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  1. This is troubling. I think that the way that the speaker characterizes certain jobs like machinists, welders and the like as not needing a high IQ takes away from the fact that there are many people who are brilliant who do those jobs because they didn't have the opportunity to go to school for a 4 year degree.

    I know many of stupid engineers and executives, and I also know many brilliant welders, die makers and potters. There isn't and shouldn't be a "bucket"of jobs that a person is qualified to take just because of their IQ — I'd rather have a hard working idiot than a lazy genius working with me.

  2. I liked this guy until this vid- he actually believes in IQ tests ??? I bet he believes in lie dectectors and the sky fairy

  3. You can do all the test under the sun.You soon find out if somebody is suited for a job.The majority of jobs are mundane anyhow people just work to keep afloat what will probably change in the future when robotics take over.

  4. But but but …. the Left-wing says that everyone is Equal. And that anyone can do anything if the "set their mind to it". LOL

  5. I was in the Navy in the 1980s and I was SHOCKED how many Black people couldn't pass the SIMPLEST tasks. But they sure were successful THUGS.

  6. I was tested at 150 in 3rd grade, then later 132 in high school and now I've got a poverty job as a driver. Of course, that's because I got sick and tired of the stress of practicing law after 19 years.

  7. He’s confusing 5% being OUTSIDE of two standard deviations from the mean with 5% being ABOVE 2 standard deviations from the mean. So a 130 is 97.5 percentile, not 95. This doesn’t seem like much but it’s the difference between 1/40 and 1/20.


  9. Jordan Peterson frustrates me. "Roughly speaking" is a redundancy, among others, that he uses to obscure ill-informed arguments. He is not a physicist, nor an executive; he's an agent of average. He thrives on the insecurity of dudes who can't get laid. Stop listening to this man, a man who has no expertise whatsoever, and go live your life. Stop listening to the failed academic who decided to pursue a career in reactionary political commentary because he couldn't find an audience anywhere else. He's like a mixture of Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

  10. What exactly is Rotogenflux Methods? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this iq boost secrets.

  11. he fails to mention that the IQ test has been historically racist. like with the question, "What do you do if you find a wallet? a. turn it in or b. leave it there" depends if you are white or not. And it's gotten better but to this day it's still made by people with knowledge testing other on knowledge, and if your knowledge differs you assume to be less intelligence

  12. It's a little bit concerning how the motion of instruction here is didactic without much room for discussion… I believe Peterson has some misconceptions about AI, programming, and its potential… which might probably be due to universities and companies marketing their breakthroughs to seem as all-encompassing and amazing as possible. Additionally, I feel like a lot of the content (at least in this video) are basically many of his personal theories, but while explaining to his audience he does not quite provide any substantial evidential backbone…without which, it seems to me like he is merely popularising his views to his audience than providing knowledge 🙁

  13. how do you determine the match between job and IQ though, is it just from the perceived cognitive input that a job requires or is it derived from the IQs of those who occupy such roles? because some of the low IQ professions require a large amount of creative capacity and rationalization

  14. I have seen highly motivated people out perform much smarter people so many times. But his point of an 85 IQ has merit because of diminishing returns.

  15. It's tough to feel comfortable in an age of decline, but at least it's 2019 and there's still a place at an elite university for a man like Jordan Peterson—one with extremely uncommon gifts of mind and a great deal of heart, meaning compassion and courage. (Not that I'm a disciple.)

  16. Iq is aptitude. Smart is having knowledge. Wisdom is knowing when to use said knowledge.

    But then again, you already knew that, didn’t you?

  17. IQ tests are rather meaningless when it comes to 1. Judging an individual's actual degree of intelligence, 2. Determining what kind of job they will have and how well or poorly they will perform at that job, and 3. Attempting to determine how successful that individual will be in any area of life.

    As I initially stated, IQ tests are, rather ironically, poor indicators of individual intelligence, and this is particularly true of ACT/SAT exams which can be studied for before hand, and are thus testing knowledge, not intelligence. Knowledge is something that can be acquired, gathered, learned, etc. through study and reading and experience and so on. Intelligence is innate and consists of a variety of variables, a number of which cannot be tested for, and aren't tested for, in any standardized exam, ESPECIALLY in the ACTs/SATs. This includes things such as common sense, empathy, understanding of others, etc.

