Jordan jabs Schiff: ‘Our indulgence wore out with you a long time ago’

Jordan jabs Schiff: ‘Our indulgence wore out with you a long time ago’

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  1. Gym jordan is a hack. What about all the boys that were molested on your watch? Faux news is a joke. Keep drinking the kool aid people. Impeach and remove trump.

  2. Oooh, the microscope never looked so good… sorry Dems, you wouldve been better off with your foot LITERALLY in your mouth.

  3. Is Jovanivich sedated? She is so slow and mixed-up and expresses herself so horribly.
    I see incompetence here just in the face of things.
    Peter Principle is in effect: we ARE PROMOTED TO OUR LEVEL OF INCOMPETENCE —>>especially in the Oblunder Regime!! It looks like he wanted to escalate Russia’s success in Ukraine by sending no armament.
    “Escalation” is the watchword in Ukraine. We are in it with Javelins now/then.
    If a Viet Nam type of conflagration took hold? Think of the billions of $$$ to be made by Borisma or Soros’ Open Society. Egad!!

  4. Schiff and Pelosi will resign after POTUS Trump wins again! Period they have planned this – Trump will do his 2nd term take 4 years off as mandated by law, then come back and win again! Another Historical Event!!!!

  5. The crowd boo'd at this remark.. Um why play a sound bite against Jim Jordan and why belive this is pro Jordan, it was a dumb obnoxious comment that was false and got boo'd. This is dumb.

  6. No!..  Adam Snake Eyes Lying Stiff Schiff,  America wants to Gabble you down straight to HELL..  You think you have immunity.. Someone is lying to you as no one has immunity when it comes to Treasonous Act,  like yourself.  Your days are numbered. Enjoy your FREEDOM while it last.

  7. Why are the blind corrupt republicans even allowed there? They will never see the obvious corruption and will do anything to protect an evil president even at the cost of our constitution. No true justice from the republicans. Blind bastards.

  8. Hey Fox- We ALL know about the pervert, Schitt for brains. Will you report on it when it’s exposed or will you go the way of ABC and protect evil people?

  9. They're already inflating red balloons and making red confetti for the Inauguration! Congratulations President Trump!

  10. I've never voted party lines . I've always wanted the best person for each position to get my vote But after watching these Democrats over the past 4 years I will never vote for a democrat ever again

  11. Jordan you are a disaster and from the hearing I am convinced you are going to make things very difficult for the president bc of your amateurish attitude

  12. Dayum son, Jim Jordan was all over that like a 15 year old wrestler. Oops, that was probably a bad analogy. 😆😂🤣

  13. yavonavich was born in russia, the CIA hired her to be ambassador paid for her training , "look it up" liberal leftist socialists.

  14. An ambassador should be able to speak well in a variety of situations. She can hardly form a sentence. No wonder she was recalled.

  15. Schiff is a scumbag!!! His "good friend" Joe Buck gets arrested for purposefully OD'ing 2 male prostitutes & then his "long time good friend" & NBC correspondent Dr. Bruce Hensel gets arrested for trying to get a 9 YEAR OLD GIRL to send him sexually explicit photos… how is anyone still listening to this disgusting little liar?

  16. jim jordan will go down the memory line in the same manner as colin powell. an intelligent man who deemed loyalty to his leader/administration as more important then the nation

  17. Trump can come across as a bully or a hard-talking New Yorker. Fair enough. But Schiff takes sheer douchebaggery to an unprecedented level. He's like the smug villain in an 80's teen comedy.

  18. 23 years of age and only reason I was a Democrat is cuz that’s all I heard is good for the black community, even my family were dems so it was a easy choice for me, but about 7 months ago I just started listening to the Republicans speak and Trump and I’ll tell you I woke up that day! Not just the black community but the dems lie to everyone… idk how you can sit there and hear what they have to say then agree with them! Well happy I woke up Trump 2020🇺🇸

  19. Shes from the Christine Blasey Ford School of International Relations..How do these swamp rats get to hold positions of power?

