Jonathan Bloom – Fellowship Recipient

Jonathan Bloom – Fellowship Recipient

Fortunately, I found the archival material because that’s really what dictated what I was going to do with that book. And because of those drafts and because of the notebooks and the letters, I was able to construct something, I think, that is far more meaningful for my purposes and I think for the readers as well because I’m interested in discovering and probing the creative process. I think archival research is for people who are curious about those primary source materials. One has to be a bit of a detective. It perhaps approaches an archaeological dig at times because no researcher is guaranteed that they will find what they are looking for. As I said before, we have a hunch we have items we would like to find, and although a researcher may not find what he or she is looking for, what you do find ultimately could be just as valuable or more valuable. And one goes through long days where there isn’t anything exciting and then all of a sudden you discover a document, an entry in a notebook, or something in a personal letter, and that makes it worth it because you can’t find gold all the time, but once in awhile you do, and that makes the research worthwhile.

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