    And lastly, as I previously alluded to, IQ tests, and "intelligence" itself, is an awful indicator for success and/or what sort of job an individual will pursue, enjoy, and/or excel at–those things have more to do with personality type, personal/life experience, and individual interests and passions. Moreover, I can't tell you the number of highly intelligent people who are in their early to mid 30s but are still completely lost in life, both in career and in love–I'm talking individuals who score in the superior-to-extremely superior range on IQ tests (ie, 125-140 for superior and 140-and above for extremely superior depending on the test/scale). These are people with a wide range of interest and excel and several different things, but either lack a college degree or work experience or some other prerequisite required to obtain a job in that field. Or, while they're immensely intelligent, several of these people suffer from what society/psychology define as mental/personality disorders including but not limited to generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, manic depression/bi-polar disorder, and so on. And all of these things prevent them from attaining jobs. And as I said, these are all the smartest, most intelligent people I know.

    Meanwhile, the less intelligent people, or people of average intelligence to below average intellect seem to have a much easier time getting jobs, holding jobs, and living life in general. And it's my theory as both a sociology/psychology double major, but more importantly, as a human being, that those of average or even below average intelligence aren't so "up on their heads" and/or questioning things, questioning their bosses, and worst of all, questioning the meaning of their often times menial jobs and the purpose of their life. These types of internal/intrinsic existential queries seem to be limited to people like myself–people with superior IQs, and we all seem to suffer from it.

    Finally, I just want to say that I've taken 2 IQ exams–the first I scored 135, the second 142. They initially wouldn't tell me my actual score but would only divulge that I scored in either the superior or extremely superior range which I thought were just bullshit categories at the time (and this occurred both times for whatever reason). However, I would eventually get them to divulge the scores for me. And perhaps the reason they wouldn't tell me was because, during the first exam, I was in a mental hospital after a failed suicide attempt nearly 10 years ago and, among all my other examinations, they wanted to know my IQ for whatever reason. And my second IQ test was also related to my mental health treatment.

    Anyhow, I've already said enough, probably more than enough, but it's been my experience that IQ and even intelligence in and of itself is a terrible predictor of happiness, likelihood of success–whether at work, in love, or in life in general–and it is a terrible predictor of what type of job someone might work. Some of the smartest people I've met I've encountered while working labor intensive jobs and other jobs which most people deem unimportant or menial (but the highly intelligent people working them could either never find employment in something which may have better suited their intelligence, or they were limited be mental illness/disorders, or more commonly, a bullshit criminal record consisting of non-violent drug crimes). And on the contrary, some of the biggest fools and hearts the size of peas and brains to match have worked in positions of power–I'm talking business managers, educators/professors, and even doctors (yes, there's more to intelligence–and being and doctor–than being able to retain information you read in a medical text book).

    Anyways, I'm done. I'm sure I'll get eaten alive for my take on intelligence, but it's simply my opinion that I've based on nearly 35 years of life experience while being someone who is considered to have a "high IQ," and my experience with countless friends, family, and acqaintences who all have above-average and superior IQs but also have extreme difficulty fitting into society and maintaining employment and so on and so forth.

  18. At 115 IQ you can be a software developer but not a trainee, you can be a general manager but not an advertising manager… What scale is this?!
    And there are "robots" in McDonalds, not in a physical way, but there are stands where you can make your order and pay for it, no need to talk with cashier.

  19. You are mistaken about the Opiate problem. Nerve root damage creates intractable pain that never goes away. It happens with cancer or in accidents, or other extreme illnesses. Opiates are the only drug that passes the blood brain barrier to deal with the pain center in the brain when nerve roots are involved, otherwise, the person with the nerve root damage suffers, horribly to death. This is what is happening now, to thousands and thousands of people. Many have died this past year and a half without opioids, many don't even have Dr.s anymore because Dr.s are afraid of having patients who actually need opiates to stay alive. This last year, those who've died – their death certificates say… heart attack, stroke, organ failure, suicide, but really, they suffered to death, their Government Murdered them. None of us are addicts or psychologically depressed. We're the people who never wanted to have to take these drugs in the first place, we're the ones who never abused or gave away the drugs, we barely got enough to see us through each day. Suffering to death is a horrible way to die. It could be you next.

