in a row but it doesn't mean that God is probably not working on his heart! The other thing is he did denounce being a rapper from now on so we should hold him at his word!

  30. He's a paradox? Everyone of us born again believers is a paradox. We all came out of trash/sin, God just turned our garbage into gold.

  31. Is this about Kanye or God…haha
    Really what is it about?
    Is this about a concious awakening above all of us? Is God starting to show up in a different way?

    He has said it himself that he is a God !

  33. Stop your judging and pray for his soul!!!!! God is Good and faithful to those who seek Him! Jesus is real and so is hell! Times almost up, Jesus is coming to Judge with His sword ( the sword of truth) He has the right to judge because he is HOLY!!!! ????✝️?????????????????

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