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  1. JP Morgan banks already ban GUN STORES, CONSERVATIVES AND MORE.
    Elizabeth Warren Consumer Financial Protection Bureau had thousands of complaints and what Trump did, put Mulvaney and NOTHING HAPPENED.
    Time to toss the FTC and FDI to the banks censoring and banning people.
    PayPal, and affiliates also did the same.
    Yet, here suckers bailing them out and protecting them.

  2. JPM will keep right on but with different businesses. Dimon sees other more stable opps out there. Coal is iffy. esp. if the Dems get in. Dimon sees that. He's not catering to the Dems, he's trying to protect JPM. If the Dems get in, many areas will be trashed. He's looking ahead. He's not doing this because of his love for Hillary Clinton. And, he cn always change his mind in the next 15 minutes LOL. JPM is not going under.

  3. Interesting. What is it about these companies and their seemingly opportunistic and suspicious timing with making these decisions? I personally thought is that a lot of these companies are in the same bed with the Deep state.

  4. They are finished. Banks are bad enough now we have political banks. I will not do any business with Diamond or any of the associated company.

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