  20. Thankyou Mr Jordan this crazy women got her job because i guess Obama fired someone hows does she feel about taken someone's job

  21. Schiff is an enemy to America he is a liar he has no good qualities even looks stupid . I say arrest Schiff… Bet you he snitches on every single person he can out.. it is his way

  22. Think about it for a second. If the Dems have no job but to spend hours working on an impeachment process all these years, then they actually have nothing substantial to accomplish for their voters on other social issues of which they were voted to do. They have no other agenda to tackle because Trump made sure of that!

  23. Boy oh Boy, Has The Fox News Propaganda Network Really hit bottom, How Much More Anti-American, Lawless, Disinformation can this Traitorous Network Produce?!? Somewhere in Australia Rupert Murdoch is Laughing At The Manipulations of His Propaganda Network as he counts his $Billions$….Rupert Murdoch Truly is the Enemy Of Truth and Lawfulness!!!!

  24. Not a single defense of the indefensable, instead attacks on Congress, Congressmen, the Constitutiinal process, those who testify under threat from trump

  25. Remember when Gym Jordan distracted, diverted, yelled out inappropriately, made a fool of himself AGAIN? And the brave woman testifing got a STANDING CONRESSIONAL OVATION,

  26. By the Demcrats own actions give good reason to remove them from office. Their action have proven they have no intrest in the honor and unity of the U.S. We do not need dishonorable self serving dictators in our government anymore. They most assuredly drive us into the worst slavery known to man.

  27. Jordan knows exactly what to say and when.
    Boy Schiff really doesn't want her to answer.
    Schiff shouldn't have a problem with Jordans time, since he took a lot of it away by not allowing him to ask his questions the second day.
    Schiff is 100% Socialist and wants our country to know it!!!

  28. Obstruct, divert, disract, yell out inappropriately- – – that so far is the repugnants defense strategy, of course the Dumpster is guily as sin, so facts, truths and proof must be shouted down, pretended to not exist.

  29. Whistle bloater. Like South America where police round up people and an infornant with a pillowcase hood walks up and down the rows of people pointing out the ones he wants to be guilty

  30. It really breaks my heart that the people trump is fighting for are allowing themselves to be brainwashed by politicians who are already super rich by pillaging over the years . This reminds me of something that happened at my place of work some years ago . We had this union president who fought gallantly for staff welfare . The management knew he was too powerful and had the good of the people at heart , so they orchestrated the people (staff) against him by pushing smearing narratives Just like what trump has been facing . Eventually they succeeded in getting him out . That was when the staff saw the true colour of management. Many years after , the staff still regret it till date . The only left over good stuff we still enjoy are the ones he fought for us to have . Management reversed many of them and with new union loyal to management , they had a rollercoaster ride on us . Things went from bad to worse . If only we could get him back . But it’s too late . He’s got no interest in doing that anymore , we allowed management to use us to betray him . Everyone miss him even those that didn’t like him . This is exactly how I see the case of trump . I pray America won’t live to regret this if they succeed in getting trump out of the way . I am not an American but if I was , I would have devoted all my energy to support him . God help him and see him through like in scriptures , many are the afflictions of the righteous , but the Lord delivereth him out of them all

  31. He fails to mention that these criticisms came shortly after Trump entertained the idea of letting Russia keep Crimea. Any Ukrainian, or other reputable world leader, would protest at that notion.

  32. It blows my mind how people easily look past the clear inappropriate nature of Trump's actions; Using his office for personal gain -simply because their party and Fox opinion anchors say so. Is this the America you want? Where politicians use their office for personal gain –and no less at the highest levels? Spare me the comparisons with whichever Democrat you think is doing whatever you think. At this moment, we're discussing THIS action. People's inability to get past their party lines in this moment will stage our government for continued corruption. Think about what you're supporting. Corruption must be beaten down ALWAYS. Not when it's convenient.

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