Judge reopens Covington student’s lawsuit against Washington Post

Judge reopens Covington student’s lawsuit against Washington Post

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  1. Nathan Phillips was at Standing Rock with the pipeline protesters he's part of antifa and he was there at the March for Life intentionally to cause chaos

  2. The law of intent his intent was to antagonize public nuisance antagonist harassment the boy was just standing his ground

  3. Ahhhh, the Washington Com-Post.
    Another once respectable, professional media outlet that's been bleeding market share and loosing revenue.
    Get in line, dim wits. Who was it that just slashed their payroll ? It's not a short list when you see who's circling the drain !
    BTY ! I heard also that there is a list of colleges that produce wanna-be professionals like these and they are also going under ! ! !

  4. Judges interpret the law NOT MAKE THE LAW TO FIT THEIR NERETIVE. What wro g with lawyers they can prove the judge. Ask the if you can go into their library if your smart you should the book with similar laws and results and used that to your advantage. A good lawyer will do it. My brother does it fold a time that judges don't like it but they need to be proven wrong they cannot make up the laws.

  5. u had adilt bllack males saying vile things to children… no onee complained… they should be ashamed they were taiking like that to kids… the can do better and they know it

  6. Embarrassing. A native American minstrel show. Where the leftists see a smirking white boy, normal people see a patient, accommodating student. Nuke the left. Fight the good fight.

  7. The media must not be allowed to knowingly lie about a vulnerable youth. Society must draw the line here. WaPo knowingly lied about Nicholas.

  8. Fake News Media CNN, Washington Post should pay the penalty for False Reporting that damage the integrity of the Covington Boys and Nathan Philips should be charged as well for taking advantage of the situation.

  9. Although I’m 100% behind young Mr. Sandman and his classmates, and I believe this lawsuit is totally justified, I just can’t help but to cringe at the Spin language this lawyer uses. I keep thinking of the Phil Hartman caveman lawyer sketch on SNL.

  10. I guess that just doing what you're told doesn't ensure success.
    Amazing how personal judgement is always held accountable, dead or alive the truth comes out.
    Dead, redemption is impossible.

  11. This kid sucks, he knew what he was doing. His reputation is not hurt. Just another class clown trying to show off to his friends but got slammed by the Post. NO MONEY

  12. OK, I'm not for dishonest reporting but $250 million? Seriously? Maybe a few hundred thousand but $250 million is an insane number to ask for.

  13. The left gets millions when their rights are violated. Same has to be for the other side or there is no such thing as equality.

  14. "so you mean he gave the judge the wrong depiction of what happened?"–
    –Oh, you mean he LIED!?
    The judge is reopening this because he legally has no choice and The Washington Post will most likely go bankrupt over this lawsuit.

  15. At first I asked myself how can a 17 yoa have a damaged reputation. Then I remembered the Kavanaugh persecution. Yes, untrue accusations can haunt a person. I hope he wins his case.

  16. It is time to hold accountable a media resource that deliberately lies. The man was literally bullying and harassing the kid just because he was wearing a MAGA hat, and his drum stick was almost touching the kid's nose! I wonder why there was no police who stopped that. Must be the pressure from the leftist crowd. Imagine a white person does that to a colored kid. Talking about racism.

  17. I'd love it if the judge decides to award the claimed amount against each of the media outlets as that may cause them to at least rethink their behaviours, but I hope it will put them out of business so they can't misrepresent the news anymore.

  18. “Your honour, in defending our attempts to slander with no consequence, we the Washington post, direct your attention to exhibit A “Rheeeeeeeeee!” which, in turn supports our second exhibit “Rheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

  19. I could only hope that he will also have the opportunity to pursue those that elected themselves as judge jury and executioner would be a great day to have real accountability

  20. Possibly second only to “Russian Collusion,” this story, as “covered” by wapo, cnn, et al, was the single biggest crock in recent history

  21. reminder that WaPo is owned by jeff bezos and they're not allowed to criticize amazon at all.

    Another epic win for capitalism

  22. The young man's reputation is worth more than a few million. He has his whole life to live ahead of him and he needs his good reputation to move forward untarnished by false media account of things!

  23. I hope they have to pay the kid every single penny. He was a sophomore visiting DC with his Catholic HS when confronted by both a journalist and a Native American wanting to make some nonexistent point about "hatred" the kid stood silently and occasionally smiled at the Native American in a non. threatening/friendly way.
    His parents must be so proud of how he acted.
    Bravo young man.

  24. My man-the lawyer is the happiest. Though he at first lost the chance of cutting 30%. Now the hope is back. He’ll be looking at beach houses again.

  25. Nicholas Sandman's brave just just to keep smilin' while Nathaniel Phillips yells that funky breath in his face. It had to be horrendous.

  26. He doesn't need to repair anything but I pray for him to get the justice he deserves against this evil hatred!!!!
    Anyone that cant see this for what it was is either blind or hateful.

  27. A powerful media outlet printed disparaging stuff about a young man, and did it with reckless disregard for the truth.

  28. Good for him! I hope he wins! These jackasses need to be held accountable for their shitty “reporting” and rush to demonize children.

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