Junior Fellows 2018

Junior Fellows 2018

>>Sasha Zborovsky, Cleveland, OH; Ohio State
University: You should apply for the junior fellows program
because you’re going to be able to work with not only so many pieces of unique literature
and documents but also the people you will meet in this library are unparalleled across
the world. I have interacted with the Ethiopian librarian,
the Armenian librarian, the Hebraic librarian learning about their stories and what career
paths they took to get them to where they are today and why they are interested in the
things they are passionate about.>>Marcus Frias, Miami FL; Florida International
University: I would encourage others to apply for the
Junior Fellowship program because it really opens up a world like no other. A world beyond books a world beyond anything
that I’ve ever known before and having the opportunity to really tie all of my experience
that I have done before this together and work towards my future has been really remarkable.>>Joshua Burrell, Columbia, MD, Morehouse
College: It’s not what you expect but as a open mind
set person you would; you would understand that things you don’t expect can be really
the things that lead your life into the direction you did not plan for it to be, but the direction
you needed it to be in to fulfill and express yourself and the best of your abilities.>>Yuri Shimoda, Los Angeles, CA; University
of California, Los Angeles: Junior fellows program is extremely valuable
because we not only are learning about all the different avenues you can pursue in your
future. You are learning valuable life skills that
will help you no matter what field you choose to pursue.>>Flynn Shannon, Amanda, OH; Kenyan College:
I would encourage other people to apply to the Junior Fellowship Program because throughout
the entire process it really feels like you are working on your own project and people
are there to support you. And it was a really amazing new experience.>>Patrice Green, Roanoke, AL, University
of South Carolina: What I want to say to encourage people to
apply is that, you know this is not out of reach for you, and that you can do it I think
the government could use more young people like us.>>Marcus Frias, Miami FL; Florida International
University: There’s a quote that I always think back to
of “You can’t be what you don’t see.” At the Library of Congress I’ve seen exactly
what I can be in my future and in the people that work here and what I aspire to and work
toward every single day.

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