Joplin report breaks down business trends

Joplin report breaks down business trends

YOU ONLY HAVE TO DRIVE DOWN RANGE LINE ON A SATURDAY TO KNOW THAT JOPLIN IS A POPULAR DRAW FOR SHOPPING. BUT NEW NUMBERS SHOW WHAT KINDS OF STORES ARE TAKING THE BIGGEST BITE OUT OF YOUR WALLET. ACTION 12’S GRETCHEN BOLANDER JOINS US LIVE IN THE STUDIO. GRETCHEN, WHAT TOPS THE LIST? ANDY, DISCOUNT STORES TOP THE LIST WHEN IT COMES TO HOW SHOPPERS ARE SPENDING THEIR MONEY. THEY CORNER NEARLY 20 PERCENT OF RETAIL SHOPPING IN JOPLIN. BUT THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER AREAS WITH BIG NUMBERS. Dallas Bugg, Shopping in Joplin: “We’re going to go eat and do some shopping.” Gretchen Bolander: Dallas Bugg will be hitting a few shops in Joplin. Something stores like to see as business often trends down after back to school and Labor Day.Sarah Ogle, B&B Discount: “After that it kind of pitters off until closer to Christmas time.” But there are still plenty of shoppers spending money in town, and especially at discount stores. Leslie Haase, Joplin Finance Dir.: “It definitely is a top shopping in joplin.” Discount stores account for nearly 20 percent of retail shopping in Joplin according to a sales tax breakdown by the city of Joplin.Leslie Haase, Joplin Finance Dir.: “That’s where people shop.” But the third quarter list shows how people are spending their money in 15 different categories. The breakdown shows construction, utilities and eating out also fall in the top five. In fact, eating out more than doubles the numbers from grocery shopping.Leslie Haase, Joplin Finance Dir.: “A restaurant, you’re going for a particular meal – at a grocery store you can get many different things.” City workers keep tabs on the trends – and what they may mean when it comes to shopping online versus at a brick and mortar store.Leslie Haase, Joplin Finance Dir.: “And by breaking that into categories that helps us. Um obviously online sales probably aren’t going to impact restaurants as much, it’s not going to impact convenience store sales.” ANOTHER CATEGORY THAT’S DOING WELL IN 2019. ANDY, CONVENIENCE STORES HAVE SEEN A TEN PERCENT INCREASE IN THE THIRD QUARTER OF THE YEAR. THANKS, GRETCHEN. THE SUMMER HEAT IS STILL IN EFFECT THIS WEEK. WHEN COULD

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