  20. I'm a technician at a medical device manifacturer, the technicians are smarter then most people in the office. They try to get rid of our jobs constantly, but problems happen that necessitate our existance on a regular basis

  21. Standardized academic tests are not IQ tests. They are knowledge tests. IQ tests test your brains processing power, logic, reasoning and creativity. Knowledge tests test your brains memory.

  22. People with low IQ can learn to do what they've always done…live off the land. But governments and banks have horded all the land from the people so they can't make a good living in a high tech society.

  23. Corporations don't want "intelligence".

    They want obedience.

    They want you to do whatever they tell you to do without question.

    The smarter you are the less likely you are to want to involve yourself in the stupidity of civilization.

    Which by the way is not civilized in any way.

    Civilization is insanity to the core.

  24. What is the most reliable IQ test? I did one back in high school, scored 135. As I am getting older I feel I am getting dumber (I used to code back then, I just wanna know how rusty my brain has got)

  25. In my country Greece all kids are educated in the same school until high school. Those who pass in the university are taught mathematics, physics ect along with other students who just cant understand them, at least in the last 3 years of school. All those who doesnt care about education and want an easy and simple job need to learn mathematics they will probably never use and all those who pass in the university just have missing knowledge about very important things. Education is free in my country and too much money get spent for no reason to "educate" ppl who throw their books (free of charge books) out of the windows and forcing all teachers to try help them keep up with the rest of the class. And if you try to mention an idea about spliting students in different schools with different subjects all the liberals get triggered. I want to add to this the fact that pashing in the university only depends on your performance on some final exams at 4-5 subjects. If you are smard but unlucky you just lose 1 year of your life for nothing to try next year, if you are not capable but lucky (or cheating) you pass in the uni and just stay in there for infinity unable to keep up.

  26. studies have shown that about 2% of the human population believe or are not sure wether the earth is flat. This is what 80iq is, dont worry all you sphere earthers xD

  27. I must admit something for truely loving the queen of truth: Mathematicians often aren't the smartest in the university, as much I'd like to believe this. Real life is often far more complex than mathematical modells for example.

    Keen and super fast fighters, who adapt to their opponents and their movements in no time, who invent new fighting techniques on the spot, are the REALLY smart people but also those guys who invent new tools to build houses or invent new tools for plumbers to make their life better. Or star architects. This takes phenomenal imagination skills. It takes more spacial imagination to do those things, than it takes phantasy to solve most mathematical problems.

    For physics and math one must be willing to have high dedication and patience, loving the problems at hand, but we aren't the smartest.

    The machine inventers like Elon Musk, who imagine highly complex objects in their mind, who can draw like Leonardo Da Vinci technically, are the true kings of intelligence.

    You guys deserve the truth.

    P.S. Btw, IQ is that what the test producer thinks what IQ is and no test can reliably and validly meassure a genius, because a genius would tanscend most IQ test authors in their problem solving originality and an IQ-test whose producer isn't nearly as that cannot utilise the strenghts of such a phenomenal person meassurably in more than maximum the processing speed quality.

  28. I think they might want to re-examine their job-IQ chart. Keep in mind that by def'n, an IQ of 100 is average for white Europeans. If memory serves, an IQ of 115 is the average IQ of a graduate student. If one goes by the Peterson's slides, one needs an IQ in the 85th percentile to be a teacher, RN or purchasing agent. I find this notion to be highly dubious. None of these jobs require above average intelligence.

  29. Unfortunately, individuals with very low IQ's won't fully comprehend most of this video, and are able to apply it to their own lives to improve their situations.

  30. A question for people with an higher IQ.

    Lately I'm experiencing problems regarding the capabilitys of others to think or to follow my statements and I'm not sure if the problem is that I'm slightly "more capable" than they are or something else. My IQ is not like "that high" it's around 140.
    In general it's like I have zero problem following or talking about complex topics even in fields I have no or close to non experience with and it doesn't matter if I'm slightly sick, tired or whatever. But I got the feeling like for others thinking can be hard from the get go. And I know some equaly smart people with 120IQ who are barely capable to follow me sometimes and get exhausted realy fast when talking to me. Or a friend of mine with 125-130 who last time we saw after about an hour said it get's exhausting.
    For me personally I barely know occasions in which I had problems to think or found it exhausting. Of course I think a lot but I wonder if other's don't?

    Now I would love to know if someone had similar problems with talking to people.

