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(upbeat music) (upbeat music) – I’m very concerned about your
behavior, about how you think about things and how you bring ’em into order when you’re upset, and you don’t stop, take time to
think, and say, “Okay, am I
making a good decision or making a great choices?” – I do do that now. – [Chris] Jonathan is a bright
student when he’s focused. – [Shelton] Time will tell. One teacher summed it
up really well for us, that, you know, Jonathan
unfocused makes a 75. If Jonathan was focused, he
would just excel in them classes. Actually, before you do
that, empty that trash. – [Chris] What they’re
finding is he’s too busy trying to be gregarious
– Class clown. And he’s talking to everyone, and disruptive and, you
know, not focusing on what’s going on during the
class. – [Shelton] How bout you
tell us what you learned? – [Jonathan] From what? – [Shelton] From this lesson
that you’ve been going through, with fighting and starting
fights? – [Jonathan] Not to fight. – You have to let stuff go. You don’t try to handle every
situation. You have to know how to
pick and choose your battles that you deal with in life. You started the fight, and that’s what I need you to be able to say, “I did this.” – Yes, I know I did it, but I’m trying to say that
people aren’t telling you exactly what happened. – Even though you didn’t put
your hands on the little boy to
slam him and cause him to hit his head and face and all
that, you still got in trouble. Why? – Because I was associated? – Cause the story I was told
about the little boy was this: He slipped on the water
and busted his head. Why didn’t I get the
correct story the first time from my son? – Because I thought the boy was gonna do the same thing to me. I know I started a fight but I nev, I’m not saying that I didn’t ever did that. – So your reason wasn’t because
you were trying to avoid getting a punishment.
– No I was just – It’s because I was
scared that he was gonna end up doin’ the same
thing to me for telling. So then, so then – [Shelton] You think that
we would allow that to happen. – He has a lot of issues
when it comes to controlling not only his temper, but I think he says and does things
before he thinks about it. – Mm hmm – You know, so we’re
trying to teach him about thinking about somethin’
before you just do an action. You don’t have to start crying
or nothin’, we’re just doing it because we
love you. That’s why we told you that
before. – We wanna make sure that you
prepared when, cause you gonna be 13
soon. If you know you have a problem
goin on with your anger and you
don’t know to control it. Take some time out and breathe. Pull the boxes out. I stripped his bedroom
completely. Bring ’em all. I took away all the
possessions that, you know, young boys these days love to
have. – Most of the time I might
get mad that I got in trouble, but at the end of the day, I have to remember that it’s my
fault that I got put on punishment
or I got in trouble. (slow guitar music) – [Shelton] Yep. You don’t need none of this
stuff, right? Right? – Yes. – OK. He is the one that
started the altercation. He’ll be labeled as a
bully, a trouble maker, and all those things and we
wanna stop and prevent that from
happenin’ with Jonathan. Because this is somethin’
that gonna be on his record. And I want that to, if it’s
gonna be on his record, it be the only thing
that’s left on his record. (children talking) (group talking) – It is, and um what I
been noticing is a lot of parents are sayin the same
thing around 11, 12, 10 – [Female] They’re starting
it around that age. – It get, they get, unfocused
– Yeah. and they start acting crazy
– Yeah. – That’s why I wonder if
there’s a puberty question cause one a my girlfriends
was like, even with her son, she’s a single mom and
with his body changes and then she said after he
started goin’ through that phase that’s when he started changin’, in the classroom. – Every morning we have to
go through the same thing. When you go to school
the purpose of school is to do this and that thing. He doesn’t care about that. He wants to play and talk and
do all this sort of stuff. And, he doesn’t care about doing
work. – [Shelton] That seem to go
to the form of maturity level. – [Group] Yeah. – And it’s not just Jonathan
it’s all the little boys (children laughing) – Stop jumping on your bed! – [Jonathan] Stop jumping on the
bed! – [Female] When did y’all kinda
see that – [Shelton] That (mumbles) – That, yeah, where you
started smelling yourself. How do you
– Oh its cool, a lot (group talking) – A lot – [Group] (talking all at once) – Every parent-teacher
conference is Mr. Strong your son just likes
to talk. – Yeah? (children talking) – I feel like I really need shut
my mouth. That’s pretty much it. I just need to stop talking
every single, because that’s that’s
what the teacher said. If I would stop talking then
I’ll probably be one of the best students, well best behaved
students in the class, so. I just need to work on my
talking. (mumbles) – You have uh, – This is the – Anything on these boards? – Glad you guys were able to
come in. I think there’s been a
lot of positive changes. I’m noticing that
– Good that Jonathan is paying
attention more, – OK. – Jonathan is participating
more, um. – [Shelton Voiceover] I think
it was better than I expected and I’m glad that there’s a
change happenin with Jonathan in
school. – [Teacher] He’s getting along
well with them, um, I think he startin’ to make
some some good friends or rekindle
some – [Shelton Voiceover] We’re
proud of him and glad to be able to move past this. – [Chris Voicover] Even though
he’s moving from elementary to
middle school next year, he’s gonna have a little
tarnish on his record. But hopefully this is gonna be the last of those incidences. – You guys have a great time at
the beach. I’m really jealous. – We’re headed to Jonathan’s
school for his award ceremony for
havin’ all A’s and B’s. I’m proud of him academically, the problem I have is just
his behavior sometimes. (clapping) – [Announcer] Jonathan Evans, Honor Roll and perfect
attendance (clapping) – [Shelton] Yeah Jonathan! – I know I’m making A and B’s and what I’m really working
towards is making all A’s because I know it’s gonna make my dad,
dads really proud of me. (crowd talking) – [Boy] Yeah, let me get in
that. – I do realize that we’ve given Jonathan too much. He’s spoiled. And I mean I’m realizing this after puttin’ all this
stuff back in the room. And then I’m thinkin’ about
the money that was spent. Because even though they’re just
pictures, and things of Dragon Ball Z, we had to special order ’em from
Japan. And, had to get ’em
because my son, you know, wanted Dragon Ball Z. And the, (sigh) yeah. Wow. Something’s gonna change. My mom never did give
us everything we wanted. We worked in order to
get the things we wanted. We’re gonna,
we’re gonna rectify this and hopefully we can make a
change before he becomes a true
teenager, so. – [Female] We’re here for
scholars! – Our little scholar group. – Y’all did good! You doin’ well in school! I’m proud Jonathan you did good. Thank you. – Yeah that’s the way you do it. That’s the way you do it. (slow guitar music) – Hello! – [Shelton] Hello (background
noise drowns out words) – [Jonathan] Hello. – How was your day today? – Look on the fridge. – Look on the fridge? – Mm hmm. – Good job. – [Jonathan] See I told you. (kiss) – [Chris Voiceover] So
this, uh, school year, has ended for Jonathan, and he’s about to
transition to middle school. Excellent. So we’re really looking forward
to another year with him in a new environment and
um, new things to come. – [Shelton] Homework is
done, I checked his homework. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Watch more
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