JOS – ZEE News Review

JOS – ZEE News Review

Friends, I am Mihir. Today, let me introduce to you an innovative
and revolutionary mobile app. In this age, one would do what not to get
a job or grow one’s business. But now you only have to download the JOS app to increase the visibility of yourself or your business. Let me tell you how. JOS app is the world’s first and only location-based
platform that not only help in the employment but also in the advertisement. Today there is a problem of discovery and
connect.There would be some in this audience who would like to hire their employees. Let say engineer, accountant, waiter etc. There will be few in this audience who are
looking for the job. But there is no connect between these individuals. How do they contact each other? How do they find each other? JOS app removes all these hassles. Any new product that loosen and quicken the
process is a true innovation. In the JOS app, you could easily see your
nearest employees, whom you can hire. Using its in-app communication feature, you
can directly talk to the employer. You can easily get a job through video interview. While using the app, the privacy of the users
is maintained as personal details are not disclosed to one another. Till now, there was no job portal that would
assist drivers, security guards, cooks etc to easily register themselves. But through JOS, not only they can increase
their visibility but also easily get hired through video interview feature. A smartphone and an internet connection is
all what they need to get going on the JOS app. Recently a school was able to send the advertisement
to get new admissions and post the jobs to hire teachers through JOS app. A health spa sent its advertisement over the
JOS app and was able to get new clients and increase its business. The notifications from this app effectively
reaches the customers who then decides to shop. Now you can hire your employee as well as
advertise your business on a single platform. One more point, today everyone needs to connect
with the electrician, plumber, carpenter etc. But its hard to find them. On the JOS app, you can easily see the list
of nearest all such service providers and call them to get the service delivery. Its very easy to use this app and there are
many additional features that showcase your speciality to the world. So don’t wait any longer! Go ahead and download JOS app to promote yourself. After using this app, there is only one thing
I can say – For all your business needs, JOS hain na Boss !

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