  31. I did an armed robbery in Holland when I was 17. They let me do an IQ test so they could give me an accordingly threathment . I got 122 IQ and 129 EQ and my fellow convict 87 and 104. He got out in 3 months and had special threathment like in an hospital but slept at home and I was sentenced 2 years because It had to be me to come up with the plan and abuse his dumbness for my better. Actually he came up with it and I just followed but thats the turnside on being “smart” I guess..

  32. "I won't tell you who is at the other end"

    We all know it: social "scientists" 😛

    That's why so many of them deny the significance of IQ.

  33. Why an obsession over intelligence quotient if you can't do much about it anyway? Higher IQ is a general predictor of better success overall in career and other domains, but it is not a guarantee of a good or decently lived life. There are people who are highly intelligent that do end up fucking up their whole lives with substance abuse, end up unemployed, have problems finding partners, have poor social relationships, or end up depressed and suicidal. And there are many people with average or less than average intelligence that end up living amazing, wholesome lives. IQ is just one number. Just one number. Not an excuse for some zealous people to discriminate or promote stupid or dangerous ideas.


  35. Ok, but I want to bring some propositions forward. IQ might be improved by up to 15% with practice. Also, what you can't improve in IQ, you can improve in knowledge. So, maybe those people with an IQ of 80, if they studied and learned some more knowledge along the way, they could solve what he was trying to teach them faster, not as fast as those with high IQ, but faster. Also, getting a good education since your a baby might improve the chances of success a lot. I also doubt IQ is only genetics, but I have to read and research more on the subject. Don't get me wrong, I like Peterson and listen to him and read his book also..but I disagree with him on this. I have to read more on the subject though.

  36. ive got an IQ of 142 and the best Britain can come up with is to leave me with brain damage, physical disabilities, and a job market that pays who you know not what you know. in short an IQ wont help.

  37. First ask the question how IQ and sociopathic behaviour is linked and you will find a greater insight into how the world is so fucked up, IQ can determine ability to function but does it deal with consequence of action of the individual. Most people have normal IQs most people are normal.. Intelligence is not linked with social responsibility only with results.

  38. Not sure I agree. First, many jobs, probably most jobs, don't require an advanced IQ. Second, emotional IQ matters; This roughly translates as social skills.

  39. Damn it Jordan tell us who is at the lowest end of the student spectrum? Gender Studies students??

  40. Jordan Peterson, who are you to decide what kind of people can do what kind of jobs?, you are just a simple man like the rest of us, you just say some bullshit and think people will believe that

  41. sorry Jordan, but robots are already in Maccas… at least for ordering.
    And I could see myself making robots to do the production as well.
    Would that be an *improvement*?
    Probably from Copr HQ's POV… but the customers will ultimately decide.
    Perhaps UberEats will obviate drive-thru and fast foods Bricks-and-Mortar?

  42. He's probably wrong about the 10 % of people that can't do any job. The current (10/2019 Eurostat) unemployment rate in the US is 3.7 % and in some EU countries, such as the Czech republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, it's even lower. Assuming that the statistics about 10 % of people having IQ <83 is also correct, it must be his reasoning that is flawed. Perhaps the army isn't the least picky organization, and the fact that you can't serve in the army doesn't actually mean you can't do any job.

  43. This is silly, intelligence has nothing to do with how well you do with repetitive tasks, that's an entirely distinct matter.

  44. Total bullshit. Jobs are first and foremost a political issue, not a matter of intelligence. You'd think smart people would never have trouble finding work based on this, but it's first and foremost a matter of social connection.

  45. What Peterson didn't mention in terms of what are these people (IQ<83) going to do is "send them to prison". Have a look at incarceration rates in the USA.
    Of course this was pointed out by Herrnstein and Murray in The Bell Curve, but the debate was derailed by that one chapter speculating about race and IQ.
    The majority of low IQ people in the US are white so this is not specifically a racial problem.

  46. AI taking all jobs is scary. Companies will be nothing but executives and robots. Of course the execs will be replaced too eventually.

  47. Waow! To put so much into an "IQ test" is so stupid! HAHAHA, so that value high IQ are retards! HAHAHA! On top of that studies have shown that your intelligence has little to do with where you are in n life! Suprisingley from what EVERYONE thinks!
    As if "high IQ" = all over intelligence!

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