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  1. I agree. We need to let these child abusers know that we ain't havin it! We send our children to daycare to be safe and treated well, even if the parent doesn't treat them well. Most kids are already abused at home and you mean to tell me there is no safe haven for children? Start throwing the blankets, toys and big spoons or whatever they are beating these kids with, at these bitches! There should be zero tolerance for these monsters. At no time should a day care worker be in court getting prosecuted. Unacceptable, PERIOD!


  3. Though I'm glad he rejected the plea deal, I don't like his reasoning for it. He's upset that he wasn't made aware, or gave his consent because there was media attention. What happens in the next court case when the media isn't there?

  4. 0:50 ummmm wtf is that flag doing on the wall you know changing the flag like that is against the flag code that is diarepectful as fuck to change the flag to use for your own cause

  5. A lot of these teachers end back up in child care, where I work a woman is in case for neglecting and abusing her kids (her own) but she’s still allowed to work for us, and the we have this other worker here, who had to go to court before because of the same reasoning, this is why I’m so uncomfortable working in child care not only are the workers lazy and dangerous but the parents as well, once I’m done with school I’m out

  6. Glad he rejected her plea… A judge only in the most egregious an twisted perversion of the law can turn a plea down for the justice of the people.

  7. GOD BLESS THIS JUDGE AND PLEASE HIRE MORE LIKE HIM!!! I know Judges aren't supposed to show emotion, but how can they not? They are human you know! It's about time someone grew a heart in the Soft Justice System!

  8. Monsters have more rights than Victims do! Victims have to prove their innocence and have to prove that a crime occurred!!! Criminals have more RIGHTS AND THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!

  9. At what age can a child covered their face with a blanket ? I can see why is harmful for a baby. I’ve also seen parents allow their older kids to cover theirselves fully. The internet doesn’t give you a firm answer it speaks about sleeping with a blanket. Can any child be a victim of suffocation If the blankets covers their faces or just babies ?

  10. What’s with the Desecrated American flag “Blue ISIS Flag” in the Court room, That says a lot about this so called Court

  11. Nice one judge. Plead guilty while maintaining her innocence. Use the full weight of the law and if found guilty sentence her to the maximum sentence

  12. Every one of you dickheads are convicting her without a trial! What if she didn't do it. I hope someone accuses each one of you of something you didn't do and you go down for it.

  13. I never knew something like an Alford plea existed…that makes NO FUCKING SENSE. We dont have a justice system but a fucked up one.

  14. God help the children. They are dropped off at these Daycare Centers and there’s no telling what goes on that doesn’t get reported. Sad!!

  15. This seems rehearsed on the part of the judge he keeps looking at the camera they all knew very well they were on are the news


  17. Now that is what I call a speedy trial! Next court date is in September…maybe they are thinking that by September the matter will be forgotten. And then, maybe resubmit that Alford plea.

  18. Wait…

    There's a blue line flag in the courtroom where there is supposed to be complete and unwavering unbiased. What a slap in the face

  19. A fake court look at that bullshit blue line on the wall. And gold fringes. It's not a military court. It's a kangaroo court

  20. That courtroom had a terrorist flag on the wall!! Obviously the judge is a traitor and UNAMERICAN!!
    But I do agree with his ruling!

  21. I wish there were more judges like this. I’ve seen some plea deals that were just ridiculous and the judge just signed off on them.

  22. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. YOU GO JUDGE. I LOVE IT. Her defense attorney thought that he was gonna get his client off with that plea and the judge basically said hell no I'm not having it. What a great judge. She deserves to be fully charged and reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law. This was as the judge said a defenseless victim.

  23. I sleep with a blanket over my face all the time. When its light in the room it helps to block out sunlight. Is that what this is about. Somebody sees that on a video and freaks out? I hope not.

  24. Can someone 👋 this woman face and Covert it with a blanket and handcuffed her hand in the bad until she……………………… sleep

  25. So the Judge wants to be in on the parts which are not his job because of the political implications of it being a high profile case. While at first I was, I'm no longer shocked and understand how it is that there is an illegally modified U.S. Flag hanging on the courtroom wall. That Judge needs to go back to school and relearn his responsibilities.

  26. Great Judge!!! Love him need more like him!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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